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The new BMW 5 Series at BMW Welt. An interactive vehicle exhibition and special display on “BMW Films” provide a great visitor experience.

Saturday saw the launch of the new BMW 5 Series sedan. At the same time, BMW Welt is devoting an exclusive special exhibition to the world’s most success business sedan. Visitors have the opportunity not only to see two models up close but also to experience the new technical features at interactive stations. And film fans have the chance to view the new BMW film “The Escape” and see the actual car used in the film along with several props.

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“The Escape” – the new BMW film.

In the latest release from BMW Films, “The Escape”, the new BMW 5 Series sedan plays the leading role. Clive Owen, the Hollywood actor and cult driver from “The Hire” films, plays a mysterious hired driver and rising star Dakota Fanning plays Lily, a clone, in an action-packed short featuring thrilling chase sequences and breathtaking stunts. From now till February 25, visitors to BMW Welt have a unique opportunity to experience the original BMW 5 Series model from the film “The Escape”. Other film props and exclusive insights into the making of the short make this special exhibition a one-off experience – and not just for cineastes.


“The Escape” is an homage to the legendary “The Hire” series of BWM films on its 15th anniversary. A total of eight of those films were made in two series in 2001 and 2002. Each of the films featured Hollywood greats both in front of and behind the camera. Playing alongside Clive Owen as the hired driver, were stars such as Forest Whitaker, Mickey Rourke, Madonna, Gary Oldman and James Brown. Cult directors including Guy Ritchie, Ang Lee, David Fincher and Ridley Scott took the BMW shorts to Hollywood level, which did not go unnoticed at international film festivals. In addition to the Titanium Lion in Cannes, “The Hire” won just about every other award for the creative arts.


The new BMW 5 Series exhibition.

Sporty, elegant and stylish, the seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series sedan had its market launch worldwide in February 2017. An unprecedented array of high-tech features and improved handling make the new BMW 5 sedan an extremely attractive package. The new BMW 5 Series sets new standards in connectivity and driver assistance, offering BMW customers perfect support in their day-to-day driving. The dynamic nature of this new premium car is also reflected in the exhibition in BMW Welt.


Since the start of February, visitors have been able to inspect the latest generation of the BMW 5 Series sedan in a special display opposite the BMW Welt Lifestyle Shop. Multimedia elements are used to illustrate the innovative key features of the new BMW 5 Series for visitors, including new controls and displays, the digital BMW Connected mobility assistant, and the various diver assistance systems. Various touch screens provide visitors with a comprehensive insight into the dedication and innovation that has gone into developing this vehicle. One of the three walls focus on the multi-sensual experience. Among other things, visitors can find out about the Ambient Air Package. This package is an optional extra on the new BMW 5 Series. At the push of a button, the Ambient Air Package fills the interior of the car with a subtle, pleasant fragrance. Visitors can test two of the eight available fragrances at the exhibition. Ambient light creates a relaxed, cozy atmosphere in the interior, underlining the luxurious feel of the vehicle and serving as a functional light source. A backlit “5” at the exhibition demonstrates the variety of lighting options and the moods they create.


The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series.

With around 7.9 million vehicles sold by the end of 2016, the BMW 5 range is one of BMW’s core series. The sixth generation alone recorded sales of more than 2.1 million, making it the global leader in the premium segment of the upper mid-range. The seventh generation of the new BMW 5 Series has now arrived to defend this lead with an impressive array of innovative features. Intelligent voice control, gesture control and a 70 percent larger head-up display in combination with the networked services of BMW Connected, together with features such as on-street parking information and remote 3D view are just some of the many highlights of the new BMW 5 Series sedan.


The new BMW 5 Series sedan will be on show throughout 2017 in the special exhibition. “The Escape” set will be on display only until the end of February. On Monday, February 14, the first customer will drive away their new BMW 5 Series sedan at a BMW Welt handover.


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