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MINI Singapore announces The Electric Conversion.

Experience that electric feeling in a new dimension for the senses.


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Singapore. The MINI of the future is arriving soon. With an iconic design ethos, typical go-kart handling, and zero local emissions, the all-new MINI Electric elevates the electric driving experience in Singapore to a whole new level of fun. 


From a passionate first kiss and the highs of a live concert to the rush of a skydiving adventure, that electric feeling is ever-present and unforgettable. MINI invites fans to share their experiences via Instagram Stories. A Story template will be published on the official MINI Singapore account, and fans must tag @mini_sg in their post(s). 9 entries will be chosen, and these fans will witness the conversion of their feelings into extraordinary creations to see, hear, taste, touch and even smell.


The conversions will be fulfilled in partnership with 9 creative makers dubbed, “Electric Engineers”. Specially handpicked from art, film, dance, music, and culinary circles, the Engineers will make the chosen electric feelings come to life through imaginative one-of-a-kind creations such as a song, dance, dessert, and even through augmented reality (AR).


“When you drive a MINI, the go-kart handling delivers thrills like no other. Some people feel a swooping sensation in the pit of their stomach while others may feel a buzz in their fingertips, but one thing is common – that electrifying excitement,” says Kidd Yam, Head of MINI Asia. “With the all-new MINI Electric, this excitement is amplified. As such, we are taking an unconventional path to launch the first pure-electric MINI in Singapore. We want to go beyond its electric drivetrain and draw on the infectious emotions it evokes.”


“As the world shifts greater attention towards sustainable practices, it is heartening to see more electric cars on the roads,” Mr Yam added. “The all-new MINI Electric plays a key role in shaping this trend and brings this same pioneering spirit to the creative scene. We are excited to see that fleeting electric feeling permanently captured in 9 unique works of art.”


The Instagram Stories template will be available on Friday, 14 August 2020. Follow the electric journey with MINI on Instagram at @mini_sg and the hashtag #MINIElectricConversion.


For more information, please visit


Please refer to the addendum for more information on the Electric Engineers.



Addendum – the MINI Electric Engineers



Artist and Instagram handle

Electric Conversion


Adriel Manoe, filmmaker




Short film

Whether it’s his music videos, commercials or shorts, Adriel’s training in design has lent his work a distinctive style that blurs the line between art and film. Unafraid to play with colour and light, his films never fail to evoke a multitude of emotions, with every frame a sumptuous feast for the eyes.

Ardhira Putra, motion designer


@ ardhiraputra

Augmented reality

Ardhira’s flair for capturing nostalgia is evident in his playful, vivid animations of vintage video games and superheroes. Working in a virtual reality (VR) company by day, the Jakarta-born motion designer is no stranger to bending reality and often infuses a touch of surrealism into his creations.

Astronauts, music band





Marrying old-school R&B and slick new-age funk, Astronauts is a homegrown band that will get you grooving in no time at all.

The one time they experienced that electric feeling together? Undisputedly during the 2018 launch of their debut EP, when the quartet captivated a sold-out crowd with their impressive showmanship and high-octane performances.

Kelly Limerick, textile artist




Crochet creature

Think knitting is for grannies? Think again. Kelly has given the traditional craft an unorthodox spin with her bizarre collection of stuffed yarn creatures. Created without a single sketch, her intricate creations come with their own whimsical stories and personalities to boot. The self-taught artist also keeps an eye on sustainability by working with recyclable yarn in her art.

KKI, patisserie



Edible art

KKI first made its name with its beautifully delicate mousse cakes, each meticulously handcrafted with an exquisite Japanese touch. Today, its self-trained chef Kenneth Seah has expanded his repertoire beyond cakes, reimagining local flavours and experimenting with unexpected ingredients to create multi-sensorial works of art.

Leng Soh, ceramic artist



Ceramic art

Influenced by her years in design and advertising, Leng adopts a conceptual approach to ceramics with a focus on expressive sculptures over functional vessels. The local artist, however, never limits herself to one medium, occasionally juxtaposing clay with other materials to enhance the storytelling power of her pieces.

Racheezels, dancer




Dance piece

A familiar face on the street dance scene, Rachel wears many different hats as a performer, choreographer, educator, competition judge and has even starred in several commercials. Best known for her popping style, this dynamic dancer often steals the stage with her hypnotic robotic moves melting into fluid waves.

Ripple Root, visual artists




Their paintings have been exhibited in London, Sydney and South Korea. But in Singapore, this art and design duo is better known for their large-scale murals in dining and public spaces. Marked by carefree paint strokes rippling with shades of every colour, their energetic pieces jump right off the canvas and are hard to miss even from afar.

This Humid House, botanical design studio



Floral sculpture

Abandoning the usual cliches of floristry, This Humid House’s floral designs often take on a contemporary sculptural quality – one that undeniably stems from the architectural training of its founder John Lim. With a garden of its own, the studio is now able to grow rare and unusual plants, while cultivating a more sustainable practice of using locally grown materials.


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