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À l'occasion du salon IAA Mobility, BMW Group envoie un message visuel fort sur la durabilité, l'économie circulaire et l'électromobilité. Un spectacle son et lumière projette des messages précurseurs sur le siège de BMW - le Quatre-Cylindres.

+++ BMW Group saisit l'opportunité de l'IAA Mobility 2021 dans la ville de Munich pour transmettre des messages visionnaires sur le développement durable et l'économie circulaire +++Spectacle lumineux dans le cadre d'un programme d'événements publics dans la capitale bavaroise +++Symbole du dialogue avec la société - à la fois localement à Munich et en digital dans le monde entier.

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+++ The BMW Group takes the opportunity of the IAA Mobility 2021 in its home city of Munich to convey visionary messages about sustainability and the circular economy +++Light show as part of a programme of public events in the Bavarian capital +++ Symbol of dialogue with society – both locally in Munich and digitally 

Munich. Tonight a spectacular light show will light up the façade of the BMW Group headquarters in Munich on the occasion of the IAA Mobility 2021. Four different animations addressing the transition to future mobility will be projected on the world-famous architectural icon that is shaped like a four-cylinder engine. The BMW Group’s current messages will be conveyed by the 99-metre-high building in the form of powerfully expressive, brightly coloured animated sequences. Head of BMW Brand Communication and Experience, Stefan Ponikva, emphasises the particular significance of the BMW Tower and the importance of this campaign: “The Four-Cylinder is the architectural icon of the BMW Group and a distinctive landmark in the city of Munich. We’re keen to send out a powerful signal to the world in support of a sustainable vision for a circular economy.”

“The BMW Group continues to reduce its CO2 emissions and is consistently expanding the circular economy: technological advancements and innovative drive will enable us to tackle today’s challenges together. That’s our unequivocal mission. And we intend to demonstrate it at the IAA Mobility 2021,” says Alexander Bilgeri, Head of Strategy, Services, Media House, Market Communications Europe, China at BMW.

Cycle of four animations focuses on the BMW Group’s circular economy

The various sequences on the cylinder-shaped façade visualise the BMW Group’s approaches to CO2 reduction, climate neutrality and the circular economy over the entire lifecycle of an automobile. From low-impact extraction of raw materials and energy-efficient production through to maximum efficiency during the customer use phase and recycling at the end of the product’s lifetime.

A sequence of different projections illustrates this cycle, showcasing the circular economy – the BMW Group’s guiding theme at the IAA 2021 – as well as the company’s accomplishments to date in the electrification of its vehicles and the use of innovations such as those in the area of digitalisation. One of the animations visualises the transition from the combustion engine to electric mobility: starting with the virtual up-and-down movement of pistons to portray the combustion process in the cylinders, this then transforms into colourful pulsating battery cells, finally announcing the status “Fully Charged”. Another sequence is dedicated to the circular economy. At the beginning of this animation, the building shell of the Four-Cylinder Tower appears to melt, after which the inside of the cylinders fills with liquid metal. From a vortex, the silhouette gradually emerges of the “BMW i Vision Circular” – the study vehicle being premiered at the IAA that symbolises the BMW Group’s extensive expertise in the circular economy. The following words appear at the end of this sequence: “WELCOME TO IAA. LET'S RE:IMAGINE TODAY.”

Film music creator and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer provides the musical background for the light show; the sound collaboration was realised by Remote Control Productions, one of Zimmer's companies.

Over 16 million pixels from 36 projectors make the Tower light up

The premiere of the light show for the IAA will start tonight at 9:30 pm and further projections are planned for the days to come. Involving 36 projectors with over 16 million pixels, the show consists of the four animations being projected in succession on three sides of the building’s façade. The complete series of four illuminations lasts about four and a half minutes. The show then starts again, finally ending for the day at 11 pm. Visitors have a particularly impressive view of this unique illumination from BMW Welt and the BMW Museum. For the duration of the IAA Mobility 2021, other public events relating to the mobility of the future will be held at these and other locations around the BMW headquarters and also in the city centre of Munich. With its new “Open Space” event concept, the IAA leaves the exhibition halls for the first time to engage in discussion with citizens on the subject of future mobility. One example of this is the BMW Circular Lab, where visitors can discover the future of sustainable mobility under the motto “RE:THINK, RE:USE, RE:DUCE and RE:CYCLE”. The BMW Group’s entire trade fair presence at the IAA Mobility 2021 is based on the guiding theme of sustainability. But nowhere is this message brought to life more vividly than on the brightly lit BMW Four-Cylinder towering into Munich night sky.

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