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BMW Group DesignworksUSA and K2 bring new ski design on the slopes. / Limited Edition Ski for the BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride with a fox as central motif / “New interpretation of dynamics and emotion”.

  • 07.02.2013
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The BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride. (10/2012) Show all media

Munich .BMW is “rocking” the slopes this winter with an exceptional ski design. Agility, manoeuvrability and smartness – these are the qualities of the red fox that elegantly extends as a central motif over the entire length of the rocker ski. The sporty sliders were designed by DesignworksUSA, a BMW Group subsidiary, in collaboration with the ski and sports equipment supplier K2. “The design combines the characteristics of the automobile and the world of winter sports,” says Laurenz Schaffer, President of BMW Group DesignworksUSA. “Dynamics and emotion have been newly interpreted in the design.”


Ski design that tells a story.

The spectacular colours, material, shapes and graphics featured on the ski surface all tell their own stories. The central theme deals with the parallels between the world of the BMW X1 and that of K2. As a design icon, the fox represents the metaphor of the compact Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) and, combined with distinctive x-shaped lines and the two brand logos, underscores the commonalities of the two companies. As a deliberate contrast to the discreet basic colour, the colour red is reminiscent of the BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride show car, which celebrated its world premiere at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. A further element was taken from the automotive world: The running surface of the ski bears an illustration of a tyre track. 


Power and precision.

Just like the BMW X1, the K2 ski is at home on varied terrain. Thanks to the new baseline technology, a 90-mm waistline and a metal laminate Hybritech construction, it guarantees the highest possible degree of control and an exceptional experience in all snow and slope conditions. The ski, which was developed by K2 Sports, combines the advantages of traditional camber with the versatility and dynamics of a “rocker” ski. The construction has a slightly raised shovel for optimum performance in varying snow conditions and offers a high level of precision, edge grip and control on hard and icy slopes. Thanks to its construction and the progressive sidecut, the K2 ski is ideally suited to all levels of skiing ability and permits the highest degree of perfection and power both on the slopes and on off-slope terrain.


The creative exchange between the BMW and K2 brands also influenced, in addition to the concept study shown in Los Angeles, a limited special edition of the new BMW X1. It boasts exclusive design and equipment features as well as the intelligent four-wheel drive system xDrive and is only available this winter.


The BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride is out and about as an ambassador for the cooperation with the ski manufacturer K2 and is accompanying winter sports activities at 24 renowned ski and snowboard locations. The edition model’s equipment comprises the xLine features, aluminium, satin finished roof rails as well as a storage space package, including an armrest at the front. For the first time, optimum winter accessories are available as standard: The roof box 460 (incl. BMW base support) as well as the ski and snowboard bag sporting a design conceived exclusively for the special edition, all-weather foot mats and the luggage compartment mat complete this edition model. A particular highlight is the fact that anyone who buys the edition model receives a pair of K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride limited edition skis – available only in conjunction with the BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride.


The compact Sports Activity Vehicle has all BMW xLine design and equipment features. The edition model is available in the versions BMW X1 xDrive20i, BMW X1 xDrive28i, BMW X1 xDrive18d, BMW X1 xDrive20d and BMW X1 xDrive25d. The additional price for the Edition Powder Ride is Euros 3,450 Euros (in Germany).


K2 Ski: K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride

Length: 167cm, 174cm, 181cm

Dimensions: 132/90/115 (tip/middle/tail)

Radius: 20m@181cm

Baseline®: All Terrain Rocker TM

Construction: Metal laminate / Hybritech sidewalls

Details: Progressive sidecut • All-Terrain Rocker • Espe / Paulownia core • Boreholes in shovel and tail for skin attachment


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The K2 BMW Powder Ride Ski and the BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride.

The BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride. (10/2012) Link to detailed page
30.09.2012 | P90105251
The BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride. (10/2012)
30.09.2012 | P90105251
The K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride Ski. (10/2012) Link to detailed page
06.02.2013 | P90105237
The K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride Ski. (10/2012)
06.02.2013 | P90105237
The K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride Ski. (10/2012) Link to detailed page
06.02.2013 | P90105230
The K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride Ski. (10/2012)
06.02.2013 | P90105230
The BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride. (10/2012) Link to detailed page
30.09.2012 | P90105235
The BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride. (10/2012)
30.09.2012 | P90105235

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