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BMW racers end the WSBK season under the floodlights of Qatar – A win and two podium finishes for the BMW S 1000 RR at the BSB season finale in Brands Hatch.

The “Losail International Circuit” near Doha hosts the 2015 season finale of the FIM Superbike World Championship – Tyco BMW rider Michael Laverty celebrates a win and a further podium at the final round of the British Superbike Championship, while Adam Jenkinson is third on his RR in the Superstock class race.

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Munich (DE), 21st October 2015. Two major racing series held their 2015 season finales last weekend: the FIM Superbike World Championship (WSBK) and the British Superbike Championship (BSB). The final WSBK races of the year have been held on the floodlit “Losail International Circuit” near Doha (QT). At the last round of the BSB season at Brands Hatch (GB), Tyco BMW rider Michael Laverty (GB) celebrated his first win on the BMW S 1000 RR. Also the Superstock class race ended with a success, with Adam Jenkinson on the podium. Meanwhile in Asia, the BMW racers have started the final spurt in the MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Racing Championship (MFJ). Those riders registered for the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy collected more Race Trophy points with their results (see full rankings below).



FIM Superbike World Championship in Doha, Qatar.


The season finale of the 2015 FIM Superbike World Championship (WSBK) was held under the floodlights of the “Losail International Circuit” near Doha (QT) last weekend. For the BMW Motorrad Italia SBK Team rider Ayrton Badovini (IT) it was a first, having not raced under floodlights before. He finished the first of the two races on Sunday evening in 11th. In race two he was on his way to a top-seven finish on his BMW S 1000 RR, but made a slight mistake in the final stages. This time, Badovini took the chequered flag in tenth.


BMW Team Tóth equalled its best ever result in the WSBK by collecting eight championship points this weekend. Both riders finished in the points at Doha: Gábor Rizmayer (HU) was 13th in both races, Imre Tóth (HU) crossed the line in 14th in race two, after he was 17th in race one.



British Superbike Championship in Brands Hatch, Great Britain.


The 2015 season of the British Superbike Championship (BSB) ended with a great success for the BMW S 1000 RR. At the final round at Brands Hatch (GB), Michael Laverty (GB) celebrated a win and a further podium finish on his Tyco BMW RR in the Superbike class (BSB SBK). The Superbike riders contested a total of three races this weekend. In race one on Saturday Laverty was ninth. In the second race on Sunday afternoon he stepped onto the podium finishing third. Then, in the final heat Laverty was successful in an epic three-way-battle at the front, and celebrated his first-ever win on the BMW S 1000 RR.


The second-best BMW racer at the season finale was Lee Jackson (GB / Buildbase BMW). The 20-year-old youngster was fifth in race one and sixth in race two. Unfortunately in the last race he did not finish. Laverty’s Tyco BMW team-mate Tommy Bridewell (GB) finished 11th twice and 12th once. Peter Hickman (GB / RAF Reserves BMW) was 12th in the first two races and 11th in the final heat. Martin Jessopp (GB / Riders Motorcycles BMW) crossed the line in 16th, 15th and 13th. Billy McConnell (AU / Smiths Racing BMW) came home 15th in race one, but failed to finish the final two races.


In the championship rankings both Laverty and Bridewell were among the six “Title Fighters”. Laverty ended the season fourth overall with 601 points, while Bridewell is sixth with 545 points. In the Manufacturers’ championship BMW is third. Richard Cooper (GB / Buildbase BMW) came to Brands Hatch as the leader in the BSB Riders’ Cup, which is contested by the riders outside of the six “Title Showdown” positions. However, Cooper was injured after crashing in qualifying and was not able to take part in the three races. As he could not score further points, he dropped one position and was 12 points behind the Riders’ Cup winner in the final rankings.


In a dramatic Superstock class (BSB STK) race, which saw numerous retirements, it was Adam Jenkinson’s (GB) turn to represent the BMW colours on the podium. He finished third on his Northern Escalator Installations RR. He was followed over the finish line by Luke Quigley (GB / Formwise Washrooms / Bathams) in fourth place. Dominic Usher (GB / DU Racing BMW) came home seventh to take his place in the top ten. In the overall standings places two to five all went to BMW riders: Alastair Seeley (GB / Tyco BMW) ended the season in the runner-up spot, Hudson Kennaugh (ZA / Trik-Moto BMW) was third overall. Quigley followed in fourth place, with Jenkinson fifth. In the 12 races held this season, Seeley and Kennaugh shared seven victories and a total of 16 podium finishes between them. In the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy rankings both are among the top-15, with Seeley being seventh and Kennaugh 11th.



MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Racing Championship in Okayama, Japan.


In the MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Racing Championship (MFJ), the sixth and penultimate race of the season was held last weekend in Okayama (JP). The best-placed RR rider was Koji Teramoto (JP / Team Tras135HP) in 17th place. Shinya Takeishi (JP) finished in 19th on the BMW S 1000 RR of CONFIA Flex Motorrad39, directly followed by Yuuta Kodama (JP), who finished in 20th place on the second Tras135HP RR. They also collected points for the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.



2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Current Standings.


In 2015 the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy comprises a total of 19 international and national championships. Participants in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy can compete in multiple championships. The points scored in the different championships are calculated separately for each individual race series. The current standings only include points from the race series in which the participant has scored the most Race Trophy points. You can find all the information on the 2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy online at the BMW Motorrad Motorsport website:



Status: 21st October 2015



Name (Nat.)

Series / Class



Roland Resch (AT)




Jordan Szoke (CA)




Matthieu Lussiana (FR)




Markus Reiterberger (DE)




Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FR)




Roberto Tamburini (IT)




Alastair Seeley (GB)




Michal Prášek (CZ)




Cyril Brunet-Lugardon




Pekka Päivärinta / Kirsi Kainulainen (FI)




Hudson Kennaugh (ZA)




Eeki Kuparinen (FI)




Lukáš Pešek (CZ)




Michel Amalric (FR)




Michal Šembera (CZ)




16. Michael Laverty (GB/BSB SBK/182.86), 17. Lee Johnston (GB/BMW RRC/181.33), 18. Martin Choy (BG/AARR SBK/178.91), 19. Emeric Jonchière (FR/FSBK STK/177.64), 20. Iván Silva (ES/CEV PR/171.20), 21. Marco Nekvasil (AT/EWC STK/167.00), 22. Janez Prosenik (SI/AARR SBK/158.55), 23. Adrián Bonastre (ES/CEV PR/153.60), 24. Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NL/IDM STK/153.14), 25. Peter Hickman (GB/BMW RRC/152.89), 26. Madjid Idres (FR/FR EU/148.92), 27. Tommy Bridewell (GB/BSB SBK/148.57), 28. Florian Drouin (FR/FR EU/147.69), 29. Lance Isaacs (ZA/RSA SBK GP/145.64), 30. Krasen Kanchev (BG/AARR STK/142.89), 31. Uwe Gürck/Manfred Wechselberger (DE/AT/SWC/140.27), 32. Dominik Vincon (DE/IDM STK/133.71), 33. Mike Roscher/Anna Burkard (DE/SWC/132.93), 34. Fabrizio Perotti (IT/CIV/126.40), 35. Matěj Smrz (CZ/IDM SBK/125.62), 36. Marek Szkopek (PL/AARR STK/120.56), 37. Nasarudin Mat Yusop (MY/MSC STK/114.96), 38. Alessio Corradi (IT/CIV/107.20), 39. William Dunlop (GB/BMW RRC/106.67), 40. Bartlomiej Wiczynski (PL/AARR STK/105.33), 41. Michael Leon (CA/CSBK PR/100.00), 41. Bastien Mackels (BE/EWC SBK/100.00), 43. Miloš Cihak (CZ/AARR SBK/96.00), 44. Nicholas Kershaw (ZA/RSA SBK GP/90.97), 45. David Johnson (AU/BMW RRC/88.89), 46. Lucy Glöckner (DE/IDM STK/85.71), 47. Pedro Vallcaneras (ES/EWC SBK/84.00), 48. Michal Fojtik (CZ/AARR STK/81.22), 49. Léon Benichou (FR/FR EU/78.77), 50. Dominic Usher (GB/BSB STK/78.55), 51. Lee Jackson (GB/BSB SBK/78.48), 52. Ireneusz Sikora (PL/AARR SBK/77.09), 53. Billy McConnell (AU/BSB SBK/76.19), 54. Hayato Takada (JP/EWC STK/74.00), 55. Denni Schiavoni (IT/CIV/73.60), 56. Nicolas Pouhair (FR/FSBK SBK/62.67), 57. Marco Muzio (IT/CIV/60.80), 58. Gareth Jones (AU/EWC SBK/60.00), 59. Marco Marcheluzzo (IT/CIV/59.20), 60. Michael Rutter (GB/BMW RRC/56.89), 61. Wojciech Wrobel (PL/AARR STK/56.00), 62. Ryuichi Kiyonari (JP/BSB SBK/54.10), 63. Marc Neumann (DE/IDM STK/53.71), 64. Guy Martin (GB/BMW RRC/53.33), 65. Sebastián Porto (AR/MT1GP STK GP/51.56), 66. Barry Burrell (GB/EWC STK/51.00), 66. Gary Mason (GB/EWC STK/51.00), 68. Stephen Mercer (GB/EWC STK/48.00), 69. Wolfgang Gammer (AT/AARR SBK/43.64), 70. Laurent Aymonin (FR/FR EU/39.38), 71. Luca Oppedisano (IT/CIV/38.40), 72. Daisaku Sakai (JP/MFJ/38.00), 73. Camille Hedelin (FR/EWC SBK/33.00), 74. Martin Jessopp (GB/BSB SBK/32.76), 75. Marcel Irnie (CA/AMA STK/31.42), 76. Johannes Hoffmann (DE/IDM STK/30.86), 77. Federico D’Annunzio (IT/STK1000/28.00), 78. Jeremy Cook (US/AMA STK/27.33), 79. Stefan Cappella (GB/EWC STK/24.00), 79. Shinya Takeishi (JP/MFJ/24.00), 81. Emilien Jaillet (FR/FSBK STK/22.15), 82. Mike Wohner (AT/AARR SBK/18.91), 83. Richard Balcar (CZ/AARR SBK/16.00), 83. Thomas Hainthaler (DE/IDM STK/16.00), 83. Mark Albrecht (DE/IDM STK/16.00), 83. Pawel Gorka (PL/AARR SBK/16.00), 83. Koji Teramoto (JP/MFJ/16.00), 88. Yuuta Kodama (JP/MFJ/14.00), 89. Luca Conforti (IT/CIV/12.80), 90. Johannes Kanzler (DE/IDM STK/11.43), 91. Sabine Holbrook (DE/AARR SBK/10.18), 92. Jean Foray (FR/FR EU/9.85), 93. Chris Schmid (DE/IDM STK/9.14), 94. Bartlomiej Lewandowski (PL/AARR SBK/8.73), 95. Mika Höglund (FI/CEV AM/8.00), 95. Eric Vionnet (CH/STK1000/8.00), 97. Stefan Dolipski (DE/AMA STK/6.00), 97. Fabio Marchionni (IT/STK1000/6.00), 99. Michael Truchot (FR/FR EU/3.69), 100. Maria Costello (GB/BMW RRC/3.56), 101. Noriyuki Tsujimoto (JP/MFJ/2.00), 102. Tatsuya Noda (JP/EWC SBK/0.00), 102. Mohamad Syahnas Shahidan (MY/MSC SBK/0.00), 102. Sandra Stammova (SI/RSA SBK GP/0.00)

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