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After a successful start, the BMW brand is expanding its podcast series.

"Hypnopolis" promises listeners a thrilling story set in a utopian world of the future. • Review of previous BMW podcasts series. • "Hypnopolis": First science fiction thriller podcast in entertainment format. • Robert Valentine as award-winning author.

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Munich.  Today, the English sci-fi thriller podcast "Hypnopolis" celebrates its debut. This makes BMW the first automobile manufacturer in the world to offer its customers their own audio entertainment podcast. In a total of six episodes of 15-20 minutes each, listeners can expect not only a gripping story, but also insights into the mobility of the future. "Hypnopolis” is already the fourth podcast series by the BMW brand next to "Changing Lanes", "Creators of a different beat" and "KulturMobile”. 

Previous BMW Group podcasts

With "Changing Lanes", BMW has been offering a weekly infotainment show about technology, lifestyle, design, innovation and of course cars since mid-March. At the height of the corona pandemic, "Changing Lanes" presented four special issues so far under the name "Creators of a different beat". The live interviews with guests such as Alex Zanardi or yoga expert Sinah Diepold are intended to inspire listeners, spark optimism for the future and help a little in overcoming these challenging times. 

The literature podcast of the KulturMobile was developed in this spirit, with readings of works from 19th century world literature in German and English. The head of BMW Cultural Commitment and producer of the podcast, Prof. Dr. Thomas Girst, says about the history of its origins: "First of all it was about doing something good for our employees and their families in these difficult times. Very soon we decided to publish the podcast for all people interested in culture and BMW. With this podcast we want to make literary works available in audible form and in an experience-oriented way for as wide a circle as possible. KulturMobile is an employee initiative of the BMW Group, which has been making employees aware of the company's commitment to culture and inviting them to participate since 2003.

Hypnopolis: Cinema for the ears!

"As a brand, BMW has always been telling exciting and emotional stories. The best-known and internationally awarded examples of this are the short film series "The Hire" with Clive Owen or "The Small Escape" featuring the modified BWM Isetta as an escape car. With our HYPNOPOLIS podcast we are now opening up the next chapter: Cinema for the ears!” - Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW.

With "Hypnopolis", the BMW brand is now expanding its podcast range to include a pure entertainment program. It will entertain listeners on long car journeys, for example. The emotional bond to the brand is strengthened in this way. In line with the motto "Beyond the car" stories, "Hypnopolis" does not focus on the BMW brand or vehicles, but is based on assumptions made by BMW future experts, for example about the development of cities and mobility. The story mainly tells of a scenario set in the future. In the first episode, Hope Reiser awakes from a thirty-year sleep penalty and suddenly finds herself in the year 2063. However, she is convinced of her innocence and fears that the real murderers have been waiting for her and are watching her. The search for the truth begins! 

Robert Valentine: Award winning author of Hypnopolis

With Robert Valentine, BMW was able to win over one of the most well-known science fiction authors. The science fiction genre is familiar territory for the Londoner, who has won the "BBC Audio Drama Award". He works as a writer for the audio version of Dr. Who, among other things. "Hypnopolis" is set to become his next award-winning podcast alongside "Red Moon" and "Dr. Who": “While I was keen to present the positive potential of technology in the future, as a dramatist I'm well aware that the one thing that never changes is human nature. The world of Hypnopolis may be a technocratic garden paradise, but just like the garden of Eden, there's a snake lurking in the grass in the form of the shadowy figures determined to bring down our heroine, Hope Reiser. (…) Her spirit and her refusal to accept the lies of a complacent authority are the qualities I think we're all going to need if we're going to make the future the place we hope it will be.”

All BMW Group podcasts can be accessed via or via familiar streaming services.


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