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Trzecia edycja #BMWPhotoCamp - sztuka fotografii spotyka się z designem BMW w Portugalii.

- #BMWPhotoCamp po raz pierwszy odbył się poza Rumunią, w Portugalii. - Sześciu najlepszych fotografów prasy motoryzacyjnej z Rumunii wzięło udział w trzeciej edycji #BMWPhotoCamp. - Galeria sztuki Galateca Bucharest będzie gospodarzem wystawy zdjęć z #BMWPhotoCamp 2023 w dniach 12-20 września. - Canon został oficjalnym partnerem projektu, a Wizz Air, jedyna linia lotnicza obsługująca bezpośrednie loty pomiędzy Bukaresztem a Lizboną, zapewniła transport do pierwszej zagranicznej lokalizacji #BMWPhotoCamp. - Zróżnicowana gama modeli w centrum uwagi: elektryczna luksusowa limuzyna BMW i7, supersportowy samochód BMW M3 Touring, eleganckie BMW serii 4 Coupé, kompaktowe sportowe BMW235i Gran Coupe i wszechstronne BMW X3.

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Note for media: please use photos crediting each individual author. Additionally for social media, as far as possible, please also use the project hashtag: #BMWPhotoCamp / #BMWPhotoCamp2023.


Bucharest/Lisbon. Continuing the tradition of a series of photography events organized in recent years by BMW Romania, #BMWPhotoCamp reached its third edition and marked an important evolution - for the first time the event took place outside Romania, in Lisbon, with the support of BMW Portugal. Through #BMWPhotoCamp, BMW Romania wants to bring automotive photographers and their work to the foreground. Many times, their works bring an important added value both for the automotive press and for the communication projects of the industry. Equally, #BMWPhotoCamp aims to create a dialogue about brand design supported by the different perspectives of the participating photographers.

"Each time we aim to create a context that encourages creativity and free expression. We are very happy that we managed, with the help of our partners, to organize for the first time a #BMWPhotoCamp edition outside of Romania. The third installement thus marks a new step forward after last year we were present for the first time with the project in an art gallery. Moreover, we are starting to have an increasingly consistent international visibility through extensive mentions on BMW social media accounts on several continents, but also a series of press articles. In just three years, #BMWPhotoCamp has become a strong brand", explains Alexandru Şeremet, Corporate Communication Manager BMW Group Romania.

Romania has a rich tradition of automotive photography, with a first core formed at the end of the 90s through the Freelancer project, initiated by one of the pioneers in the field, Dan Beşliu. In 2023, six professionals who have a rich history of collaboration with the industry and the automotive press responded to the invitation, some having started their careers even with "Freelancer". Each of them has a well-defined working style and personal vision, strongly formed on the basis of valuable experience. The six photographers involved in the project are: Adrian Cobzaşu, Ramona Copil, Ciprian Mihai, Bogdan Paraschiv, Dragoş Savu and Andrei Toboşaru. Over time, they have collaborated with most of the important automotive publications in Romania, including titles such as 4x4Adventure, auto motor si sport, autocritica.ro, Autoexpert, automarket.ro, RacingWheels, TopGear, Supercar or WhatCar!. The guests also have other projects in their portfolio, such as fashion photography, advertising photography or sports reportage.

Five very different BMW models offered by BMW Group Portugal were this year's stars. For three days, the team had at their disposal the BMW i7 electric luxury limousine, the BMW M3 Touring high performance sports car, the BMW X3 versatile SUV, as well as the BMW 4 Series and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé coupés. The varied range of automobiles was complemented by the generous diversity of settings that Lisbon and its surroundings: from modern and sophisticated urban areas, to wild, spectcular nature; from the street art of Lisbon to idyllic settlements such as Azenhas do Mar. In Lisbon, the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge and the Sant Maria de Belem promenade were some of the most frequently used urban settings. The coastal area north of Cascais offers many exotic views, such as the Praia da Adraga beach.

"It is a great honor to have with us some of the best car photographers in Romania. Portugal offered beautiful opportunities, the places are wonderful, but it was not a relaxed trip. The six photographed with a tremendous involvement, night and day. It was a continuous search and effort to achieve valuable results in only a few days. What is not seen in the beautiful photographs is the work and passion behind the six and the small team that supported them. I am fascinated with the result, as it gives us the unique chance to see the same objects from wonderful, but so different perspectives", added Alex Şeremet

The results of #BMWPhotoCamp are six sets of photographs, different and personal, which capitalize on the freedom of expression that the project offers, from pure use of the capabilities of the camera, to images that use computer graphics and artificial intelligence; from the exclusive black and white approach, to full color dedicated motion frames. Some of the most spectacular photos of the #BMWPhotoCamp 2023 edition will be able to be admired for the first time in large format at the exhibition hosted by Galeria Galateca between September 12-20 in the center of Bucharest.

Canon Romania has joined the BMW Photo Camp project with the remarkable EOS R range, all to make the "Impossible become possible". Canon EOS R5, EOS R7 and EOS R6 Mark II were part of the BMW Romania adventure. "We are honored to contribute to this experience that supports photographers from the automotive industry and highlights the artistic potential of this field, equally creative and innovative," said Petronius Secăreanu, general director of Canon Romania.

Wizz Air is the only airline that operates direct flights between Bucharest and Lisbon, three times a week. Wizz Air supported the team's trip to Portugal.

#BMWPhotocamp2023 #Portugal
6 photographers, 6 different perspectives, 5 cars, a new country.

Adrian Cobzasu

Adrian is a professional with an extensive experience - over time he has collaborated with several car and motorcycle publications, for which he signed both as an editor and photographer. His collaborations include Racing Wheels, AutoExpert, 4x4 Wheels or BMW Blog. Moreover, Adrian debuted two years ago in the speed motorcycle championship on the circuit and plans to participate in one of the most difficult motorcycle competitions in the world, Romaniacs. The portfolio of exotic cars he has driven boasts BMW legends such as the BMW 328, BMW 507, BMW Z8, BMW M1 and BMW 3.0 CSL, all for a series of articles done for RacingWheels magazine in collaboration with BMW Group Classic. Adi is always looking to improve in everything he does and in constant search of new techniques and approaches. In the last year, Adi launched the https://www.mechanism.ro project, a space where he expresses himself through photography, writing and video. "I'm not a native seller and I didn't embrace online social networks from the beginning, which have a huge potential for promotion. So projects for the hearth and important collaborations came slower and were based on some crazy trusting collaborators, famous or no. I'm proud of the people I met because the photo brought them to my face.

In the beginning, #BMWPhotoCamp meant exactly what its name says: participating in a camp where we played around taking photos of BMW models. Then things naturally became more competitive and the camp atmosphere faded into the background. What does participation in this event mean now? The opportunity to put your photographic ideas into practice with logistical support from the companies directly involved in the project. The fact that you are recognized as one of the best photographers is also a confirmation that you did not waste your nights searching for angles, lights and frames that say something. Movement is what defines my project in 2023. After all that's what it's all about when we talk about automobiles. Captured through different approaches or insinuated strongly enough that the viewer involuntarily completes the image in front of him. It's a flexible theme that lets you play with anything you find along a road that passes through places you're discovering for the first time. Postcards locations do not mean that those places are good for photographing cars. For the simple reason that you can't get to them on wheels."


Ramona Copil

Ramona studied at a technical college, then turned to fine arts, exercising her creative side. She graduated from UNArte Bucharest, Sculpture department, but she prefers photography, which she considers a fast art form - or, in any case, faster than painting or sculpture. When she decided to take up photography seriously, she started from the basics - film photography. She took a dedicated course, studying the entire procedure, from setting up the camera to developing and exposing the image on photographic paper. She likes to experiment with more special techniques on film. She usually shoots with DSLR cameras, but she also uses her phone camera or rudimentary cameras from the last century with equal pleasure - even if from time to time he has to "cut" a 120 film to make it 620. At some point she even made an improvised camera out of a jewelry box. She uses everything that modern technology offers her, preferring beautiful images that primarily tell a story versus pictures in a perfect technique, but empty of content.

She published in OZB, participated in various collective exhibitions (RGB Photography, f64, PHOS Street Photography days, National Library), exhibited in Germany and Spain, and the most important distinction was winning the VSLO trophy, photography section, in 2019. She prefers "street", portrait, and automotive styles, because she is passionate about people and cars. In the automotive field, she collaborated with several motor and sports cars publication, and now he photographs for TopGear Romania. She is passionate about cars in general, but has an affinity for BMWs in particular. She owned several BMW 3 Series models over time. "I graduated from UNArte Bucharest, Sculpture department, but I prefer photography, which I consider a fast art form - or, in any case, faster than painting or sculpture. When I look back, it seems to me that I did not choose photography, but that photography chose me. It was in August 2016, together with my participation in an international photography festival called VSLO, when I learned to <<see>> in a different way, in photographic frames. The abundance of information, the participation in the workshops, the content and quality of the sources made me want more from myself in photography. The following year I obtained my professional certification and continued my training by attending various courses, through documentation and further investment in photo equipment.

Being part of this project means much more to me than a classic photo shoot. It was an opportunity to express my creativity in a unique, unrestricted way, to explore new angles and look for details that convey the «soul» of each car and integrate them into the local atmosphere. The landscapes, the local architecture, the color and the special atmosphere defined a unique experience. It is obvious that this project is evolving, creating various opportunities to get new images, to get out of the comfort zone of traditional frames and locations used in Romania. BMW Photo Camp 2023 gave me the opportunity to build images that emphasize the elegance and performance of the BMW current models. I approached this project from two perspectives. The first with clean shots, where I let the cars reveal their shapes, and the second in the style of street photography, where I emphasized the reward of the destination - whether we are talking about the coast of Portugal, the picturesque streets of Lisbon or places loaded with history.

A very pleasant surprise was the attitude of the people. I felt that the Portuguese appreciate the artistic value of photography, understanding that it can help promote their destinations and culture. I love moving frames - for me they best symbolize the idea of mobility, suggesting the purpose and utility of the vehicle in the context of movement, the pleasure of driving it. But I also like the poses that include people, because in the end, we humans are the ones who have to enjoy these motorized jewels. In Portugal I felt that people are looking to enter the images, to be part of them, not to get out of the frame. And perhaps this is best exemplified by the man raising his glass to the camera lens, on the terrace in front of which I had stopped the BMW 440i."


Ciprian Mihai
Behance : AutomotiveArt

His passion for photographing cars started before the minimum age to have a driver's license. At the beginning he took photos at underground car events in Bucharest in the 2000s. This was followed by collaboration with www.voom.ro and www.4tuning.ro and asserting himself as a photographer with a unique style. Over time he has owned only BMW models, starting with the second-generation BMW 3 Series (E30), followed by a fourth generation BMW 3 Series (E46) and now a superb 7 Series (E38). Ciprian's beginnings in the world of photography are reflected by his passion for preparing and tuning the cars he owns and for the "Low Society" project. Now, Ciprian has gone beyond editorial photography and does commercial projects, advertising photography for car manufacturers and importers all over the world, enjoying international recognition and appreciation. Ciprian's photographic art is also defined by the work and quality of post-production, but also by the harmony of colors and light in each frame. Ciprian is continuously evolving and exploring new techniques, most recently combining photography with 3D graphics, photo editing programs and artificial intelligence to take visual projects into a new dimension.

"My career as a photographer starts somewhere in 2004, when I discovered Virtual Tuning, in 2009 I started working in the automotive press as a photographer, and since then I gradually came to sign national and then international advertising campaigns, in Europe, the Middle East and China. In my portfolio you can find both advertising and editorial projects, lifestyle, drone images or completely computer generated images (CGI). The projects I am proud of are not necessarily the images used for international campaigns. But among them are meetings where I could express myself freely and experiment, such as a series of projects I did with BMW in Romania, Dubai, Portugal.

This is what I found at #BMWPhotoCamp - the freedom to create whatever you like, «no rules», the atmosphere, the pleasure of driving and discovering new places. In 2023, the project became much more complex for me - because the images were made through many methods and techniques - photography, editing, CGI and AI. Which I liked because I was able to create something much more complex based on the images I took in Portugal. Here, the world will probably be divided, but the integration of AI in Photoshop for me is a plus because that's what I did before with compositions and collages. Now, AI just helps me make them much more realistically and at a slightly better speed. My favorite photos from #BMWPhotoCamp 2023: "BMW i7 Pool Side", "BMW i7 - Night at the bridge", "BMW i7 - sunset on the Atlantic coast", BMW M3 - driving shots, BMW M3 - graffiti art.


Bogdan Paraschiv

Although he has over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, Bogdan's style evolves and transforms continuously and is proof of his effort to always be better. On his Facebook page you can always find shared photos of great photographers, a sign of continuous research.

He is famous for the speed with which he manages to carry out photo sessions, without compromising on quality. This is how, under the pressing pressure of time, legendary projects were realized, such as the photo session with three emblematic BMW models - BMW 328, BMW Z8 and BMW 507. In just a few hours, Bogdan had a complete and valuable set of photos, which included dynamic shots, exterior, interior and details. The photos were then the basis of several articles in RacingWheels and 4x4Wheels magazines.

Bogdan's style is defined by contoured surfaces and contrasting colors, strongly defined lines. At the same time, light plays an important role, it fills the lines drawn by Bogdan's camera with color.

"I started taking photography seriously quite late, that is around 20 years old, but the impact it had on me and the joy of discovering it, the immediate satisfactions helped me assimilate in a relatively short time. I am one of the lucky ones for whom my passion/hobby and my profession coincide. After a few collaborations with print publications, with daily newspapers, I had the chance to be active in the automotive media, which occasion they merged two passions - photography and sport, more precisely motorsport. I was part of the Freelancer agency, together with people who are still my colleagues today. My course continued in print and online media, in automotive. Collaborations also followed with car importers and, perhaps not by chance, the collaborations with BMW Romania were the most important and impactful.

I have been part of the group of photographers invited to #BMWPhotoCamp since the first edition and I am grateful for that. We are already on the third one, and this certifies that things are evovling in a good direction. It's an excellent opportunity to put ideas into practice, to be part of a beautiful event, together with fellow photographers, to observe work styles, different approaches. On this occasion, the premises and a beneficial atmosphere are set for the creation of good and very good images.

This edition I approached the project a little differently, in the sense that I considered it appropriate to add more variety to the final collective content through my images. Consequently, I opted for a less commercial and more photojournalistic style, something accentuated by the black and white style.

The absolute novelty was the destination, obviously. Portugal has a lot to offer and for me it was a first contact with this place, so there was no danger of <<missing>> areas and landscapes. At home this still happens, because you are no longer always receptive to what surrounds you, being very familiar with the surrounding environment. So a new destination helped me to be more connected with the place. I looked for at least part of the photos to be taken in the sunset light. Color did not matter, but the angle from which the light came, the position, the length of the shadows, etc where important.

I love beautifully drawn cars, of course. For me, design is essential. Then we discuss performance and the entire range of features. Now everyone has their own notions of <<beautiful>> and it's a subjective discussion, but a truly beautiful automobile leaves little room for debate. The BMW brand is close to my heart and I enjoyed driving the entire fleet available, but my favorite was the BMW M3 Touring, which I got to drive, not just photograph, so the satisfaction was double - and from the driver's perspective, not just from the photographer's.

When I have to photograph a car, I seek to create a whole, a unified whole. I'm looking for the subject and the location to be part of the same concept and to <<put>> the viewer into this concept, to generate a good mood, to feel part of the story, maybe to transpose there for a few seconds. Honestly, the surroundings of Lisbon facilitated this endeavor for me."


Dragos Savu

Dragoş had to continue the family tradition and be a math teacher. But he chose to express himself through images. Passionate about mountains and mountain hiking, he started with landscape photography. This is where the first published photo came from - it was in 2001, for the "Carpathian Mountains" magazine. Then he answered a mysterious ad in the newspaper: "If you've got a brain, a photo kit and you're passionate about cars, come and talk." This is how the collaboration with Dan Beşliu and Freelancer began and the transition from landscape photography to the dynamic world of motorsport. "Here I had enough time to learn that a granny picture taken in time is often happier than the perfect photo that missed publication."

Dragoş constructs the photograph "in the camera" and leaves little to post-production. His photography stands out for its surprising, very expressive details and framing. One of the most interesting expressions of this approach is the collaboration with Retromobil Club Romania for various events, including the famous "Concurs de Elegance de la Sinaia", from where Dragoş extracts photos full of stories with historical flavors.

With a large portfolio of collaborations, Dragoş signed good years for two of the most visually spectacular automotive publications in Romania - TopGear and Supercar. The latter would also give him the joy of the first photo published on the cover - a dynamic frame with the legendary Honda NSX, shot on film.

"By degree, I am a mathematician. By soul, I am a photographer. I have accumulated 18 years of car, sports, press, stock, adventure and pleasure photography. Some of my landscapes and portraits have traveled and been awarded in photo art salons from Austria, Germany, Spain and Romania.

I know that anything done well requires an extreme amount of work, commitment, organization and communication. BMW Romania has been organizing #BMWPhotocamp for three years, a meeting that I enjoy every time. I am with the best and most passionate car photographers in Romania and thanks to them I develop professionally, and the energy and creativity in the photo camp charges me and makes me push my limits.

Portugal and BMW cars: as a car photographer, you can't ask for more. But the very fact that I was in a natural setting that took your breath away meant, at least for me, a challenge: the idea in the photo to surpass the spectacular landscape.

Locations scouting in the middle of the night, emotions, startles, frames appearing where I didn't even expect them, frustrations, spectacular beaches, exceptional cars - in a few words what #BMWPhotocamp in Portugal meant to me."


Andrei Toboşaru

Andrei was born in 1981, and his debut in photography would come 18 years later. He started as a photojournalist for a daily newspaper, a year after he enrolled at the Popular Arts School, photography section, where he had the famous Paul Agarici as a teacher.

After working at Curentul, Andrei switched to Cronica Română, Ziarul, Lumea Magazin, and then ended up in the editorial office of a local newspaper: Telegraful de Prahova. It was the last experience in the field of photojournalism for him. What led to a change was the Mihăileşti tragedy, when a road train full of ammonium nitrate exploded in the morning of May 24, 2004, killing 18 people. Andrei was one of the first photojournalists to arrive at the scene and, although he is not a weak angel, the sight that greeted him there left a deep mark on him. He decided to give up photojournalism and look for new opportunities. Three months later, MotorXtrem magazine was launched in Romania, which would later become Top Gear Romania. This is how the adventure in the world of car photography began.

For Top Gear, he portrayed the crazy adventures of the newsroom that brought many crazy stories that reflect the atmosphere and spirit of the team back then. Over time he did product photography, event photography, commercial photography and, as an expression of his love for dogs, he organized a photo studio dedicated to them - DogStudio.

Andrei can recognize frames that tell a story, are powerful and to put them in the perfect light. The qualities of his photography brought him a long collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Romania, where he highlights the brand's events and models from Stuttgart.

"I started in 1997, when by mistake I ended up at the Popular Arts School, photography section, with the late master Paul Agarici. I was 17 years old, breaking seeds with the boys in front of the block. After the first year at the Popular School of Arts, I got a job at the daily Curentul as a photojournalist and received accreditation at Cotroceni. Abrupt jump, right?

Furthermore, I kept going to various newspapers for 10 years until TopGear magazine appeared in Romania and I said that it is enough with newspapers, I am retiring to a magazine. Where better than at one of the cars? If you make me look back, after so many years, I don't necessarily have projects to be proud of or important collaborations, because each job is important in its own way. While I was a photojournalist, I preferred the social/political part, so that, from Pope John Paul to Romanian music singers, I kept photographing. Being at #BMWPhotoCamp is an HONOR. I don't use big words, but to be invited next to such guildmates, after all the best of the best, is certainly an honor.

At the same time, this year's edition was a very difficult one. The word that would define it - «frustration», because the landscape is stunning, the cars are more than spectacular, and the feeling you are left with is that it could certainly be better. Very difficult to decide on a location. BMWPhotocamp, as I said before, is the only event dedicated to photographers, which is something absolutely out of the ordinary for a market like the one in Romania. We photographers are not usually in the foreground. Maybe that's normal. But I'm glad to be part of this project."


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