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SATELLITE and IFRAME Details Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas 2017.

München. Please find the satellite details of the BMW Group Press Conference and highlights at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as follows.


Press Contact.

Joao Trincheiras
BMW Group

Tel: +351-21-487-3080

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The BMW Group Press Conference at the 2017 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show will be broadcasted live via satellite.



Agenda  04.01.2017


06:45 – 07:10 PST       BMW Group Press Conference – LIVE



In addition to the satellite downlink, the live transmission can also be viewed online at


The highlights can be viewed or downloaded at and




EUROPE: Technical data TV satellite transmission 4th January 2017


06:45 – 07:10 USA PST (15:45 -16:10 CEST)   BMW Group Press Conference – LIVE


Sat                                           Eutelsat 7B B6 Ch.C 9.00

Downlink                                 11,144.8300 Y Vertical

Bandwidth                               9 MHz

Video Standard                       HD1080i/50

Audio Channels                      Audio: 1 Pairs (2ch)

Symbol Rate                           7.120 Msym/s

FEC                                         3/4

Data Rate                                15.504

Roll Off                                    20%

Aspect Ratio                           HD 16:9 (4:3 safe)

Modulation                              DVBS2-8PSK PILOTS ON

MPEG                                      H.264/ 4:2:0 MPEG 4

Encryption                               No Encryption


US: Technical data TV satellite transmission 4th January 2017


06:45 – 07:10 USA PST   (14:45-15:10 UTC)   BMW Group Press Conference – LIVE


Satellite:                                  GALAXY 17 17k SLOT A

Downlink Frequency:             12026.5 Horizontal

Symbol Rate:                          7.120 Msym/s

Modulation:                              DVBS2-8PSK PILOTS ON

FEC:                                         3/4  

Roll Off:                                    20%

Data Rate:                               15.504

MPEG                                     4:2:0 MPEG 4

Video Std:                               HD1080i/59.94

Audio Channels                      Audio: 1 Pairs (2ch)

Encryption:                              No Encryption



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Munich. Here you can see the transmission of the Annual General Meeting of the BMW Group.

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