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BMW Welt offers studios for professional streaming and creates completely new infrastructure and all-round care-free service for digital event formats.

• Three fully equipped streaming and TV studios. • Digital know-how and tailor-made concepts as part of the comprehensive event service. • Tailored streaming packages from social media to individual landing pages. • Digital experience as an effective and safe alternative to face-to-face events – at both national and international level.

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Munich. BMW Welt is a premium event location famous for always having the right customer offerings at the right time. And now it is expanding its event portfolio. BMW Welt is opening a new chapter in modern event formats by adding a digital option. As well as three studios – in the Auditorium, Double Cone and Business Center – there is a choice of different streaming packages that can be customized to suit the purpose and requirements of the event. BMW Welt has therefore created a new and innovative offering in the form of a complete digital event platform. Experienced event experts are on hand to help customers with everything from planning and implementation to final transmission and distribution. Specialists in video, sound, lighting, direction and streaming are also available to guarantee smooth operation and the right emotional content.


Exceptional studios for any format.

The three studios at BMW Welt differ in size, setting and number of possible speakers. The heart of the BMW Welt, namely the Auditorium, is not only a perfect location for events but also a fully equipped TV studio with widescreen projection and an optional green box for maximum flexibility. Measuring 945 square meters, it offers sufficient space for multiple parallel setups and a wide range of options for emotive product staging. The Auditorium features a retractable floor and flexible room topography with raised podiums. Thanks to state-of-the-art event technology and perfectly coordinated camera control, panel discussions or congresses can be held with four or more people on stage or up to 25 speakers in the room – while maintaining current safe distancing. Entire concerts can be transmitted thanks to optimum acoustics and effective show lighting, and impressive product and vehicle presentations can be staged. 
The Double Cone with its unique architecture and atmospheric lighting is the impressive symbol of BMW Welt. A 4K curved LED media wall and the spindle provide the basis for highly emotional presentations. The very special atmosphere makes this the ideal setting for digital panel discussions, conferences with up to four speakers, and concerts. The third fully equipped studio in the Business Center is suitable for digital information events, training courses or product presentations with one or two speakers. 


A new dimension in interactive events. 

No matter which of the three locations you choose, all the digital offerings include social media integration via Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Distribution via Instagram is also available at an additional cost. Other professional streaming options can be added to the booking, such as integrating a stream on an existing website, creating a new landing page with streaming, or transferring confidential content in a protected virtual room with restricted access. Also available is a customized app solution that includes tools for interacting with virtual participants. After all, there is one thing that digital events at BMW Welt will not be, and that is transmission pure and simple without any interaction. Participants are actively involved in the event and can use the polling and chat functions to ask questions and take part in discussions. Presentations and videos can also be integrated into the stream, and video conferences can be used to connect people from different locations around the world. This opens up completely new dimensions for events because there is virtually no limit on the number of participants, in contrast to regular face-to-face events which are tied to a fixed location. 


For more information and to contact BMW Welt event consultants directly click here.

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