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The MINI design studio and Constantin Prozorov create inspiring image worlds for the presentation of the new MINI model family.

+++ Creative momentum drawn from the art and fashion scene +++ This is the collage artist’s first time collaborating with an automotive brand +++ Future MINI models are set amid fantastical illustrations and animations +++

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Joao Trincheiras
BMW Group

Munich. The MINI design studio has invited up-and-coming collage artist Constantin Prozorov to create a fresh presentation of the new MINI model family by reinterpreting digital image worlds in his unique style. Thanks to the striking image compositions he creates, Prozorov has already made a name for himself in the fashion industry. For MINI design, he generated three mesmerising collages that position the brand’s future models centre-stage amid fantastical illustration and animations.

The MINI design team draws inspiration and creative momentum from the art and fashion scene. While Prozorov has already created digital image worlds for luxury fashion brands, this is the first time he has collaborated with an automotive brand. He is known for the modern, avant-garde aesthetics of his collages; just as in the classical roots of this art form, Constantin Prozorov breathes new life into existing material. For his work in the MINI design studio, he used the background motifs in front of which the brand’s new models are introduced for a range of different presentations. Using digital technology, he composed the artwork provided by the MINI designers in a new way, and then complemented it with the fantastical figures and floral elements which make his work so distinctive.

„Constantin Prozorov’s artistic style offers an inspiring viewpoint on the design of the new MINI family,” says Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. “It is unique, playful and full of positive energy.” During more than a year of collaboration between the artist and the MINI design studio, three urban dream worlds have been created in which surreal elements are seamlessly merged into the representation of the new MINI models and the surroundings staged for them. Each of these collages is composed of up to 200 levels and can be viewed both as a static image world and in the form of an animated clip.

All collages are interwoven with unifying stylistic elements that unite them into a triptych: from the colourful towering rooftop which makes a stage for the new all-electric MINI Cooper, to a water-rich landscape with picnic area for the new all-electric MINI Countryman, to a bright and lively urban environment showcasing the future all-electric MINI Aceman. There are also charming details that only reveal themselves to the observer on closer inspection: the Spike digital character rendered as an art toy in the collage for the MINI Cooper; a glistening dolphin crossing the path of the MINI Countryman; or a stylised playing card as a placeholder for the MINI Aceman.

This artist has a keen eye for fashion, and from the new MINI models he was particularly taken by the interior surfaces made from recycled knitwear. They appear repeatedly in his collages as an abstracted, oversized element. Prozorov also incorporates design features such as the brand’s characteristic slotted hole as well as familiar motifs from pop culture and contemporary art. The approach encourages the observer to think beyond traditional boundaries and invites them to engage in the wide-ranging opportunities offered by art and design.

The MINI designers found that the exchange with Constantin Prozorov opens fresh perspectives on the MINI models even for them. Conversation with creative minds from different disciplines has always been one of the most important sources of inspiration. The results of the latest collaboration will be presented as part of IAA Mobility 2023. 


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