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BMW Group novinarska konferenca na 87. Mednarodnem avtosalonu v Ženevi.

BMW Group novinarska konferenca na 87. Mednarodnem avtosalonu v Ženevi.

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Dr. Ian Robertson (HonDSc), Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group


Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

It’s great to be here and we’re delighted you could join us at the BMW Group.


It’s great cars like this – the BMW 530e iPerformance – that demonstrate why we sell more plug-in hybrid vehicles than anyone else in the premium segment. Fuel consumption is only 1.9 l/100 km and CO2 emissions just 44 g/km. These figures are very impressive! The 530e is the sixth member of our growing and very successful portfolio of iPerformance models.


The 5 Series is the heart of the BMW brand – we’ve sold 2.4 million of the outgoing generation. Building on that success is the new 5 Series, which has had a great start, since we launched it a month ago. Today, it’s my pleasure to present the world premiere of the latest member of the 5 Series family!


The BMW 5 Series Touring has a long tradition of being the ideal car for business, family, sports and leisure activities alike – or any combination of these things. We are certain that this new generation will impress even further. Now why do I say that? Because it is the most innovative vehicle in its class. It has an exceptional display and operating concept. It is the most connected vehicle in its segment. We know that many of our customers are busy people on the road and that they truly appreciate the seamless communication and infotainment options. And furthermore: This car offers the most advanced driver assistance systems available, just like the 5 Series Sedan and, of course, the 7 Series.


Being a BMW, it is the sportiest car in its segment, and also the most efficient. We’ve redesigned the suspension and reduced the weight by up to 100 kg.

Fuel consumption has been lowered by up to 11 per cent! On top of all of this, the new model has become more spacious. And we’ve increased the boot and load capacity significantly.


I am sure that the fifth generation of the BMW 5 Series Touring will be a great success. Sales start in June.


This is just one of the many new exciting BMWs coming in 2017…

And now ladies and gentlemen, to one of our most emotional products in the BMW portfolio.


What a thrilling car! Alongside the sleek M4 Coupe, I’m delighted to present the seductive Convertible, and the stunning Gran Coupe! They all have one thing in common: dynamic design matched by thrilling power. Pure emotion – that’s the

BMW 4 Series!


That number four is significant: We have sold over 400,000 BMW 4 Series cars since we introduced them in 2013. And when it came to updating them, we focused on refining four aspects: More presence, more elegance, more exclusivity and even sportier!


With new LED head and rear lights, an unbroken front air intake and streamlined rear apron – the new 4 series makes even more of a statement. And we not only gave the BMW 4 Series a sportier look, we also completely updated the suspension: Performance is sharper and more dynamic.


Dynamic is a word you can apply to any car with the BMW badge, including the BMW i vehicles. Here in Geneva, we’re delighted to reveal the latest i8 Special Edition - the BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition you can see over there.


And speaking of black, my colleague, Peter Schwarzenbauer, has brought a very special “black” car too – please welcome him!


Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Customer Engagement and Digital Business Innovation BMW Group


Thank you Ian,

Boldness and pioneering spirit paired with the perfection of luxury: This is Rolls-Royce. Customers in the luxury class expect more than mere perfection: They expect something unique, individual, and exclusive. That’s the reason why most of our customers use our Bespoke programme to create their very own special sanctuary. I invite you to come and get an impression of the bespoke possibilities at our Rolls-Royce stand.


But there is also a new generation of independent pioneers, uncompromising in their choice of lifestyle. Their vehicle of choice must break the mould. Our answer to this is a new kind of Rolls-Royce – you might say the brand’s tempting dark side – we call it Black Badge.


Currently, there are two Black Badge models: the Wraith and the Rolls-Royce Ghost you see here. More will follow.


Black Badge models have more edge. They feature a gleaming black Spirit of Ecstasy, cutting-edge materials such as carbon-fibre interwoven with aircraft-grade aluminium. Subtle modifications mean a power and torque increase to give Black Badge customers a more spirited driving experience.


I am pleased to tell you that Rolls-Royce had a very successful year in 2016. As did MINI and BMW Motorrad.


We just finished updating our MINI model line-up with the new MINI Countryman. Clubman and Countryman are MINI’s spearheads in the fast-growing premium compact segment. This summer will see the start of the electrified era for MINI with the Countryman Plug-in Hybrid. In 2019, an all-electric MINI will follow.


All this shows that MINI is in a stronger position than ever before. With our new and young models we aim to build further on last year’s momentum.


BMW Motorrad also had a record year – actually six in a row now. In those six years, deliveries climbed around 50%. And we are expanding our model line-up further. This coming season, our customers can look forward to 14 new BMW motorcycles. We remain on track – in fact, ahead of plan – to reach our goal of 200,000 motorcycles by 2020.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


We have shown you some of our current BMW Group vehicles. But how do we see the future? To tell you more about that, I would now like to hand over to our Chairman of the Board, Harald Krüger.


Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG


Ladies and Gentlemen,


We offer our customers emotional products: From BMW Motorrad to the pinnacle of luxury with Rolls-Royce. With this strong line-up, we are starting the NEXT 100 years.


Strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT is our guideline for the future. As we move forward, we want to lead in all these areas:

  • Automated driving
  • Connected mobility
  • Electrification
  • And Mobility services.


Already today, we are setting the pace in e-mobility. For example, BMW i3 sales are doing very well. This year, we want to deliver 100,000 electrified cars to customers worldwide.


Also this year, we will test our fleet of forty highly autonomous cars in cities.

Connectivity will be key in shaping the future of mobility.

For more than fifteen years, we have offered connected services in our cars. Today, BMW has around 8.5 million connected cars on the road.


All of these new technologies and trends show how much the world is changing.

During change, people need orientation, values and emotions. And this is what the BMW Group stands for: Emotional mobility.


One major part of our strategy is success as a global player. We call many places in this world our home. Our production network spans the globe: Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. We believe free trade and open markets play a central role in creating a better world. The free exchange of goods and ideas is fundamental for world progress.

This is what we stand for.


And now: I invite everyone to come and take a closer look at our great products.

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Prikazane vrednosti porabe goriva, emisij CO2 in energijske učinkovitosti, so bile določene v skladu z Uredbo (ES) št. 715/2007 v različici, ki je veljala v času odobritve. Vrednosti se nanašajo na vozilo z osnovno konfiguracijo v Nemčiji. Prikazan doseg vozila upošteva opcijsko opremo ter različne velikosti platišč in pnevmatik, ki so na voljo za izbrani model ter se lahko spreminja glede na različne konfiguracije vozila.

Prikazane vrednosti za vozila že temeljijo na novem postopku preverjanja WLTP in so pretvorjene tudi v vrednosti, ki so primerljive z NEDC, da je zagotovljena primerjava med vozili. V zvezi s temi vozili se lahko tukaj prikazane vrednosti emisij CO2 razlikujejo od vrednosti, ki se (med drugim) upoštevajo za določitev ustreznih davkov ali drugih dajatev povezanih z emisijami CO2.

Nadaljnje informacije o uradnih podatkih varčnosti porabe goriva, specifičnih emisijah CO2 in ostali podatki o energijski učinkovitosti novega osebnega avtomobila so na voljo v »Priročniku o varčnosti porabe goriva, emisijah CO(2)«, ki je na voljo na vseh prodajnih mestih in na ter

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