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BMW South Africa to offer ConnectedDrive Store from September 2016.

BMW South Africa will launch a newly revised BMW ConnectedDrive Store from September 2016. The BMW ConnectedDrive Store will allow customers to view existing BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps they currently have in their vehicles and also add or buy new or renew BMW ConnectedDrive Service & Apps features. The store will be an extension to the current BMW ConnectedDrive Portal ( to allow further personalisation.

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Johannesburg. BMW South Africa will launch a newly revised BMW ConnectedDrive Store from September 2016. The BMW ConnectedDrive Store will allow customers to view existing BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps they currently have in their vehicles and also add or buy new or renew BMW ConnectedDrive Service & Apps features. The store will be an extension to the current BMW ConnectedDrive Portal ( to allow further personalisation.


BMW ConnectedDrive has been synonymous with forward-looking concepts and technologies in the domain of automotive connectivity for some years now. The full suite of BMW ConnectedDrive services was first introduced in South Africa in June 2014.


One-off registration of driver and vehicle over the Internet. The journey into the world of BMW starts for new customers and new vehicles alike with the built-in SIM card that is already activated at the factory. The next step is the online registration of the user and vehicle(s). Once registration has been completed, customers are able to access their personal, password-protected BMW ConnectedDrive area, make individual settings and manage vehicle-related data and services.


Personal area: maximum control, perfectly simple to use. In their personal area, customers will find a graphic of their own vehicle model, including the number plate and selected colour. Below this, the current vehicle status is displayed, together with the active services that have been booked. Next to this is where individual services can be configured or feature add-ons activated. This allows the scope of information and entertainment functions to be adapted to individual requirements at any time.


Thanks to the wealth of BMW ConnectedDrive services, a BMW can be kept right up to date for many years. And whenever customers wish to browse the constantly expanding range of services and vehicle apps, a click of the mouse will take them straight to the brand-new BMW ConnectedDrive Store with its vast choice of products for both BMW and BMW i drivers and cars.


BMW ConnectedDrive Store: open around the clock. The newly created BMW ConnectedDrive Store, which offers BMW customers access to the complete spectrum of services and vehicle apps, is the only one of its kind to date in the competitive segment. The store is open around the clock and can be entered via various password-protected channels. Apart from the customer portal that can be conveniently called up from a computer at home, the store can also be accessed while on the move by means of the BMW’s in-car system. As a result, BMW customers are even able to select and book individual services while on business trips or on holiday, and then use them within minutes.


Flexible choice of services available for variable periods. Another key customer benefit resulting from the refocusing of the BMW ConnectedDrive strategy is the move away from the package solutions that were previously the norm. Instead, BMW ConnectedDrive has split up its portfolio of mobility services into individual options, which can be booked and used separately and combined together as the customer desires. For added convenience, particular services are available for variable periods, ranging from just one month to one year or longer. This places the customer completely in the driving seat, as they can activate the functions and services that suit them best and at just the right time, such as while travelling on holiday. The various running period options furthermore allow the functionality of specific services to be tested out in practice for a limited time. For BMW and BMW i customers, this all adds up to unrivalled product diversity, the utmost individuality and flexibility, as well as considerably lower starting prices.


Making purchases at the BMW ConnectedDrive Store. Once customers have logged in to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, they are presented with an overview of the registered vehicles, the booked options and the remaining services that can be booked for their BMW. Alongside this can be seen the costs for the services, as well as the total and remaining running periods. Users furthermore have a facility for activating/deactivating their products, reconfiguring them or extending their running periods. Management of the BMW ConnectedDrive services really couldn’t be easier or more convenient.


Another summary shows a complete list of the services that are available especially for the customer’s model. The product overview is completed by further information such as costs and features. A host of new options can be additionally booked here. What’s more, they are enabled via the vehicle’s air interface, meaning they are fully available for use in a matter of minutes. With the new BMW ConnectedDrive Store, BMW is able to offer customers an always up-to-date range of services and vehicle apps that can be configured flexibly and individually, is being constantly added to, and is currently quite unique amongst the competition.


On the move: access via the in-car menu in every BMW Customers are able to visit the BMW ConnectedDrive Store at any time of the day, even while they are travelling in their car or away on trips. They can call up a summary of all BMW ConnectedDrive services available for their vehicle in the instrument cluster’s Control Display and scroll through the store menu using the iDrive Controller. Featuring a layout that has been optimised for the on-board system, the product page provides information on the features and costs of the selected services as well as the running period options. Once customers have identified themselves with their BMW password – the username is completed automatically – all that remains to be done to finalise the order is to confirm the selection, the desired period and the payment method stored in the customer portal. Within the space of a few minutes, the booked option will be activated and is then ready to use.


BMW Connected Drive Services.


Intelligent Emergency Call with automatic vehicle location. Should an airbag be deployed, for instance, the system will transmit an automatic emergency call to the BMW call centre including the precise location of the accident site. Apart from the vehicle’s exact position and direction of travel, details of the vehicle model and all the data gathered by the sensors in the car are relayed to the call centre as well. This information provides indications as to the nature and severity of the collision, while the deployment of the car’s restraint systems gives an idea of the number of people injured and allows frontal, rear, side or even multiple collisions to be identified and differentiated. On the basis of all accident-related data, the call centre decides which and how many emergency services are required at the accident site (e.g. doctor, paramedic, fire brigade, helicopter). The data also enables the alerted rescue crews to prepare the appropriate medical care for those involved in the accident before they have even arrived at the scene. The call centre furthermore stays in contact with the vehicle’s occupants until the emergency services arrive. The system also allows the driver or front passenger to trigger the emergency call manually in order to help other road users in distress by alerting the call centre. This service is standard on all BMW vehicles.


Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) warns of traffic jams as they happen. Also offered as standard in all BMW models produced from July 2016, the RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) system uses the mobile phone network and the SIM card built into the vehicle for ultra-fast transmission of very detailed data. The real-time information, which is taken into account when calculating routes and possible diversions, is relayed to the vehicle with unrivalled reliability and precision. RTTI covers motorways and major highways, as well as country roads and main roads in urban areas. In order to provide the driver with precise information on traffic density, GPS data from fleets and mobile radio units, road sensors, local authority traffic management systems and many more sources besides are used to obtain as much data as possible. A live traffic jam map with colour-coded road markings in green, yellow, orange and red now visualises the current traffic flow states even more sensitively as well as providing information on roadworks, accidents and other events affecting traffic.


BMW TeleServices – constant monitoring of all the vehicle’s service data and security of being in good hands at all times.

With the standard BMW TeleServices, a BMW knows if and when a service is due. The car passes on this information to a BMW Service Partner at a BMW Dealership in good time via an Automatic BMW Teleservice Call. If the driver wishes to make direct contact with the BMW Dealership, he can initiate a Manual BMW Teleservice Call from the car. And in the unlikely event of a breakdown, help is always at hand through the BMW Teleservices Diagnosis and Help – without having to bring the BMW into a workshop.


Automatic BMW Teleservice Call – a BMW car knows when a specific service is due and contacts the BMW Service Partner.

The Automatic BMW Teleservice Call allows customers to arrange a service quickly and conveniently without any extra effort. With the help of the onboard Condition Based Service (CBS), the car automatically ascertains what type of service is required and when. As soon as its sensors determine the need for a service involving fluids or wear components (such as engine oil or brake pads), the vehicle automatically places a BMW Teleservice call and the relevant data is sent to the BMW Dealership looking after that particular customer. This allows the customer’s chosen Service Partner to identify the car’s service requirements and order any necessary parts in advance, so that they are at hand in time for the pre-arranged appointment. This minimises the time the vehicle needs to spend in the workshop.


The automatic transfer of data to the BMW Service Partner also means the driver does not have to keep an eye on when the next service is due. As soon as the car identifies the need for a service and registers this via the Automatic BMW Teleservice Call, the customer is notified by the BMW Service Partner and the two parties can arrange a convenient time to visit the workshop. The customer is also informed in advance of the amount of work required and how long it is likely to take. The workshop visit can therefore be fitted into the customer’s schedule to ensure maximum convenience.


Advance planning of a service also allows greater scope for individual requirements. A one-to-one conversation enables the service adviser and customer to discuss the merits of replacing brake pads ahead of a lengthy holiday trip, for example. All the necessary information will already have been supplied via BMW TeleServices.


Manual BMW Teleservice Call – precise data for customised services.

The Manual BMW Teleservice Call provides the technical means for the driver to make direct contact with his BMW Service Partner from the car. This enables an individual service appointment to be made, for example for a tyre change. Model-specific accessories can also be quickly and conveniently selected in this way.


With a Manual BMW Teleservice Call, the BMW also transmits all the relevant vehicle information. When returning the customer’s call, the BMW Service Partner has all the necessary details to be able to offer a service precisely tailored to the customer’s car.


Unbeatable convenience – Remote Services.

Looking for your car on a crowded parking lot outside the shopping centre on a Saturday? It’s not necessary. With Remote Services you can save yourself the inconvenience of a long search. Thanks to the services, you can control your BMW from afar. And you can do more than find your vehicle on a large parking lot.


With Remote Services you transform your smartphone into an intelligent and convenient remote control for your vehicle – via the My BMW Remote App or the BMW Call Centre. Now you just have to reach into your jacket pocket to have access to your BMW via your iPhone or Android device. Perhaps you’re no longer sure of whether you locked your BMW? Or you may not have your key to hand? Then you can lock and unlock you car with the Remote Services from BMW ConnectedDrive. And if you’re unable to find your vehicle straight away, you can flash the headlights and sound the horn using your smartphone. The Remote Services feature requires registration in the BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Portal.

Pricing for the BMW Remote Services is R700 in the BMW 5 Series and R1,100 in all other BMW models. This feature is standard in the BMW 6 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW i3, BMW i8, BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M.


BMW Internet Services – surf the net in your BMW.

Thanks to the permanently installed SIM card, the Internet Service from BMW ConnectedDrive enables you to access the infinite possibilities of the World Wide Web. With no mouse, no extra monitor, but all very quickly and conveniently by iDrive Controller and the integrated high-resolution Control Display. And surfing in your vehicle functions just as easily as if you were at home. The BMW Internet Service feature runs for a period of one year after the vehicle’s first registration. The customer can extend the service for an additional charge beyond the initial period via the BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Portal. Pricing for the BMW Internet Service is R1,500 and standard in the BMW 6 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW i3, BMW i8, BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M.  


BMW Concierge Services – answers anytime and anywhere.

The Concierge Service connects the car with a 24-hour BMW Call Centre, allowing a BMW driver to get assistance in finding points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, nearest pharmacy, ATMs, selecting destinations and planning a journey. Address data for the Navigation System can be transmitted directly from the BMW call centre to the vehicle and then accepted by the driver via the iDrive system This service is activated for 36 months after first registration. The customer can extend the service for an additional charge beyond the initial period via the BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Portal. The pricing for the Concierge Services is R3,700 and standard in the BMW 6 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW i3, BMW i8, BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M.  




For questions on this press release, please contact BMW Group South Africa’s Group Communications Division:


Edward Makwana

Manager: Group Product Communications

BMW Group South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Tel: +27-12-522-2227

Mobile: +27-71-666-2227



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The BMW Group

With its BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands, the BMW Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of cars and motorcycles and provider of premium financing and mobility services. It operates internationally with 30 production and assembly plants in 14 countries and a global sales network represented in more than 140 countries.


During the financial year 2015, the BMW Group sold approximately 2.247 million cars and some 137,000 motorcycles worldwide. Group profit before tax reached € 9.22 billion on revenues totalling € 92.18 billion € 92.18 billion. At 31 December 2015, the BMW Group had a workforce of 122,244 employees.


Long-term thinking and responsible action have long been the foundation of the BMW Group’s success. Ecological and social sustainability along the entire value-added chain, full responsibility for our products and an unequivocal commitment to preserving resources are prime objectives firmly embedded in our corporate strategy.






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