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Innovation Days Connected Drive 2011.

Connected Drive – added value through connectivity.

Driver Assistance Systems
BMW ConnectedDrive
Infotainment, Control Concepts

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Note: This press release is a 1:1 copy of the original issued by BMW headquarters in Germany. No adaptations have been made to cater for the UK market.


1. The seventh sense – more knowledge, better visibility and intelligent light functions enhance safety on the roads.


1.1 Dynamic Light Spot – targeted light beam for improved safety.

Spot on: BMW Night Vision of the next generation will feature the Dynamic Light Spot. Thanks to this targeted beam of light, pedestrians will become even more visible at night and accidents can be avoided.


1.2 Headlights of the future – laser light.

Stronger, better, brighter, further – after LED, laser is the next stage for car headlights.


1.3 Proactive Connectivity – more knowledge, greater safety.

It’s normally the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters: predicting what is going to happen in the next two minutes. The car of the future will be able to do just that.


2. The almost limitless possibilities of connectivity.


2.1 The wonderful world of apps.

The app concept allows for new, individual functions in the car – simple, safe and downloadable at any time.


2.2 Infotainment Assistant – your personal range of multimedia.

A car radio that knows what you want to listen to next? Whether it’s music, a news podcast or the latest posts from your Facebook friends,your customised palette of entertainment and information is in the offing.


2.3  Network of the future – functionality with LTE over-the-air high-speed internet.

Wireless, faster than DSL and available anywhere – mobile data connectivity via LTE opens up new possibilities for Connected Drive.


3. Enhanced convenience with innovative control and display technology plus intelligent navigation.


3.1 Augmented Reality – new dimensions in driver assistance and navigation courtesy of the contact analogue Head-Up Display.

Navigation directions merge with reality, hazards are indicated in the driver’s direct line of vision: the contact analogue Head-Up Display signals the intuitive and safe display experience of the future.


3.2 Gesture recognition – in-car control with simple hand movements.

Whoosh – move your hand and a new track plays. This is manual operation in the true sense of the word. Next stage: a nod of the head? 


3.3 Intelligent navigation: how will we get from A to B in 2015?

Forget route planning, searching for parking spaces and “Darling, I’m stuck in traffic so I’m going to be late for dinner.”


4. Man, the measure of all things.

The focus of all development work is the human being, which makes information about and insights into our customers around the world a key element of market research and development – now and in the future.

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