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The new BMW 7 Series.

  • 25.05.2012
  • HD
  • PF0003354
10:00:00:00 - 10:02:33:02 Design Exterior.
Side view. Various shots. Hofmeister kink. Front side view. Exterior mirror. Headlights. ...
... Front view. Various shots. Front CU. Air intakes. Three-quarter rear view. Various shots. Rear headlights.
  • Videoclip Design Exterior.
    10:00:00:00 - 10:02:33:02
  • Videoclip Design Interior.
    10:02:33:02 - 10:04:25:11
  • Videoclip Driving Scenes.
    10:04:25:11 - 10:09:43:11

Shot list   Download DOC
BMW 750Li (Havanna metallic) - Exterior Design: side view, Hofmeister kink, front view, exterior mirror, headlights, intakes, three-quarter rear view, rear light / Design Interior: driver side, Instrument panel "wakes up", loudspeaker, gear shift, center speaker, seats front, seats rear, TV monitor, armrest, table (stop trick) / Driving shots: acting scene: acting scene (passenger and chauffeur mount car, switching on TV monitor, folding up table, using notebook), driving shots on country road, meadow, canola fields, inboard (navigation, Dynamic Driving Control in instrument panel), driving shots onboard, indicator, headlight.

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