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HIGH SPEED BROADCAST DATA SERVICES DEMONSTRATION: BMW-led Research Validates Fast Delivery of Real Time Traffic Information via HD Radio(R) Technology

  • 09.03.2009
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Woodcliff Lake, NJ - March 9, 2009... BMW announced that a recent engineering
demonstration in Philadelphia, PA has validated the concept of broadcasting
advanced traffic information via HD Radio stations. The exercise, conducted in
November using the Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) protocol, was led by
Munich-based BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH (BMW Group Research and Technology)
and supported by BMW of North America and its technology partner, Clear Channel
Total Traffic Network. The new TPEG protocol for Traffic Flow and Prediction
(TFP) supports real-time, high-speed broadcast of traffic information and will
enable future vehicles to view current and predicted traffic patterns, speeds,
and flows almost instantaneously.

"BMW supports the TPEG / TFP standard for delivery of traffic speed and flow
information over high-bandwidth digital channels such as HD Radio," said Isaac
Trefz, an engineer with BMW Group Research and Technology. "The TPEG / TFP
standard provides a mechanism for delivering predictive traffic information,
and can offer more precise location information than existing systems. These
virtues, combined with fewer operating limitations than existing technology,
will dramatically enhance the presentation of important traffic information to
drivers in the future."

For the proof-of-concept exercise, a BMW 5 Series was equipped by specialists
from BMW Research with custom hardware and software including an HD Radio data
tuner and custom visualization and logging software, and then driven throughout
the Philadelphia metro area. Coverage of the HD Radio broadcast and the
accuracy of the TFP-encoded information were carefully monitored via the
on-board equipment, and were found to be adequate in all quadrants of the
coverage area. Due to the high-speed data transfer capability provided by HD
Radio technology and the efficient encoding of the TPEG/TFP protocol, it was
possible to transmit traffic information for the entire metro area during rush
hour to the test vehicle in just 14 seconds using only 52 messages. The
proof-of-concept confirmed that the TPEG / TFP protocol is the best choice for
fast and efficient delivery of real-time traffic speed and flow information via
HD Radio for large metropolitan areas.


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Archive Sample traffic flow test overview in greater Philadelphia area (03/2009) Link to detailed page
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Sample traffic flow test overview in greater Philadelphia area (03/2009)
09.03.2009 | P0052553

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