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  • 24.10.2008
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BMW Group Research and Technology shows the current development status.

Munich/Dudenhofen. Networking between vehicles from different manufacturers
forms the basis for future driver assistance systems. The key focus for the BMW
Group is enhancing driver sovereignty and the active safety of all road users.
As part of the international forum of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium,
BMW Group Research and Technology demonstrates how BMW automobiles and
motorcycles will be able to exchange information with vehicles from other
manufacturers in the future.

Networked cars communicate with each other and with the road infrastructure
using WLAN. This provides fast and early information about potential hazard
situations and events in road traffic. Information exchange between cars
especially at the end of tailbacks, at accidents or in icy road conditions can
avoid accidents or at least reduces their consequences.

BMW Group Research and Technology has been involved in the CAR 2 CAR
Communication Consortium right from the start. The consortium has grown from
four partners at the start to a group of more than 30 partners. Two conditions
need to be met in order to fully exploit the potential of Car-to-X
communication systems with nationwide deployment: A joint technology platform
needs to be agreed for defining standard interfaces and a uniform radio
frequency. The recently approved 5.9 GHz frequency band for applications of
Car-to-X communication represents a key milestone for standardisation in Europe
- as already in USA and Japan.

The vehicle manufacturers involved with the forum use cars, trucks and
motorcycles to demonstrate traffic situations when Car-to-X communication
provides drivers with specific support, for example, in built-up areas where
motorcycles or emergency vehicles are approaching cross-roads. Car-to-X
communication is also particularly effective at roadworks or in situations
where vehicles have broken down.

For more information: www.car-to-car.org


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