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50 years of BMW Isetta
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Footage contains 4 Scenes:
Thu Mar 03 12:05:00 CET 2005 | ID: PF0002457
    #1: Studio shots (Letterbox)
    #2: Driving shots
    #3: Report / Commercial
    #4: Prince Leopold of Bavaria
    #1: Studio shots (Letterbox)
    #2: Driving shots
    #3: Report / Commercial
    #4: Prince Leopold of Bavaria
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Studio shots (Letterbox)
Scene 1 of 4, 01:26 min, Quicktime H264 16Mbit, 4:3, 720x576
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Oblique view from the front, different perspectives Various pans BMW Isetta emblem, different perspectives
Driving shots
Scene 2 of 4, 04:07 min, Quicktime H264 16Mbit, 4:3, 720x576
 H.264 Scene #2 (488 MB) H.264 Scene #2 (34 MB) Download Shotlist
BMW Isetta following, different perspectives BMW Isetta in a historic street scene Couple gets out of BMW Isetta Parked BMW Isetta Door is closed – door is opened from inside Beach scene, different perspectives (letterbox – mute) Driving shots, different perspectives (letterbox – mute) BMW Isetta drives along the water front , different perspectives
Report / Commercial
Scene 3 of 4, 05:22 min, Quicktime H264 16Mbit, 4:3, 720x576
 H.264 Scene #3 (646 MB) H.264 Scene #3 (44 MB) Download Shotlist
Report BMW Isetta Commercial BMW Isetta Commercial BMW Isetta Commercial BMW Isetta, cartoon
Prince Leopold of Bavaria
Scene 4 of 4, 09:07 min, Quicktime H264 16Mbit, 4:3, 720x576
 H.264 Scene #4 (1 GB) H.264 Scene #4 (75 MB) Download Shotlist
Well, I had it about... I would say 20 years - and - I was driving through Munich and I suddenly saw the little Isetta on a parking spot. And it has a big hole in the fender, in the right fender and I thought maybe I can buy this car and there was the window open, so I threw a little piece of paper with my telephone number on it and I was hoping that the owner of the car will phone me back. He did that, so that's how I get the Isetta in my hands. Well, it’s a very stable driving, it’s a real pleasure to drive this car, especially in the town in Munich where there is a lot of cars around and you don't find any parking spots, but with this Isetta you always find a parking spot, because it’s so small and that makes it much more easier to find... especially the consuming of the cars is getting bigger and bigger, so this is just wonderful with this car to cruise through Munich and find a parking spot. Well, it’s a mobility icon of course and it’s a car which was used in the 50s, they built approximately 160,000 cars worldwide. And they were going with the Isetta over the “Brenner”, the Mountain, when they went to Italy, even with a van on the back and using this car for going longer trips on holidays, of course it was one of the first ones which had a cover over your head before you came from the motorcycle. It has a 250 engine and also a 300 engine which comes from the motorcycle-engine from BMW. But it was a car which you could really go for a longer holiday trip, even down to Rimini or any place you would like to go. And this is, I think, this is something interesting to use this car also for holiday and even you have something on your hook, on the back, so that was very outstanding, this car. It’s a very cute car, very cute car where you can really sit with two persons in the front on one seat, so it has a very interesting design and it's great fun to drive. Prinz Leopold of Bavaria speaking to a mechanic, different perspectives Isetta, different perspectives

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