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The BMW Christmas film featuring star cast: Christoph Waltz on the run from Christmas encounters Oliver Zipse and the BMW iX.

+++ BMW Group and Academy Award winner continue their successful cooperation +++ In the clip, Waltz tries to escape the Christmas kitsch and encounters the Chairman of the Board of the BMW Group +++ Supercar Blondie and Alexa Chung are along for the ride, too: Happy ending with a red BMW iX +++


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Munich. They did it again. After Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz played a central role in the world design premiere of the BMW iX at #NEXTGen 2020, he now stars in the new BMW Christmas film. In the film he encounters two old acquaintances: Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, and the BMW iX. They are supported by Alex Hirschi, known as Supercar Blondie, star designer Alexa Chung and Kai Langer, Head of Design BMW i who also appear in the clip.

Christoph Waltz's partnership with the BMW Group was initiated by Oliver Zipse. The company cooperates with avant-garde pioneers from ecology, social sciences, fashion, sports, music, film and other cultural disciplines. The goal is to create a deeper understanding of the needs, desires and trends of the future. Zipse invited the actor to enter into critical dialogue with designers, technology developers and strategy experts from the BMW Group. His openness, pragmatism and his slight impatience have given the BMW Group important impetus. Now this cooperation continues.

The result is a clip of cinematic quality, a cat-and-mouse game embedded in a wonderful Christmas film setting. It’s exciting and thrilling and there’s a fine sense of irony and comedy. The BMW Christmas film begins in Munich. It’s late afternoon at BMW headquarters, a classic BMW 3.0 CS approaches. The driver gets out and we see who it is: Christoph Waltz.

He is on his way to a meeting with Oliver Zipse and to the BMW iX, the BMW Group's new technology flagship that represents the future of the company: Fully electric, sustainable, featuring pioneering design and luxurious interior comfort. These things are important to Christoph Waltz. The actor is intensively involved with the ecological aspects of sustainable drive technology. He values premium quality, technological precision and attention to detail. He doesn't make much of Christmas.

On the run from Christmas

There is a mix-up at the reception. After Waltz has registered his meeting with Oliver Zipse, he is told he is invited to the BMW Christmas party. A staff member in a Christmas hat is to take him there. Waltz freezes. It is the prelude to an amusing escape in which Christoph Waltz is only concerned with one thing: To avoid everything that has to do with Christmas. Which doesn’t turn out to be so easy.

Christoph Waltz hopes for support from two celebrity guests

Waltz is making his way through BMW Welt, when he hears voices. Two more celebrity guests appear in the Christmas film: Kai Langer, Head of Design BMW i, and fashion designer Alexa Chung. The joy of seeing them quickly when he finds out that these two are also on their way to the BMW Christmas party.

While searching for a way out, the actor meets another familiar face. Alex Hirschi aka Supercar Blondie stands next to a concealed BMW model. She is just about to unveil the vehicle when Waltz bursts onto the set. Supercar Blondie complains loudly, but by then Waltz has already disappeared from the scene.

Christoph Waltz runs off, he rushes into another room thinking he is finally safe. He spins around - and finds himself standing in the middle of the BMW Christmas party. Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, approaches him, they clink glasses. The actor relaxes.

Happy ending with an Aventurine Red BMW iX

The BMW Christmas film wouldn't be a real Christmas film without a happy ending. How the story ends is revealed at the end of the clip. All we’ll give away is: It's also about an Aventurine Red BMW iX that leaves nothing to be desired. Especially at Christmas.


Watch the entire BMW Christmas film here.

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