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BMW i Vision Dee says hello to the future for the first time in Southeast Asia.

Public showcase of the BMW Group’s latest vision vehicle for a limited time in Singapore.

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Kimberley Ng
BMW Group

Singapore. BMW Asia is excited to showcase the BMW i Vision Dee, the BMW Group’s vision of the future digital experience and latest BMW Group vision vehicle, as part of BMW Joy Electrified at Suntec City Atrium (Convention Centre). From 27 to 30 July 2023, 10am-10pm daily, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the emotional capabilities of the BMW i Vision Dee, learn more about the company’s sustainability efforts, and test drive the latest range of BMW i vehicles.


"The future of the BMW Group is electric, circular and digital,” said Lars Nielsen, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia. “The electric future is clearly visible through our range of BMW i vehicles that have been launched, such as the BMW iX, i7 and iX3, and those that will be launched in the coming years. The BMW i Vision Circular, showcased in 2021, represents the BMW Group's project to become the most sustainable manufacturer for individual premium mobility.  


The BMW i Vision Dee, which we are thrilled to showcase for the first time in Southeast Asia, exemplifies the full potential of digitalisation that will transform the car into an intelligent companion. It demonstrates what is possible when hardware and software merge and is about the perfect integration of virtual and physical experiences.”


The ultimate companion.

Standing for “Digital Emotional Experience”, the BMW i Vision Dee is a futuristic mid-size sedan that aims to strengthen the bond between driver and car. Through the use of phygital icons, a personalised welcome scenario can be set combining graphics, light, and sound. The headlights and closed grille also allow the BMW i Vision Dee to produce different facial expressions. This means that the BMW i Vision Dee can talk to people and, at the same time, express moods such as joy, astonishment or approval visually. The BMW i Vision Dee can also project an image of the driver’s avatar onto the side window to further personalise the welcome scenario. The vision vehicle is touring the globe with Singapore as its fourth pitstop after previous showcases in Germany, the USA and China.


E Ink technology.

The body surface of the BMW i Vision Dee is divided into 240 E Ink segments, each of which is controlled individually. This allows an almost infinite variety of patterns to be generated and varied within seconds. The laser cutting process used to trim the films and the electronic control design were developed in partnership with E Ink. The adaptation of this technology for curved surfaces and the programming of the animations, were developed by BMW Group’s in-house engineers – enabling a form enabling a form of customisation that is unique throughout the automotive sector worldwide. The unit on display in Singapore does not come with a full-colour version of the E Ink technology but its closed BMW kidney grille can alternate its colour between black and white.


Advanced BMW Head-Up-Display.

Moving into the interior of the BMW i Vision Dee, the BMW Head-Up-Display is projected across the entire width of the windscreen, allowing information to be displayed on the largest possible surface – which only becomes recognisable as a display once it is activated. In this way, the BMW Group demonstrates the huge potential of projection technology and the BMW i Vision Dee visualises how an advanced Head-Up-Display could also be utilised in the future for the display and operating concept.


BMW Joy Electrified.

Flying in specially to share his insights into design of the BMW i Vision Dee is Matthias Junghanns, Director Automotive Design, BMW Designworks Shanghai. As the Head of BMW i Interior Design in his previous role, Matthias was part of the team who worked on developing the BMW i Vision Dee and he will be delivering presentations daily from 27 to 30 July at 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm – firsthand accounts not to be missed.


In addition, three Mediacorp artistes will make special guest appearances during the event:

  • 27 July, 12-2pm: Jean Danker
  • 29 July, 1-2pm: Gao MeiGui & Ravi G
  • 29 July, 1.30-2.30pm: Elvin Ng


Test drive the latest BMW i vehicles.

BMW i vehicles such as the BMW i4, BMW iX3, BMW iX and BMW i7 will be on display for visitors to experience outside the showroom and learn more about BMW’s efforts in sustainable mobility. Test drives for interested customers will be available on site.


Charge up your knowledge.

Visitors can also stand a chance to win a voucher to four participating cafes within Suntec City by participating in an interactive quiz on going electric with BMW in Singapore.


How the quiz works:

  1. Visitors will go up to the touch screens to begin their Electrified Journey.
  2. They will be greeted by a virtual Dee, who will prompt them to fill in their basic details.
  3. Visitors then participate in a 10-question quiz on BMW electric vehicles.
  4. After each question, they will be shown the percentage of correct/wrong answers.
  5. After the completion of all 10 questions, their scores will be emailed to them.
  6. They are now ready to explore the future with BMW and meet Dee in person!


For more information on BMW Joy Electrified, please visit:



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