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Munich/Los Angeles, CA - September 12, 2006... BMW today announced the introduction of the new BMW Hydrogen 7, the world's first hydrogen-drive luxury performance automobile for everyday use. The car - a vehicle that has undergone the regular Product Development Process - will be built in a limited series and deployed to selected users in the U.S. and other countries in 2007. It is equipped with an internal combustion engine capable of running either on hydrogen or on gasoline and based on the BMW 7 Series.

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Paloma Brunckhorst
BMW Group

Munich/Los Angeles, CA - September 12, 2006... BMW today announced the
introduction of the new BMW Hydrogen 7, the world's first hydrogen-drive luxury
performance automobile for everyday use. The car - a vehicle that has undergone
the regular Product Development Process - will be built in a limited series and
deployed to selected users in the U.S. and other countries in 2007. It is
equipped with an internal combustion engine capable of running either on
hydrogen or on gasoline and based on the BMW 7 Series.

Hydrogen technology dramatically reduces emissions generated by personal
transport and, in particular, minimizes the emission of CO2. Running in the
hydrogen mode, the BMW Hydrogen 7 essentially emits nothing but vapor. And,
unlike fossil fuels and traditional gasoline, hydrogen is available in
virtually infinite supply. With the BMW Hydrogen 7, the BMW Group is laying
down a marker for sustainable mobility. This car will play a pioneering role in
driving forward hydrogen technologies. BMW has gained an excellent reputation
for significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by using ultra
efficient, yet very dynamic gasoline engines. Together with clean performance
diesel cars and the technologically advanced hybrid systems currently under
development within the BMW EfficientDynamics project, the BMW Group has a clear
strategy for sustainable mobility with hydrogen as the ultimate solution.

With all the comforts and amenities of a non-hydrogen BMW 7 Series, the BMW
Hydrogen 7 is powered by a 260 hp twelve-cylinder engine and accelerates from
0-62.1 mph in 9.5 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to 143 mph. The
BMW Hydrogen 7 also features a dual-mode power unit - controlled at the touch
of a button - that can switch quickly and conveniently from hydrogen to
conventional premium gasoline.

The car's dual-mode drive provides an overall cruising range of more than 400
miles and enables the driver of a BMW Hydrogen 7 to enjoy virtually unlimited
mobility, even when far away from the nearest hydrogen filling station. This
technology is a viable solution until the hydrogen infrastructure is fully

BMW CleanEnergy: paving the way into the future.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 perfectly captures the essence of the BMW CleanEnergy
strategy. By using hydrogen produced from water and renewable energy, such as
wind, sun or hydropower, in an internal combustion engine, the car's emissions
are essentially nothing but vapor. And, with this emitted water vapor, the
cycle can start again and the dream of sustainable mobility without using
fossil fuel resources and without impacting the earth's climate can become a
reality. The complete change from a fossil fuel infrastructure to a hydrogen
economy will require decades, but with the Hydrogen 7, BMW shows that bringing
hydrogen technology to the road is indeed feasible.

BMW Hydrogen 7: Industrializing hydrogen technologies.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 has successfully completed the entire Product Development
Process (PDP) obligatory for all new BMWs. In this process, all components of
the new technology were integrated into the overall vehicle according to the
same challenging criteria applied to "regular" production cars. The BMW
Hydrogen 7 is not a hand made concept car, but rather, a milestone in
industrializing hydrogen technologies for automotive use.

The knowledge gained in the PDP has not only made a decisive contribution to
the everyday driving qualities of the BMW Hydrogen 7, but it will also
significantly impact the development and production of future hydrogen car
concepts, with the principle of dual-mode drive and the features of other
components now going through the strict test of everyday driving practice.

Dual-mode combustion engine for enhanced flexibility.

While cruising range is a significant consideration to consumers in any car,
BMW recognizes that it is of critical importance in a hydrogen-powered vehicle,
because there is not yet a full network of hydrogen filling stations in the
United States.

For precisely this reason, the BMW Hydrogen 7 features dual-mode drive
technology and a combustion engine capable of running on both hydrogen and
gasoline. The cruising range in the hydrogen mode is more than 125 miles, with
another 300 miles in the gasoline mode. Thus, the driver of a BMW Hydrogen 7
is able to use the vehicle without problem even when the nearest hydrogen
filling station is far away.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 clearly proves that liquid hydrogen may by all means be used
as a source of energy for the production car. By introducing the BMW
Hydrogen 7, the BMW Group establishes powerful momentum for the ongoing
development of a supply infrastructure serving above all to set up additional
hydrogen filling stations providing sustained mobility on a broad basis also in
the future.

Two tanks: Smooth transitions and maximum cruise range.

To offer the longest conceivable cruising range, the BMW Hydrogen 7 comes with
both a conventional 74-litre (16.3 Imp gal) gasoline tank and an additional
fuel tank taking up approximately 8 kilos or 17.6 lb of liquid hydrogen. Stored
in a high tech tank, liquid hydrogen offers significant advantages in energy
density enhancing the cruising range of the hydrogen car.

The driver is able to switch from hydrogen to gasoline mode manually by
pressing a button on the multifunction steering wheel. Because engine power and
torque remain exactly the same regardless of the mode of operation, switching
from one mode to another has no effect on the driving behavior and performance
of the BMW Hydrogen 7.

The control system in BMW Hydrogen 7 gives priority to the use of hydrogen.
And, should one of the two types of fuel be fully consumed, the system will
automatically switch over to the other type of fuel in the interest of secure,
ongoing supply.

Luxury class comfort for four.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is a four-seater with the two passengers at the rear
enjoying the same high standard of comfort in the world's first hydrogen car
developed for everyday use as in one of BMW's "regular" luxury performance

The BMW Hydrogen 7 comes with an unusually wide range of standard features. In
addition to the high level of equipment featured from the start in the BMW
760i, the BMW Hydrogen 7 comes inter alia with climate comfort composite
glazing, BMW's high-end automatic air conditioning, auxiliary heating, electric
seat heating for the driver, front passenger and rear seats, lumbar supports,
electric seat adjustment with memory function on the front seats, ISOFIX child
seat fastenings, Park Distance Control, a rain sensor, exterior and interior
mirrors with automatic anti-dazzle, Soft Close Automatic for the doors and a
headlight assistant. A complete entertainment and communication package adds to
the comfort a BMW 7 Series can provide.

Progress without compromises.

BMW Hydrogen 7 emphatically proves that changing over to an alternative form of
energy doesn't mean missing out on superior driving dynamics and comfort. The
departure from fossil fuel does not in any way mean giving up the dynamics and
performance typical of a BMW. Mobility of tomorrow and driving pleasure of
today are compatible, with the drive concept of BMW Hydrogen 7 being directly
transferable to future models. Driving a car of this caliber will be just as
thrilling in the future as it is today, but at the same time cleaner than ever

BMW Group: "Sustainability. It can be done."

Sustainable action and corporate success belong together. With this clear
commitment, the BMW Group has integrated sustainability as part of its
corporate strategy for many years and takes responsibility for its products
throughout their entire life cycle - from production to end-of-life recycling.
The BMW CleanEnergy strategy aims to create a sustainable future for individual
mobility independent of fossil fuels. With BMW EfficientDynamics, the company
enhances fuel economy with every new product while still offering the customer
the best in class performance.

With recycling-optimized product design and life cycle assessment, BMW reduces
the impact on the environment. The use of benchmark technologies in its clean
production program significantly reduces the consumption of water and energy
during the production process. There are many examples of the advantages of
adhering to BMW's mantra, "Sustainability. It can be done." The benefits are
enjoyed by not only the company and its associates, but also the environment
and, most importantly, the customer. To learn more about BMW Group and
sustainability, please visit

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