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Four exclusive new designs for the BMW M4 GT4.

BMW M Motorsport is giving the popular GT4 model a very special appearance for its fourth limited edition season.

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Munich. Four wins: BMW M is sending the successful BMW M4 GT4 motorsport model into its fourth racing season with four exclusive new designs and is offering the four spectacular winning designs from an international design competition in limited editions to interested teams as well as BMW M fans and automobile enthusiasts. Since 2018, the BMW M4 GT4 has been successfully competing in numerous racing series around the world. In addition to performance, the BMW teams also value the rational characteristics in the areas that are important for this segment, such as mileage, cost efficiency and ease of maintenance. The BMW M4 GT4 can be used in sprint formats as well as with an Endurance package in endurance races and can be easily adapted to power levels relevant in terms of Balance of Performance using "Powersticks". The price of the BMW M4 GT4 with one of the four exclusive designs is 174,000 euros net in Germany. The limited edition is distributed by BMW M Motorsport dealers and BMW M Motorsport.

30 designers took part in the worldwide creative competition. The four-member jury consisting of Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design, Markus Flasch, CEO BMW M GmbH, and the then BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt selected four spectacular designs from these. "The quality of all the designs received was impressive and underlines the creativity of the participants, as well as their passion for motorsport. All four selected designs emphasise the highly dynamic character of the BMW M4 GT4. However, they were particularly convincing thanks to the perfect interplay of BMW Motorsport history, classic BMW M icons and the interpretation of the number four," was the jury's conclusion.

The designs by Julia Quentin from Munich (GER), Simon Haynes from Goodwood (GBR), Wesselka Mandowa-Maier from Los Angeles (USA) and Mayee Futterman from Los Angeles (USA) will be awarded by the jury and implemented as high-quality foiling on the BMW M4 GT4.

The four winning designs:

Fractal Duality
Julia Quentin, Munich
In her "Fractal Duality" design, the colour and material designer relies primarily on large-scale geometric shapes and a prominent inclusion of the number "04": "In my designs, I always think about how graphics and patterns can highlight the sculptural geometry of an object. Adding details and colours can completely change and emotionalise a design. I love to create disruptive designs that convey a strong visual message. That's why I designed a geometric pattern with clean-cut squares and large typography for the BMW M4 GT4. The eye has to understand the pattern first before it sees the shape of the vehicle on the second look."

Vivid Momentum
Simon Haynes, Goodwood
The designer, who otherwise works in the coachbuild sector, has revived a legendary paint scheme for BMW racing cars from the 1980s and reinterpreted it as "Vivid Momentum": "This task was something very different from my normal job, but I was able to bring my passion for motorsport to it. My design pays homage to one of BMW's most striking racing designs, which stood out from the other designs of its time. The concentric rings play with the original disc motif and radiate from the front wheel to the rear. The car has a half-tone colour structure that transitions from a solid black to an intense metallic red from front to rear. This reinforces the feeling of speed and gives the vehicle a forward stance."

The Power of Four
Wesselka Mandowa-Maier, Los Angeles
The designer, who was born in Bulgaria and now works in California, was inspired by the classic BMW M colours of light blue, dark blue and red, which stand for power and dynamic performance, for her design "The Power of Four": "I gave my design the name 'The Power of Four'. I was inspired by the numbers in the name of the BMW M4 GT4, which also stands for an unimaginable power that the engine transfers to the race track - connected only by the four wheels. To support this idea in the design, all four views of the vehicle are abstractly divided by four. The classic BMW M colours are vibrant and powerful and add extra energy to the vehicle."

Fluid Power
Mayee Futterman, Los Angeles
In her design "Fluid Power", the artist from California plays with the art of Chinese brush painting, its essence being the dynamic interplay of contrasting elements in harmony: "According to this, water is soft and strong at the same time. The three basic colours of the design were chosen for their meanings: Black represents heaven, the king of colours, spirit and substance. White is metal, movement, energy, bright, loud. Red is fire, joy, happiness, passion, vitality. The two goldfish swimming in a circle are lucky charms for prosperity and success. According to Chinese legend, a fish that can swim upstream and jump over the waterfall to the dragon gate becomes a dragon. In the same way, a racing car is an automobile reborn as a dragon."

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