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Confident and inspiring: MINI celebrates the successes of strong women with the Pat Moss Edition.

In 1962, the British brand achieved its first international rally victory, thanks to the talent and passion of a modern-day heroine of racing: Pat Moss. The new MINI Pat Moss Edition for the MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door is a tribute to a pioneer, MINI's sporting history and true team spirit. And strong women play a key role in shaping the success of the MINI brand today as well - these are their stories.


Munich. On International Women's Day 2022, MINI remembers a legendary female racing driver. Pat Moss made motorsport history in 1962, scoring the first international rally victory for the British brand on the prestigious Noordwijk - Monte Carlo - Noordwijk route, better known as the "International Tulip Rally". Her victory not only kicked off the Classic MINI's unique success story in rallying, but also caused a sensation in male-dominated racing. "Mossie" and "Wizz", as Pat Moss and her co-pilot Ann Wisdom were called in the racing scene, managed to create facts that nobody could ignore. At a time when gender roles were predetermined, these two women unceremoniously defined them themselves. 60 years later, society has taken some decisive steps forward. And more than ever, strong women at MINI are shaping the success and image of the British premium brand.

Stefanie Wurst has been in charge of the MINI brand since February 2022. With her experience in holistic business management and her intercultural background, she is determined to electrify the British premium brand and strengthen the issue of sustainability. "It is the very idea of MINI to make economical use of resources and available space. The small ecological footprint is already in MINI's genes, so to speak. When it comes to sustainability, our customers need to know what we are doing and why, so that they can make a conscious decision," says Stefanie Wurst about her approach. For her, sustainable corporate governance also includes values such as diversity, tolerance and openness. "It's not about favouring certain groups, it's about building a modern team that reflects and understands the changing global communities well. A modern brand must be meaningful, positive and constantly evolving."  

Jennifer Treiber-Ruckenbrod is accompanying this realignment as Head of Communications for MINI and BMW Motorrad. For her, diversity and equal opportunities are part of MINI's recipe for success: "We clearly see diversity as a strength - both within and outside our organisation - the appropriate makeup of our teams in all areas is a key factor in the creativity, innovation and ultimately success of the MINI brand."

With her talent, courage and passion, Pat Moss in the Classic MINI left the male competition behind her - and many an established role model along as well. Now a special edition bears the name of the rally driver who died in 2008. The Pat Moss Edition for the MINI Cooper S 3-door (combined fuel consumption: 6.6 – 6.2 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 151 – 140 g/km according to WLTP) and the MINI John Cooper Works (combined fuel consumption: 7.1 – 6.8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 162 – 156 g/km WLTP) and the MINI Cooper S 5-door (combined fuel consumption: 6.8 – 6.2 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 154 - 141 g/km according to WLTP) will arrive at dealers in May 2022 - exactly 60 years after its triumph in the Netherlands. 

Its design reflects both the brand's racing tradition and the personal history of Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom, and also integrates MINI product innovations such as the Multitone Roof. "When there is already a strong story, as with the Pat Moss Edition, it is a pleasure to define the details, combine the elements that underline this story, choose the right colour combination and decide where to place the design features," says Morgane Bavagnoli, the MINI designer responsible.  

Her own story at MINI began in 2010 with an internship in Munich, which she was thrilled with right from the start and which was to shape her career. Almost 10 years later and after working at Designworks and BMW, Morgane Bavagnoli returned to the MINI design team. Among other things, she was responsible for the colour concept of the MINI Electric Pacesetter. Most recently, for example, she also developed the design of the décor and interior surfaces for the MINI Countryman in the "Untamed Edition". Her heart beats for surprising details that even MINI fans may only notice at second glance. For example, the main symbol of the MINI Pat Moss Edition - the graphic of a tulip, which can be seen discreetly but unmistakably in many places. It is these special details with which designers like Morgane emphasise the individual character of a MINI and contribute to the success of the brand. "Being a designer at MINI is something special. The opportunity to get involved in completely different projects and work at different levels - from pre-development and research to concept cars and series implementation - is always refreshing," says Morgane Bavagnoli about her personal drive.

Telling stories like Pat Moss's is also Lina Fischer's passion. In the MINI Editorial Office, she works on editorial marketing and the MINI Insider magazine. She has been part of MINI since 2010. The editorial production around the Pat Moss Edition focused on female empowerment in several respects. A female photographer, an editor and two female drivers for the action scenes on the road worked together for the shoot and staged the edition, which was largely designed by women. "I am proud to have worked on this project together in a team with such strong and inspiring women," says Lina Fischer.

Verena Markart, Product Manager at MINI, also appreciates this kind of inspiration in her work. For her, the MINI community in particular is always a key driver in her work.  "Unconventional, versatile, creative and self-determined personalities, for whom community and new experiences are important, motivate me every day" For her, the rally victory commemorated by the Pat Moss Edition is linked to the attitude that still applies to MINI today: “Born to compete”. The motto rounds off the Quick Facts about the legendary Tulip Rally, which are listed below the side scuttles on the front side walls: from the route Noordwijk - Monte Carlo - Noordwijk, to the distance of 2,500 kilometres and the vehicle, the Mini Cooper, to its starting number 104.

"MINI stands for thinking things differently, and that's what I love about our brand," says Yvonne Schrader, who heads up brand management, communications management and artwork at MINI. "I associate Pat Moss' success above all with the motto "Only MINI can do", turning dreams into action. Mossie" and "Wizz" already had this mindset. They dared to do the extraordinary instead of just talking about it."

With British understatement, co-driver Ann Wisdom later recalled the success in the Classic MINI: "We didn't see ourselves as pioneers back then, we simply drove a rally." The MINI team firmly believes that diversity is a strength. A team of players with different backgrounds and personalities is crucial - friction is where new ideas, solutions, products and services for the MINI brand are continuously created.


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