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E-mail: presse@bmwgroup.com

BMW Group
Office address:
Petuelring 130
D-80809 Munich
Postal address:
D-80788 Munich

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Corporate Communications and Politics
Maximilian Schoeberl

Corporate Communications
Bill McAndrews

Business and Finance Communications
Nikolai Glies

Sales Germany
Birgit Hiller

Purchasing, Suppliers, Logistics, IT
Frank Wienstroth

Human Resources
Jochen Frey

Global Sales
Emma Begley

Economics, Finance, Accounting, Tax
Mathias Schmidt

Marketing, BMW Welt
Daria Gotto-Nikitina

Financial Services, Projects, Co-operations
Micaela Sandstede

MINI, Motorcycles, Rolls-Royce, Aftersales
Almut Stollberg

Kai Zoebelein

Milena Pighi

Cultural Communications, Art Cars
Dr. Thomas Girst

Investor Relations
Torsten Schuessler

Product, Technology and Sport Communications
Dirk Arnold

Product- and Lifestyle Communications BMW
Ralph Huber

Product Communications BMW
BMW 1 Series, EfficientDynamics, Awards
Kai Lichte

BMW 3 and BMW 4 Series, Engine Sound, Engine Exhibitsn and Engine Artwork
Simon Schmid

BMW 5 Series, Safety, Product Quality, Car Body
Bernhard Santer

BMW 6 and BMW 7 Series, Special Vehicles
Suzana Kolundzic

BMW X models, BMW Z4, Acoustics, Accessory, 4-wheel
Christophe Koenig

BMW M Automobiles, M Performance Automobiles, BMW Individual, M Driving Dynamics,
Chassis Control Systems, Security Vehicles
Benjamin Titz

Future Concepts Compact Class, Light, Ergonomics, Display, Control Concepts
Michaela Wiese

Lifestyle- and Design Communications BMW Group
BMW Group Design, Concept Cars, Design Cooperations
Susanne Giuliani

BMW Lifestyle- and Design Communications
Sophie Seidenath

BMW Group DesignworksUSA, BMW Lifestyle Collection
Karin Elvers

MINI Design, MINI Lifestyle Collection
Nadja Horn

Product- and Lifestyle Communications MINI, BMW Motorrad
Markus Sagemann

Communications MINI
Andreas Lampka

Dominik Schaidnagel

Sarah Heaney

Communications BMW Motorrad
Rudolf-Andreas Probst

BMW Motorrad
Liane Drews

BMW Motorrad
Renate Heim

BMW Motorrad
Benjamin Voss

Communications Production Network
Andreas Klugescheid

Production Network
Saskia Essbauer

Communications Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Ruth Hucklenbroich

Frank Tiemann

Technology Communications
Cypselus von Frankenberg

Silke Brigl

Efficient Dynamics
Manfred Poschenrieder

BMW Group Classic and BMW Group Driving Experience
Stefan Behr

BMW i, Mobility Concepts, Electromobility
Wieland Bruch

Katharina Singer

BMW i Mobility Services and Project i
Verena Stewens

Sport Communications
Joerg Kottmeier

Sports Communication BMW Motorsport
Ingo Lehbrink

Sports Communication BMW Motorrad Motorsport
Danilo Coglianese

Sports Communication BMW Golfsport, Yachting, Bob
Nicole Stempinsky

Sports Communication BMW Wintersport, Running
David Biebricher

Sports Communication BMW Motorsport
Daniela Maier

Sports Communication
Patricia Frankovic

Sports Communication
Matthias Bode

Test and Technology
Ulrich Pfundmeier

Test Coordination
Annette Klar

Test Coordination
Angela Knorr

Electronic Media
Markus Appelhans

Christina Hepe

Michaela Martinus

Verena Wilbert

Katrin Knoeferl

Andrea Schwab

Henrik Otte

Marc Thiesbuerger

Corporate Offices
Management: Dr. Thomas Becker

Representation Berlin
Management: Nicola Bruening

Representation Brussels
Management: Andreas Sauer

Representation Washington
Management: Craig Helsing

Corporate Office Beijing
Management: Lu Yi

Corporate Office UK
Management: Jason Reakes

BMW Group PressClub
Dominic Stoiber

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