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BMW Engineered Mobile Security. Armoured Vehicle Solutions.

  • 31.08.2005
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Munich. The BMW 5 Series has proved to be a class-leading saloon and things
have been taken to higher level with the introduction of a very special
variant, the BMW 5 Series Security (ballistic protection level B4).

The BMW 5 Series Security successfully rounded off BMW's existing range of
Security vehicles consisting of the BMW 760Li / 745Li High Security and the BMW
X5 Security. Both BMW 7 Series models are High Security vehicles complying with
the requirements of the ballistic protection level B6//B7. The BMW X5 Security
and the new BMW 5 Series Security meet the requirements of the ballistic
protection level B4.

With the BMW X5 Security, BMW successfully brought to market the first armoured
SAV that has attracted many customers owing to its superior on- and off-road
capabilities. With the launch of the 5 Series Security, BMW is now offering an
armoured saloon in the premium segment of the upper midrange. Boasting sporting
performance and motoring comfort combined with exclusive equipment options and
state-of-the-art security technology, this Security vehicle caters for the
needs of the most discerning customers worldwide.

Two engine variants available.

In building Security and High Security vehicles, BMW's engineers give
particular significance not only to ballistic security, but also to the
vehicles' dynamic qualities and performance, which must be more or less of the
same standard as with the production models.

This is why the BMW 5 Series will be available with a choice of two engine
variants: an eight-cylinder engine developing a maximum output of 270 kW/367
bhp (BMW 550i) and a six-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 190 kW/258
bhp (BMW 530i).

The BMW 5 Series Security is BMW's answer to growing violence and criminal
threats involving carjacking and kidnapping in Latin and South America, parts
of South-East Asia and the Middle East, as well as some states of the former
Soviet Union. This kind of crime committed on the road and often out of pure
coincidence is not a direct attempt at the occupants' life. Rather, the
perpetrators seek to steal valuables inside the vehicle or, indeed, the entire

The 5 Series Security complies with protection level B4.

Precisely this is why the 5 Series Security is protected against .44 Magnum
revolver ammunition and other hand-held weapons in accordance with the
requirements of the ballistic protection level B4. BMW Security vehicles of
this kind are used by multinational companies and organisations as well as by
private individuals.

High-performance fibre composites (aramid, polyethylene) and special-purpose
steel is used for armouring the chassis.
Glass with a thickness of approximately 21 millimetres is used for the windows.
The armoured glass has been provided with a polycarbonate layer that offers
passengers additional protection from splinters.

The BMW 5 Series Security is manufactured alongside the series model at BMW's
Dingolfing plant. While on the production line it is prepared for armouring
before being shipped to a specialist facility in Toluca, Mexico, where the
vehicles (including the BMW X5 Security) complete the final assembly stage.
Forming a distinct contrast to production cars retrofitted with security
features, the special features especially on BMW's Security cars are integrated
into the car right from the beginning in a process parallel to the industrial
standard production.

Moreover, top priority is given not only to security in BMW Security cars, but
also to optimally tailoring and adjusting the vehicle to the increased weight.
This is achieved by extensive modifications of the suspension, braking system
and rear axle.

The high level of security specification does not inhibit the interior design
or ergonomics though and occupants can still experience the same generous
dimensions and freedom of movement inside the passenger compartment. The choice
of special options for the Security vehicle is almost on par with the range of
options available for its production counterpart. Furthermore, even BMW
Individual packages could be integrated in the car, in order to provide
customers with the combination of state-of-the-art security and highest
exclusivity. Individual equipment options for authorities (e.g. siren and radio
systems as well as LED flashing lights incorporated into the radiator grille)
can also be integrated if desired.

The 5 Series Security hardly differs at first sight from its regular production

Another important argument also speaks in favour of security made by BMW: All
of BMW's Security and High Security vehicles are built to international
standards and are certified by non-partisan, official tests institutes such as
the German ballistic authority.

It goes without saying that the 5 Series Security, like all of BMW's Security
and High Security vehicles, comes with nearly all the passive safety attributes
of the regular production models. Through its design features and safety items,
this is one of the safest vehicles in the world also in the event of an

From outside the BMW 5 Series Security hardly differs from its regular
production counterpart. And this is important, since many customers
understandably attach great significance to discretion and anonymity. A further
equally obvious point is absolute discretion on the groups of customers buying
such vehicles as well as comprehensive service provided the world over.

This includes BMW's own pool of High Security and Security vehicles able to
supply the customer with a suitable car whenever necessary at short notice and
nearly everywhere the world over.

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