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Winter motorcycle maintenance: the ideal winter break with products from BMW Motorrad.

From battery charger to workstand, you are well prepared for storing your bike in winter with the BMW Motorrad accessories.

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Munich, 04 November 2020. When the days get shorter and the weather worse, our motorbikes move into the garage. As wetness, cold and traces of the last season can affect the motorbike during the winter period, it is advisable to make a few arrangements for storage. BMW Motorrad offers suitable products to put your bike to bed during winter season.   

Battery charger Plus  

In addition to charging conventional lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free rechargeable batteries (gel/AGM), the high-quality BMW Motorrad battery charger Plus also allows for fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled charging and maintenance of all Original BMW Motorrad lithium-ion starter batteries with 12 V and a capacity of 6 to 60 Ah.

Motorcycle mat

An exclusive place for the bike: the motorcycle mat not only impresses with its attractive design, it also reliably protects the floor from dirt, oil and petrol stains. A further advantage is the anti-slip and fire-retardant material composition. The practical underlay measures a compact 250 x 105 cm.

Vehicle cover

Reliable weather protection: the vehicle cover for outdoor use reliably protects the motorcycle against moisture, dirt and other environmental influences when left outside. The high-quality nylon cover is waterproof; it features ventilation openings and a large viewing window for the number plate. Drawstrings guarantee optimal securing of the cover on the motorcycle; the two metal eyelets in the front section can be used for theft protection. Another functional feature is the integrated bag, in which the cover can be stored when not in use. The black cover has a large silver BMW Motorrad inscription and is suitable for many BMW motorcycles.

Compact foot pump

Whether motorcycle, car, bicycle, football or air mattress – the BMW Motorrad compact foot pump with its multifunctional pump head fits all valves and pumps all tyres and sports equipment extremely accurately thanks to the digital pressure gauge. With its integrated high-pressure stage for up to 12 bar it is also suitable for adjusting the air pressure in motorcycle and bicycle air suspension elements. The foot pump made of high-quality aluminium is just 17 cm when folded in. Once folded out, however, it does a great job and its versatility makes it the perfect choice for a wide variety of tasks. It can display four different measuring ranges (bar, psi, kPa, kg/cm²),  has a particularly long hose of 100 cm and a special high volume mode for fast filling of large volumes. With this pump in the scooter luggage there will hardly be anything that cannot be inflated.

Workstand, rear

The rear wheel can be easily jacked up using the workstand. The stand ensures a safe standing position during maintenance work and during the winter break. It is extremely stable and has a higher material thickness than conventional workstands. The double castors facilitate jacking up and are particularly durable.

Sport workstand, front

The motorcycle’s front wheel can be easily jacked up using the Sport workstand. The stand is placed under the axle clamp foot of the front forks and, thanks to adjustable fixing points, offers a safe and optimum standing position for all maintenance work and during the winter break. It is extremely stable and has a higher material thickness than conventional auxiliary stands. The double castors facilitate jacking up and are particularly durable. The front workstand may only be used in combination with the rear workstand.

Sport workstand, rear

The motorcycle’s rear wheel can be easily jacked up using the Sport auxiliary stand. The stand is placed under the additionally available assembly stand mountings and, thanks to adjustable fixing points, offers a safe and optimum standing position for all maintenance work and during the winter break. It is extremely stable and has a higher material thickness than conventional auxiliary stands. The double castors facilitate jacking up and are particularly durable.

Clean & Polish Set

The BMW Motorrad Clean & Polish Set contains the most important care products: motorcycle cleaner, rim cleaner, high–gloss polish and visor and helmet cleaner. In addition to the price advantage compared to individual prices, a microfibre cloth and a flyer with tips and tricks about proper cleaning and care for your BMW are included.

ADVANTEC Protect Original BMW Fuel Additive

Maximum part and component protection both in the own garage and in distant countries: the ADVANTEC Protect Original BMW Fuel Additive protects the fuel from ageing and prevents corrosion in the combustion chamber and on all parts carrying fuel. The innovative formula ensures that petrol can be stored in tanks for longer periods of time without the fuel oxidising and thus attacking the surfaces of parts carrying fuel. This risk exists in particular when fuels with a high ethanol content are used. In addition, operation with inferior fuels can be problematic as they can lead to deposits and consequently impair engine output. Here, too, the additive is the first choice because its cleaning effect efficiently removes such deposits and prevents them from forming again. The ADVANTEC Protect Original BMW Fuel Additive can be used as an immediate or preventive measure.

Original BMW ADVANTEC Pro engine oil 15W-50, 500ml and
Original BMW ADVANTEC Ultimate Engine Oil 5W-40, 500 ml

The BMW Motorrad ADVANTEC Pro engine oil with a viscosity of 15W-50 and the ADVANTEC Ultimate engine oil with a viscosity of 5W-40 have been exclusively developed for BMW, tested by BMW and perfectly tailored to BMW Motorrad's high-performance engines. Like all ADVANTEC oils, both oils meet the highest standards for lubricants. The improved viscosity properties ensure that the engine is lubricated more rapidly, the cold starting preformance is better and constant power output is maintained – even at extreme temperatures. This is how the potential of BMW engines can be exploited to the full. In order to improve the cleaning capacity and provide optimum engine protection, an innovative active cleaning technology has also been developed that keeps the engine virtually factory-clean. The improved corrosion and wear protection ultimately extends the service life of the engine. Particularly practical for on the go: both original BMW engine oils come in a handy 0.5 litre bottle with a pourer.

In case of queries, please contact:

Dominik Schaidnagel, BMW Motorrad Communications

Telephone: +49 89 382 50181, E-Mail:

Tim Diehl-Thiele, Head of Communications BMW Motorrad

Telephone: +49 89 382 57505, E-Mail:

Jennifer Treiber-Ruckenbrod, Head of Communications MINI and BMW Motorrad

Telephone: +49 89 382 35108, E-Mail:



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