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ConnectedDrive: The virtual co-driver with a seventh sense.

ConnectedDrive is a concept destined to give the motorist an even more 'intelligent' and individual vehicle in future and offering even more safety and motoring comfort. This new intelligence is created by interconnecting the 'nervous systems' of the car with one another and with the world outside. ConnectedDrive: The virtual co-driver with a seventh sense.

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BMW ConnectedDrive

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1. ConnectedDrive: The virtual co-driver with a seventh sense. 2. The early days of ConnectedDrive: navigation using signals for the ABS brake system. 3. BMW Assist: Future-oriented ConnectedDrive service already available today. 4. BMW Online: Entering destinations from the internet at the touch of a button. 5, Pooling comfort and service benefits from the Web. 6. Floating Car Data: cars exchanging data in a fully automatic process. 7. The XFCD ConnectedDrive project: BMW Group developing enhanced data acquisition functions. 8. ConnectedDrive ALC project: intelligent light for extra safety. 9. Already standard in the USA: BMW Brake Force Display. 10. ConnectedDrive pixel headlight project: Light graphics pointing the way. 11. ConnectedDrive Bluetooth project: Wireless communication within and around the car. 12. ConnectedDrive electronic rear-view mirror project: Enhanced safety when overtaking and turning. 13. ConnectedDrive Heading Control project: An efficient assistant for changing lanes with extra safety. 14. Conveying knowledge even more efficiently: ConnectedDrive takes new approaches in transmitting information. 15. Unique: The Control Centre providing feedback the driver can see and feel. 16. ConnectedDrive active steering wheel and active gas pedal: Greater safety and comfort you can really feel. 17. ConnectedDrive SAM project: Intelligent drive management for lower consumption and emissions. 18. Compiling more knowledge: ConnectedDrive with new sensors and services. 19. The fundamental principle of ConnectedDrive: The focus remains on the driver. 20. Practical tests with a ConnectedDrive BMW X5. 21. ConnectedDrive combines the strengths of the driver and automotive technology.

ConnectedDrive: The virtual co-driver with a seventh sense.

The BMW Group is developing the seventh sense for the automobile:
ConnectedDrive is a concept destined to give the motorist an even more
'intelligent' and individual vehicle in future, offering even more safety and
motoring comfort. This new intelligence is created by interconnecting the
'nervous systems' of the car with one another and with the world outside, in
this process creating new skills and abilities. Two examples of this new
intelligence already tested in a research car are, first, the process of making
stop-and-go traffic easier and smoother through ConnectedDrive, with the driver
able to delegate the job of constantly applying the brakes to his car, and,
second, the ability to make unpredictable country roads safer particularly at
night, with the active gas pedal 'telling' the driver to slow down by building
up increasing counter-pressure in front of tight bends.

These examples show that ConnectedDrive is not just some kind of new system,
but rather an overrriding, all-round and truly convincing concept. It
interconnects and supplements formerly separate modules in the areas of
telematics, online services and driver assistance systems, intervening by
providing the necessary support and giving the driver specific, on-demand
information. You might therefore say that ConnectedDrive is a kind of virtual
co-driver giving the driver the right information rightly processed at the
right time. And this immediately reveals another, decisive advantage of this
special concept developed by the BMW Group: The driver does not necessarily
receive more information, but rather better information - ConnectedDrive makes
life easier, not more difficult, for the driver.

Introducing ConnectedDrive, BMW is making a significant, far-reaching
contribution to the improvement of mobility. The concept offers everything
required to interconnect the needs of the environment, the optimisation of
transport as a whole, the maximisation of safety on the road, and that sheer
driving pleasure so typical of BMW. The latest module introduced within the
concept of ConnectedDrive is a wonderful example of this far-reaching
improvement: BMW Online incorporating an internet-based parking information
service guides the driver to a car park where space is still available. This
eliminates the usual, tedious process of looking for parking space, at the same
time making life easier for the driver, helping to improve traffic conditions,
and preserving the environment. ConnectedDrive also supplements the dynamic
navigation process by enabling the driver to avoid traffic congestion, with the
navigation system, traffic information services and the BMW Assist telematics
service all interacting for this pu

rpose in order to provide a wide range of benefits.

"We wish to bring the driver out of his isolation, giving him access to all the
information he finds important or desirable", states Dr Burkhard Göschel, BMW
Group Board Member for Development and Purchasing: "ConnectedDrive bringing all
the necessary systems and features together is the key to reaching this goal."

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