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Kevin and Julia Sanders break second Guinness world record

The Sanders' have broken another Guinness world record. They have just completed a 16,974-mile trip riding a BMW motorcycle two-up from North to South America in just 35 days - beating the existing record by an impressive 12 and-a-half days.

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Barbara Brailey
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The Sanders' have broken another Guinness world record. They have just
completed a 16,974-mile trip riding a BMW motorcycle two-up from North to South
America in just 35 days - beating the existing record by an impressive 12
and-a-half days.

Kevin and Julia started their journey of endurance from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska
on 18 August, riding a BMW R1150 GS Adventure on some of the most challenging
terrain imaginable and encountering difficult situations along the way. They
made time to visit their chosen charity SOS Villages at the halfway point in
Panama and continued to their final destination of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego
arriving at 12:30pm on 22 September.

During the 35 days the couple rode up to 1,000 miles a day and endured almost
every type of weather condition. Each day the Guinness "clock" was ticking and
almost everything seemed to be against them. They had to resort to bribery at
various border crossings and sometimes rode with little sleep or food. Kevin
fell ill in the final days of the journey, but there was no way the couple were
prepared to stop. They were determined to break the world record.

"Julia was worried about travelling through Columbia," said Kevin. "The area
has a real problem with bandits who are renowned for kidnapping foreigners.
Luckily we had friends local to the area. They escorted us around the 'safe'
roads and suggested that we only ride during daylight. They guided us to
safety, up and down tight and twisty mountain roads. It was quite scary as they
were riding really fast and unlike us, they didn't have a passenger or any

"When we reached Equador we found out that there was a truck strike," Kevin
explained. "In each town and village there were up to 20 trucks blocking the
roads. Luckily the locals were friendly and they helped us get the bike
through. At one point we had a whole group of people manoeuvring the bike
through the tightest of gaps.

"Towards the end, the journey became arduous. We got into a routine where we
had to meet difficult targets each day. We rode all day, completely focussed
and arrived at our destinations. Sometimes it was really difficult to
concentrate. When we rode south towards Chile, the road through the desert
seemed to go on forever. It was about 1,600 miles and the scenery stayed the
same the whole time... sand, sand and more sand. We were tired and it was
hypnotic - and that's when the mind games start.

"When we finally reached Ushuaia [the final destination] we were left in the
middle of a bustling street. It was a numb feeling. People were walking past
and staring at the bike. There was no big ceremony, but our job was done. The
three of us [Kevin, Julia and the bike] had done it. We'd broken another world

Last year the couple broke the Guinness world record for the "Fastest
Circumnavigation the World by Motorcycle" riding two-up on a BMW R1150 GS. They
covered 19,461 miles, averaging 1,000 miles a day and visited 12 countries and
four continents in just 19 days and eight-and-a-half-hours.

Kevin and Julia Sanders will return to the UK on Sunday 2 November. They will
arrive at Dover between 10am and midday. Their BMW sponsoring dealership,
Balderston Motorcycles will hold a "welcome home" party in the afternoon of 2
November. Call Robin Homewood on 01733 565 470 for more information.

About SOS villages:
World War II left countless orphaned and homeless children in its wake. Hermann
Gmeiner, a young medical student, was determined to find an alternative to the
inadequate care they were receiving. He founded the first SOS Children's
Village in 1949 in the Austrian town of Imst.

The idea proved to be a great success. Today there are 377 SOS Children's
Villages in 122 countries right across the world, providing stable homes and
families for 40,000 children. In ever SOS Children's Village, each child has
the emotional security of a mother, brothers and sisters, a home and a
community for as long as they need them.


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