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BMW Group Asia study reveals 46% of Singaporean drivers are ready to go electric.

Concerns remain around cost, maintenance, and charging.


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Singapore. A new survey conducted by BMW Group Asia has revealed that 46 per cent of Singaporean drivers are looking to purchase an electrified vehicle as their next car, with an almost even split between a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV - 24%) or a fully electric vehicle (EV - 22%). This finding aligns with the overall desire by the majority of respondents to live in a more environmentally conscious world[1]. Set to power this shift is support from car brands as Singaporean drivers look to adapt to life with an EV.

The online survey polled 1,000 Singaporeans[2], with respondents featuring at least 700 driver’s license holders specifically, to further understand familiarity and preference regarding electrified vehicles among Singaporean drivers and car owners.

Topics explored included attitudes toward the impact of EVs on the environment, as well as factors that would motivate them to purchase an EV.


Singaporean drivers see the benefits of owning an EV.

Singaporeans on average purchase a new car every three to five years, with three in four Singaporean drivers indicating a level of familiarity with EVs.

Despite the high levels of familiarity, misconceptions still existed among respondents, with the most common being a belief that EVs are difficult to charge (41%), and are lacking in range, travelling up to 100km before needing to recharge (41%).

Even with lingering concerns, the same group recognised the benefits associated with owning an EV. For 87 per cent of respondents, a key benefit was the reduction in carbon emissions, tying back to the overall desire of Singaporean drivers to go greener. Other benefits highlighted were the growing number of government incentives (65%) and cost savings from using electricity instead of petrol (59%).

“It is encouraging to see the growing appetite for electrified vehicles, and that Singaporean drivers understand the benefits of owning an EV,” said Ms Preeti Gupta, Corporate Affairs Director & Sustainability Lead, BMW Group Asia. “With a 27% increase in EVs purchased in 1H 2021 compared to all of 2020, it is clear Singaporean drivers are ready to integrate electrified vehicles into their daily lives. However, based on our research, we still have work to do when it comes to educating consumers on charging and range.”


Post-purchase support strong motivators for EV purchase.

Post-purchase support for a longer warranty period of up to 10 years (64%) and good aftersales service (58%) were ranked third and fourth respectively as top motivators to go electric by respondents.

“With more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offering competitive electrified vehicles, confidence in aftersales service may be the tipping point to winning customers over,” said Mr Fernando Ferrer, Director of Customer Support, BMW Group Asia. “As one of the first OEMs to offer a fully electric vehicle in Singapore in 2014, we are primed and ready to provide specially trained service technicians, diagnostic equipment, and a reliable spare parts supply chain to give our customers peace of mind when driving their EV.”

At the same time however, performance (55%), vehicle build quality (43%), and technological features (42%) were potential areas of consideration for car buyers. 30 per cent of respondents also stated that brand loyalty remained a deciding factor.


Government incentives and infrastructure to drive EV uptake.

Singaporean drivers remain pragmatic when it comes to making decisions around car purchases. When asked about motivators that would drive them to make the switch to an EV, government incentives and access to public charging facilities were cited as the most important (72%), with access to charging at home following closely at 70 per cent.

“Government support in the form of EV-specific initiatives and grants, coupled with the growing infrastructure of charging stations, makes it a very exciting time for us as a market-leader in the EV space,” shares Mr Steve Chan, Head of Government & External Affairs, Southeast Asia (ASEAN), BMW Group Asia. “As the manufacturer with the highest number of electrified vehicle offerings in Singapore, we are committed to continue delivering the quality in products and service associated with the BMW and MINI brands. Our customers can also count on innovative technologies and our support through every step of their ownership journey.”


EV usage in Singapore.

A third of these drivers shared that the main reason for them to drive was to run daily errands (62%), commute to and from work (40%), and to go around on weekends (33%). Three in four also indicated that they would turn to EVs when seeking a car to rent, with most looking either for a single ad-hoc trip, or for a few weeks.

“Today’s electric vehicles have more than enough range to support daily driving needs,” said Ms Gupta. “The average Singaporean drivers commutes 55km/day, and many electric vehicles allow them to drive anywhere from four to eight days without requiring a recharge.”



[1] BMW Group Asia survey on Electric Vehicles.

[2] The survey conducted was focused on understanding the current sentiment of Singaporean drivers toward electric and electrified vehicles. Respondents formed a sample size of n=1000 of Singaporeans where n=700 were license holders. The Margin of Error from the sample was found to be+/- 3% at 95% confidence at which point it’s safe to assume to be very robust.

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