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BMW Art & Culture will exhibit "The Pigment Change" by Almudena Romero, tenth winner of the BMW Residency, at Paris Photo fair.

Created 10 years ago, the BMW Residency aims to support emerging talents by offering them mentoring and visibility. This year, BMW Art & Culture presents at Paris Photo at the Grand Palais Ephémère, from November 11 to 14: "The Pigment Change" by Almudena Romero, tenth winner of the BMW Residency.

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Paris. Created 10 years ago, the BMW Residency aims to support emerging talents by offering them mentoring and visibility. This year, BMW Art & Culture presents at Paris Photo at the Grand Palais Ephémère, from November 11 to 14:

"The Pigment Change", by Almudena Romero, tenth winner of the BMW Residency.
“The Pigment Change” uses photographic processes occurring in plants, such as photosynthesis, to create photographic works of art that refer to an aesthetic of fragility, and disappearance, to question the role of the artist in the context of the current environmental crisis. As these plant photographs grow, develop, fossilize or disappear, Almudena Romero explores questions about motherhood, production, sustainability, and photography through her works printed on plant leaves and watercress seeds. Her work totally echoes the BMW Group's vision of innovation at the service of the planet and of production that must always be more sustainable and respectful of the environment and its resources.           

Almudena Romero selected by Elles x Paris Photo, a program dedicated to women photographers.
Paris Photo pursues its commitment to women photographers with Elles x Paris Photo, a program initiated in 2018 in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, to promote visibility of women artists and their contribution to the history of photography. For this 2021 edition, Nathalie Herschdorfer, an art historian specializing in photography and director of the Musée du Locle in Switzerland, presents a selection of works chosen from the galleries' exhibitions, dating from 1851 to 2021. Almudena Romero has been selected among the many artists exhibiting at Paris Photo this year, and will be featured on, an online space containing interviews, articles and statistics on the representation of women photographers. The program highlights notably active artists of today who explore contemporary themes, such as Almudena Romero, who takes a look at ecological photography and the major issues of society.
More information on

"The Pigment Change" jointly published by BMW Art & Culture and Les éditions de l'air, des livres.
This original editorial choice supports the research and experimentation dimension of the BMW Residency at the GOBELINS School of Visual Arts. This edition is made up of three different-sized bound booklets, inserted into a horizontal strip. The three booklets each have a different color – blue, red and green – as a tribute to the printing house's RGB and to Almudena Romero's research.
The first booklet is an introduction with a preface written by Vincent Salimon, Chairman of the BMW Group France Executive Board, and begins with a text by François Cheval, Artistic Director of the BMW Residency. The second booklet showcases the winner's research work. The third one features the works she created during the Residency.

The Faune typeface, created by Sandrine Nugue as part of a call for applications by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) in partnership with the Imprimerie Nationale group, was used for the titles.

"The Pigment Change" by Almudena Romero - BMW Residency at the GOBELINS School of Visual Arts:

  • Éditions de l'air, des livres - BMW Art & Culture
  • Published in: May 2021
  • Price: € 29
  • 3 booklets of 12, 24 & 24 pages, Format: 210 x 257, 200 x 247, 190 x 237 cm

A signing will be held on November 11 at 4:00 pm on the BMW exhibition space, H2.

BMW ART GUIDE, by Independent Collectors.
The BMW ART GUIDE will be presented on the BMW exhibition space. This fifth edition of the guide lists 270 private collections of contemporary art located in 45 countries and nearly 200 cities. Big, small or unknown, readers and visitors can go and meet all these collections. This practical guide is a collaborative edition produced with independent collectors through a partnership with BMW. It is a unique guide, as it is the only one that lists many private collections including places that open their doors to the public for the first time.

A new patronage program for 2022, the BMW ART MAKERS.
Almudena Romero is the last winner of the BMW Group France cultural patronage program in the form of a residency. After twenty wonderful years spent supporting photographers and ten years of the BMW Residency, BMW Group France enhances its commitment to supporting the arts and reinventing its model for emerging work in the field of visual arts and contemporary image-making. The next exhibitions of BMW Group France will come from the new BMW Group France arts patronage program which will support an artist-curator duo leading to the completion of a visual art project. Duos can submit their applications until December 15, 2021 on
More information on

BMW Group is celebrating 50 years of cultural engagement all over the world.
Since 1971, BMW Group BMW Group has supported hundreds of cultural projects all over the world, in the fields of modern and contemporary art, jazz and classical music, and architecture and design. As such, it contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and the arts.

Among these several collaborations, the BMW Art Journey, created in partnership with Art Basel, testifies to the BMW Group's commitment to contemporary art. This year's winner is French artist Julien Creuzet, whose work is exhibited at the Centre Pompidou as part of his nomination for the Marcel Duchamp Prize. For his BMW Art Journey, he will explore the unexpected among the familiar roots of his ancestors in Martinique and plans to work with artists, musicians and filmmakers.

More information on

In France, BMW Group France has been a patron of photography since 2003, through the BMW Residency, its partnership with Les Rencontres d'Arles and Paris Photo, and the new BMW ART MAKERS program.


For further information, please contact:

Maryse Bataillard
Head of Patronage, BMW Group France
Telephone: +33 (0)1 30 03 19 41

Maud Prangey
Press officer
Telephone: +33 (0)6 63 40 54 62

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