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BMW Group Press Conference Paris Mondial Motor Show 2016

Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs! It’s great to be back in Paris! This is the 100th anniversary of the BMW Group and we created some very special cars to mark this milestone. Some of you may have been with us in Munich or London for the presentation of our “NEXT 100” Vision cars… Allow me to give you some brief impressions of how we see the future for our three brands...

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Welcome to the BMW Group! You expect to see the latest models at a motor show, of course – but the BMW Group is concerned with so much more than that. It seeks to provide answers to the challenges of today. I’m very pleased to say that Dr Ian Robertson, Member of the Board for Sales and Marketing BMW is here to tell you more about that and, with a view on the next 100 years, he’ll also talk about the company’s vision for future urban mobility. So now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dr Ian Robertson!


Dr. Ian Robertson


Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs!

It’s great to be back in Paris!


This is the 100th anniversary of the BMW Group and we created some very special cars to mark this milestone. Some of you may have been with us in Munich or London for the presentation of our “NEXT 100” Vision cars… Allow me to give you some brief impressions of how we see the future for our three brands:


At BMW: “sheer driving pleasure” will be enhanced by digital intelligence and permanent connectivity, creating “the ultimate driver”.


And MINI: The car of choice for the urban avant-garde will always be on the move as part of a sharing, connected community, true to the motto “Every MINI is my MINI”.


You’ve just seen the first driverless Rolls-Royce – the pinnacle of effortless super-luxury mobility. The future Rolls-Royce will be the ultimate luxury retreat – a “Grand Sanctuary”.

Next month in Los Angeles, we’ll present our vision for BMW Motorrad – this will complete the BMW Group’s “Next 100” world tour.


In our centenary year, our focus is firmly on the future. Our vision is of sustainable and seamless mobility – across our whole portfolio - from two-wheelers, right up to the “pinnacle of luxury”.


Future mobility will be: Autonomous, Connected, Emission-free and Shared – and it will be geared to meeting the individual needs of each and every single customer.


More than half of the world’s population now lives in towns and cities, and this number is expected to rise to 70% by 2050. Urbanization is one of the most important issues of today and the future. Here we are in Paris – one of the world’s megacities and one of the most populous urban areas in Europe. It’s the perfect place to talk about new solutions for sustainable, urban mobility.


The BMW i3 and i8 were designed exactly with those requirements in mind – and now we’re already introducing a second i3 variant. For the first time at a show, here is the new BMW i3 with 50% increased battery capacity and therefore significantly more range.


I am also delighted to welcome someone who is no stranger to Paris and has big plans for this city… he understands the importance of emission-free mobility. Tony Estanguet has won three Gold Medals in Slalom Canoeing – and is now the Co-president of Paris’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics – he’s also fond of driving the i3, I hear….


(Dialogue Ian Robertson and Tony Estanguet)



Dr. Ian Robertson


We are expanding the BMW i portfolio to fit our customers’ requirements:

  • Orders for the new BMW i3 have been very positive.
  • In 2018, we will add a further i model - the BMW i8 “Roadster”.


“Sheer driving pleasure” and “sustainability” are very compatible – we have proven that. As we announced a couple of days ago in our new global Motorsport strategy - we are very much looking forward to our cooperation with Andretti Formula E in the FIA Formula E Championship.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


As I mentioned earlier – alongside emission free mobility, other elements will play a major role in future mobility. We see the sweeping changes created by digitalization as an excellent opportunity to make mobility simpler, safer and more convenient. Digitalization is an enabler for new levels of connectivity and for autonomous driving.


Recently we’ve taken some big steps towards fully autonomous driving:

At the end of last year we acquired the mapping service HERE, together with other German premium car companies. HERE has just unveiled its next generation real-time data services: They are the world’s first services to be created from real-time sensor data from competing car brands – and they are the first outcome of this cooperation.


A major further step was our announced partnership with Intel and Mobileye earlier this year. We will bring fully autonomous driving to the roads with the launch of the BMW iNEXT in 2021 – this will set the benchmark in autonomous driving technology.


In our digital world, customers expect seamless connectivity between vehicles and their everyday lives. That’s why we’ve been developing entirely new services and applications for our customers:


  • Look at our car-sharing services, DriveNow and ReachNow
  • Our ChargeNow and ParkNow networks and apps
  • And our new digital mobility companion BMW Connected


BMW Connected links your diary to your navigation system – simplifying your life and making sure you arrive on time. If the traffic on your planned route becomes heavy, the “time to leave notification” will tell you to leave earlier. It will also tell you when your electric vehicle is fully charged.


Connectivity and e-mobility naturally complement and support one another. For example, already 20 per cent of our DriveNow car-sharing fleet is electric.


With BMW i we have we have demonstrated that we think long-term and holistic. For example, did you know that street lights can double as charging stations for electric vehicles? With our “Light and Charge” project in Europe and the US we are working on the intelligent integration of charging points within city infrastructure.


One thing is clear: We intend to shape the future of premium individual mobility.

Our innovative eDrive technology in BMW i underscores our leading role in powertrain electrification. And we are using that technology to systematically electrify other vehicles in the BMW Group portfolio.


We now offer four BMW iPerformance vehicles: Customer demand for these vehicles is even higher than we expected and we have increased production of these models accordingly.


BMW is the world’s most successful provider of plug-in hybrid vehicles in the premium segment - both in terms of sales and in the range of vehicles available.

This shows that our strategy is the right one – and more models will follow, including a MINI PHEV.


We’re always working to advance the core technologies of e-mobility.

With electric vehicles, the next logical step is to achieve greater range through better battery technology. This will make emission-free mobility more attractive for larger groups of customers. Many customers - especially in a busy urban environment such as Paris - find two wheels more convenient than four.

 Two-wheeler fans will be delighted to hear that we will also utilize BMW i technology – the battery cells with 94 Ah - for BMW Motorrad.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would now like to introduce the World Premiere of the new BMW C evolution with more range. The President of BMW Motorrad, Stephan Schaller, will tell you more…


Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad


Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs,


It is my great pleasure to present our new C evolution electric maxi-scooter. When it comes to motorcycles, the same rule applies: Improved battery technology – and therefore longer range – is the key to success for electro-mobility.


The new BMW C evolution features the next generation of battery cells as used in the BMW i3. This gives the long-range version a range of up to 160 km, with better continuous output and a higher top speed.

But, much more important than that is the fun factor at every traffic light. No-one is going to beat the BMW C evolution – we’re talking 0 to 50 in just 2.8 seconds.

The C evolution comes with new graphics and colour schemes and we’ve responded to customer wishes with a much thinner and more flexible charging cable. There are also new accessories, like the smartphone cradle and many options for individualization.


I am delighted that the French are such big fans of the C evolution – it is our biggest market. And soon, in addition to Europe and China, we will offer the new BMW C evolution also in the US, Japan, South Korea and Russia. We see these as further key markets for this vehicle.


The urban environment offers ideal conditions for our maxi-scooters and electro-mobility. I firmly believe that the electric drive train is also a strong part of the future for BMW Motorrad.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


BMW Motorrad has already delivered more than 100,000 motorcycles and maxi-scooters to customers since the start of the year. We’re especially delighted by the very positive development we see here in France and in China with our motorcycles. We are well on track to make 2016 our sixth consecutive record year. Our goal of selling more than 200,000 two-wheelers in 2020 appears well within reach.


Today, with the new BMW C evolution, we presented our solution for clean individual mobility. It is perfect for the city, perfect for Paris. But if it absolutely has to be a car, then I could probably be persuaded to give this one a try…


(World Premiere of MINI Clubman John Cooper Works: Dialogue Sebastian Mackensen and Presenter)


Sebastian Mackensen, Senior Vice President MINI


MINI is the perfect fit for the urban environment. Take the Clubman, it combines driving comfort and dynamic performance with everyday driveability. It also provides a surprising amount of variable space.


For the success of the MINI brand, we have to be in tune with the times more than any other brand. These days, people are focusing on the “essential”. It’s more about the purpose of things, about relevance. We can tell we are on the right track – this year has been MINI’s strongest ever, in terms of sales. We have already sold well over 220,000 MINIs this year – that’s 5.7 per cent more than last year. The MINI Clubman is our main growth driver, alongside the new MINI Convertible.


Dr. Ian Robertson


Ladies and Gentlemen,


As Sebastian’s just shown us (with the MINI Clubman John Cooper Works), dynamic driving is in our blood at the BMW Group and nowhere more so than with the BMW brand. At our BMW M stand here in Paris, you’ll see some truly magnificent vehicles, from the M2 right up to the X6 M. At BMW, our whole range benefits from the innovative and groundbreaking technologies we develop at the two bookends “BMW i” and “BMW M” – with “sheer driving pleasure” always in focus.


We are constantly evolving the brand’s offering to suit the changing requirements of our customers. We’ve successfully expanded our range in the compact segment. With desirable products, we’ve attracted many new customers to the brand.

This has been complemented by our new models in the fast-growing SUV segment. Our BMW X model range is becoming more and more popular with customers all over the world. X vehicles now make up more than 30% of BMW’s portfolio. Customer demand is growing in both the Compact and the SUV segments – that’s why we’ve decided to introduce a new X Model to satisfy both.


And now, we are delighted to give you a glimpse of the future with the World Premiere of the BMW Concept X2!


World premiere of the BMW Concept X2


What a fantastic vehicle! Extroverted, dynamic and athletic – the Concept X2 has its own distinct character within the BMW X family. It is the first Sports Activity Coupé in the Compact Class – underlining BMW’s leading position as the creator of the Sports Activity Vehicle.


It is a vehicle clearly made for “urban adventure” and I am delighted to announce that the X2 will come in 2018. Now I’d like to hand over to BMW’s Head of Design, Karim Habib, to tell you more about the BMW Concept X2…


Design Presentation, Karim Habib.


Dr. Ian Robertson


I am very confident that the X2 will be a big success when it hits the market in spring, 2018.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Mobility as we know it is set to change more in the next decade, than in the past 100 years. This is not a “cliché” – it is a fact.

Over the past 100 years, innovation has consistently been one of the main success factors of the BMW Group. As we enter a new and exciting era, we are intent on shaping the future of premium, individual mobility and services.


How do we see future urban mobility at the BMW Group? Quite simple: Tailored to individual customers’ needs - from two wheelers right up to the luxury class – mobility will remain an emotional and enjoyable experience.    


Thank you for joining us today.

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