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With the RE:BMW CIRCULAR LAB, the BMW Group shares an authentic insight into the company’s contribution towards holistic product development, the careful use of resources and the transformation towards a circular economy. The platform is also an invitation for collaboration and exchange.

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Munich. The BMW Group is launching its new communication and experience platform “RE:BMW Circular Lab”.

The RE:BMW Circular Lab is an invitation to accompany the BMW Group on its journey of transformation into a circular economy. The RE:BMW Circular Lab focuses on circular thinking and awareness of new, sustainable courses of action. The BMW Group aims to use the RE:BMW Circular Lab to raise awareness of circularity: circular rather than linear. Rethinking the entire process. Reducing what can be reduced, and reusing what can be maximally reused.

Communication and experience platform for enhanced dialogue, cooperation and new perspectives
The newly created communication and experience platform RE:BMW Circular Lab is a hybrid experience for every user. Its aim is to communicate the BMW Group’s development as a sustainable organisation in a manner that is transparent, interactive and accessible to all. Numerous features and exciting, informative storytelling offer an authentic insight into the BMW Group’s progress towards holistic product development, the responsible use of resources, and its transformation into a circular economy.

On this path, the BMW Group is guided by four basic principles: RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE and RE:CYCLE. The BMW Group uses the RE:BMW Circular Lab to tell the story of its transformation on the basis of these principles; however, the platform is also an invitation to collaborate and participate in discussion. To underscore the joy of discovering new perspectives together, the RE:BMW Circular Lab invites everyone to walk this path and shape the future collectively. Special emphasis is placed on interactivity and dialogue: users can attend analogue and digital workshops and use social media to experience the BMW Group’s transformation into a circular economy in a variety of ways. At the same time, insights into topics such as circular economy and circular design aim to provide exciting ideas for personal action.

Four guiding principles: RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE and RE:CYCLE
An overview of the four principles of circular economy:

RE:THINK – We keep circularity in mind during all our deliberations.

The key principles are RE:DUCING, RE:USING and RE:CYCLING throughout the process and far beyond: new materials, new technologies, new processes and above all new ideas. We have to rethink all our activities within the BMW Group and beyond.

RE:DUCE – Using less to achieve more, wherever and however we can.

This opens up enormous creative scope for ideas and possibilities. Imagine a new premium segment for the future, with new materials, different components and flexible combinations. The art is to leave things out without compromising on the driving experience.

RE:USE – Extending the use of our products for as long as we can.

We extend and expand the value, possible applications and use of our products by means of modernisation, digital functions and many other options. New mobility concepts will provide an interior that can be used in a variety of ways: for work meetings, for gatherings with friends, and as an additional living room. And, naturally, to drive from A to B. What is important is daily use and how we can inspire our customers every day.

RE:CYCLE – Keeping resources in circulation for as long as we can.

Using as many unmixed mono-materials as possible. Using materials that are already in circulation, such as recycled plastic, recycled aluminium and recycled steel. Detachable connections are essential for easy dismantling. Being able to separate materials more easily makes it easier to recycle them. What is important is the environmental footprint of our products and our business operations as a whole.

Have fun discovering circularity with the CIRCULAR HEROES
The BMW Group is fundamentally resetting its design strategy with circular design, which focuses on circularity throughout the design process and far beyond. “Circular design is all about creating more with less; fewer resources, more emotion,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design, explaining the fascination of circular design.

The principles of circular design are brought to life in a playful manner by the CIRCULAR HEROES, four sustainable characters created by Milanese architect and designer Patricia Urquiola who are constantly exploring the possibilities of design, shape, materials and colour. “Every time I work with BMW, I learn something new about mobility and the possibilities it offers, but this particular project is one-of-a-kind. I had the opportunity to experiment, work with utopian models and even venture beyond design boundaries,” says designer Patricia Urquiola, talking about her work on CIRCULAR HEROES. As each CIRCULAR HERO represents the various types of bond between parts and materials, each of them has their own specific approach.

The BMW Group understands the RE:BMW Circular Lab as an invitation to join it on the circular path and shape the future – with the goal of discovering new perspectives together.


At the occasion of  IAA Mobility in Munich the RE:BMW Circular Lab will be presented at the BMW Group Open Space (Max-Joseph-Platz, Munich). Visitors are invited to join interactive workshops.


Discover the RE:BMW Circular Lab now:


RE:BMW Circular Lab

The BMW Group is pioneering the development of a circular economy and efficient resource management. With the RE:BMW CIRCULAR LAB, the BMW Group shares an authentic insight into the company’s contribution towards holistic product development, the careful use of resources and the transformation towards a circular economy. The platform is also an invitation for collaboration and exchange: the RE:BMW CIRCULAR LAB invites everyone to take the journey with us to shape the future because it is about the joy of discovering new perspectives together. 

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