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MINI at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

New additions to its model range allow MINI to strengthen its position as the world’s most successful manufacturer of small and compact premium-class cars and to reaffirm its compelling talent for innovation. The brand is using the Mondial de l’Automobile show in Paris (29 September – 14 October 2012) to press its case as a byword for sporty driving fun on urban roads. Indeed, Europe’s most important motor show of 2012 will host the world premiere of the MINI Paceman – the seventh model in the MINI line-up. The first Sports Activity Coupé to be launched in the premium compact segment takes the brand into new territory once again, combining extrovert design and stylish individuality with a fresh interpretation of the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling.

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3. MINI at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

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 3.1 Cutting a swathe through the urban jungle:

The MINI Paceman


3.2 Gearing up for its world premiere:

The MINI John Cooper Works GP.  


3.3 Innovations for extreme driving fun and even greater efficiency:

The new John Cooper Works model range.  


3.4 Driving fun, infotainment and social networks – MINI-style:

MINI Connected with new functions 


1. MINI at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

(Short version)

New additions to its model range allow MINI to strengthen its position as the world’s most successful manufacturer of small and compact premium-class cars and to reaffirm its compelling talent for innovation. The brand is using the Mondial de l’Automobile show in Paris (29 September – 14 October 2012) to press its case as a byword for sporty driving fun on urban roads. Indeed, Europe’s most important motor show of 2012 will host the world premiere of the MINI Paceman – the seventh model in the MINI line-up. The first Sports Activity Coupé to be launched in the premium compact segment takes the brand into new territory once again, combining extrovert design and stylish individuality with a fresh interpretation of the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling.


The Mondial de l’Automobile 2012 will also see MINI raise the curtain on a new elite performance model: the MINI John Cooper Works GP celebrates its world premiere in the French capital adding a spectacular new chapter to over 50 years of motor sport tradition. The two-seater represents the most concentrated evidence yet of race-inspired John Cooper Works development expertise in action.


The MINI John Cooper Works GP will come onto the market later this year in an exclusive limited-edition run, its instincts having been sharpened in intensive testing on the Nürburgring. The new arrival means that drivers can now choose from six John Cooper Works models in which to sample that authentic race feeling every day. And the sub-brand now also offers customers an even wider range of accessories into the bargain.


MINI Paceman: a sporty and elegant individualist enters the premium compact segment.

Its two doors and large tailgate, powerful proportions and dynamically stretched lines allow the MINI Paceman to perform the role of the sporty yet elegant individualist in the premium compact segment. The design of its body uses a typically MINI interplay of forms to showcase both the car’s agility and its breadth of driving talents. The interior likewise features a new take on the distinctive MINI style. Like the driver and front passenger, the occupants of the two individual rear seats enjoy generous levels of space, outstanding lateral support and exceptional comfort in a lounge-style ambience. Folding down the rear seats expands the load capacity of the MINI Paceman from 330 to a maximum 1,080 liters.


The MINI Paceman will be available from launch with a choice of  two powerful gasoline engines covering an output spread from 121 hp to 181 hp, which can be harnessed by a six-speed automatic gearbox as an option. Lowered sports suspension, meanwhile, comes as standard. This is the second model (after the MINI Countryman) to offer the option of channelling its engine power to the road through four wheels; the MINI ALL4 all-wheel-drive system can be specified for the MINI Cooper S Paceman.


MINI John Cooper Works GP: a limited-edition sporting machine.

Technology with direct links to racing cars helps imbue the MINI John Cooper Works GP with outstanding performance on the race track and an imposing presence on the road. An extensively modified four-cylinder turbocharged engine developing 211hp, adjustable coilover suspension, an ultra-powerful sports braking system, the DSC stability control system with GP race mode, along with model-specific alloy wheels and sports tires, all ensure superb handling and a whole new level of driving fun.


An aerodynamically optimised design and lower weight – to which the absence of rear seats makes a key contribution – set the seal on the racing skill-set of the MINI John Cooper Works GP. This exclusive sports machine sprints from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 6.2 seconds and on to a maximum 150 mph (242 km/h), the highest top speed ever recorded by a series-produced MINI. The MINI John Cooper Works GP will be produced in a limited run of 2,000 units, with 500 allocated to US customers, and is joined at the Paris show by its John Cooper Works stablemates.


Another recent addition to the line-up is the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4, which combines that unmistakable racing feeling with the ability to feed its power through all four wheels.


2. At a glance.

World premiere: the MINI Paceman.

MINI is expanding its model range with the introduction of the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé in the premium compact segment. The British manufacturer is using the Mondial de l’Automobile 2012 show to stage the world premiere of the MINI Paceman – the brand’s second model after the MINI Countryman with a body measuring over four metres in length and which customers can order as an option with the MINI ALL4 permanent all-wheel-drive system. Two doors and a large tailgate, muscular proportions, flowing coupé lines and a lounge-style interior with two individual rear seats mark out its distinctive character. The MINI Paceman will be available with two gasoline engines from launch. Standard specification also includes lowered sports suspension.


World premiere: the MINI John Cooper Works GP.

Outstanding performance characteristics and a limited production run combine to make the MINI John Cooper Works GP an exclusive sporting machine. The fastest MINI ever built is powered by a 211hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine and comes with adjustable coilover suspension, an extremely powerful sports braking system, and bespoke light-alloy wheels and sports tires. It accelerates from 0 to 62mph in 6.2 seconds and is capable of a top speed of 150 mph. The interplay between the engine, suspension and aerodynamics was fine-tuned during intensive testing on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit, which used to host Formula One grand prix races.


3. MINI at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

(Long version)  

3.1 Cutting a swathe through the urban jungle: The MINI Paceman.

The MINI brand is once again combining the expansion of its model range with a foray into a new vehicle segment. Indeed, the MINI Paceman is the first Sports Activity Coupé in the premium small and compact vehicle segment. Its powerful, dynamically stretched coupé lines and hallmark MINI go-kart feeling team up with the exclusive ambience of its variable-usage interior to make the MINI Paceman a pioneer within its urban stamping ground while displaying clear ties to the innovative and inimitable style of the British premium brand. With its two doors and large tailgate, plus two full-size individual rear seats, the seventh model in the MINI family complements the elegant sportiness of its proportions with a new rendering of the familiar MINI interior.


Sporting prowess and versatility define the driving characteristics of the MINI Paceman. Two powerful engine variants will be available from launch, and the standard specification of the MINI Paceman will also include lowered sports suspension. This is the second model (after the MINI Countryman), moreover, to offer the option of channelling its engine power to the road through all four wheels.


Design: muscular stature, sporty and elegant coupé lines.

The innovative concept of a compact Sports Activity Coupé is expressed in a body design that combines dynamically stretched proportions with a muscular stance. This authentic embodiment of the MINI Paceman’s multi-faceted driving properties is achieved within the template of the established MINI design language. The front end, for example, exudes power and presence thanks to its large, distinctively shaped headlights, strikingly sculptured bonnet and upright hexagonal radiator grille, which is framed by a particularly wide chrome border.


The fresh and individual character of the MINI Paceman comes across most prominently when the car is viewed from the side. Dynamically sweeping lines and powerfully curved surfaces imbue the car’s appearance with sporting elegance. The coupé-style roof, swooping downwards towards the rear sits almost seamlessly atop the passenger compartment. Its distinctive “helmet” contours fit neatly into the coupé mould, the roofline flowing into the standard rear spoiler. The steadily rising shoulderline and gently downward sloping roofline create side window surfaces that taper towards the rear, emphasising the wedge shape of the silhouette particularly clearly. The long doors have a high character line, which gives the body a lower-slung appearance, and the extremely muscular rear wheel arches underline the MINI Paceman’s sporting credentials.


The most eye-catching new features of the rear end are the rear lights which, in a first for MINI, have a horizontal design. As with the slim and sloping coupé-style rear window, the chrome strip below it and the horizontal creases on the tailgate and rear apron, the form of the lights further accentuates the car’s width.


Interior: exclusive ambience, impressive variability.

A model-specific interpretation of traditional MINI design principles also shapes the look of the interior. The distinctive door ellipses have a three-dimensional form and extend back beyond the B-pillars into the rear compartment. Added to which, for the first time in a MINI, the side window controls are integrated into the door trim.


The MINI Paceman has been designed squarely as a four-seater. The slightly raised seating position in the front of the car provides the driver and front passenger with an excellent view over the road, and front sports seats are also part of standard specification for the MINI Paceman. The pair of individual seats in the rear offer impressive shoulder room and headroom, outstanding lateral support and exceptional comfort. The lounge character of the rear compartment is further enhanced by the armrests integrated into the side panels.


The standard-fitted Centre Rail storage and attachment system runs from just aft of the gearshift or selector lever on the centre console to its finishing point between the front seats. The second section of the Centre Rail is found between the rear seats. A single-section Centre Rail extending between both rows of seats can be ordered as an option.   


The high-opening tailgate of the MINI Paceman and its low boot sill allow the luggage area to be accessed in comfort. Load capacity stands at 330 litres, increasing to 1,080 litres when the rear seat backrests are folded down.


Engine range: extremely powerful, remarkably efficient.

The MINI Paceman will be available from launch with two gasoline engines, both with four cylinders. Extensive MINIMALISM technology ensures that their zesty power delivery is accompanied by remarkably low fuel consumption and emissions. A MINI John Cooper Works Paceman variant is set to be added to the range in due course.


A shared feature of the 1.6-litre gasoline engines powering the MINI Cooper S Paceman and MINI Cooper Paceman is fully variable valve management based on the BMW Group’s VALVETRONIC technology. Under the bonnet of the MINI Cooper S Paceman, this system joins forces with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection to generate maximum output of 181 hp at 5,500 rpm. Plus, peak torque of 240 Newton metres (177 lb-ft) is on tap between 1,600 and 5,000 rpm, and can be increased to as much as 260 Newton metres (192 lb-ft) for a short time using the overboost function.


All of which enables the MINI Cooper S Paceman to sprint from 0 to 62 mph / 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds (automatic: 7.7 seconds) on the way to a top speed of 127 mph / 205 km/h (127 mph / 205 km/h).


Developing maximum output of 121 hp at 6,000 rpm and with peak torque of 160 Newton metres (118 lb-ft) available from 4,250 rpm, the engine powering the MINI Cooper Paceman also has what it takes to fuel plenty of sporty driving fun. The 0-62 mph / 100 km/h dash is all over in 10.6 seconds (automatic: 11.5 seconds) and top speed stands at 117 mph / 188 km/h (114 mph / 184 km/h).


Six-speed automatic gearbox and ALL4 all-wheel drive on the options list.

The MINI Paceman is equipped as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox, while a six-speed automatic – complete with Steptronic function enabling manual gearshifts – is available as an option. In the MINI Cooper S Paceman the automatic gearbox also comes with shift paddles attached to the steering wheel.


Extra helpings of driving fun can be summoned with a touch of the optional Sport Button, which tweaks the engine’s responses, the power assistance provided by the steering and the shift times of the automatic gearbox (if specified).


The MINI Cooper S Paceman will be available with ALL4 permanent all-wheel drive from launch.  This system uses an electromagnetic center differential to distribute drive seamlessly between the front and rear axles. In normal driving situations ALL4 diverts up to 50 per cent of the engine’s power to the rear wheels, rising to as much as 100 per cent in extreme conditions, such as on ice and snow-covered surfaces. The control electronics of the MINI ALL4 system are integrated directly into the DSC management unit, enabling drive to be distributed between the front and rear axle as and when required – and in a matter of milliseconds.


Cutting-edge chassis technology delivers a new take on the go-kart feeling.

The construction of the MINI Paceman’s chassis – consisting of a MacPherson spring-strut front axle and forged cross members in tandem with a multi-link rear axle – underpins its hallmark MINI agility. A feature particular to the MINI Paceman is the sporty set-up of the lowered suspension, although the car can also be ordered with standard suspension and a non-lowered ride height as a no-cost option. Electric Power Steering with Servotronic function as standard enhances the ever-present go-kart feeling on board the MINI Paceman.


In the MINI Cooper S Paceman with ALL4, the standard DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system is complemented by DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) mode and Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC). DTC and EDLC are also available as an option for the MINI Cooper Paceman.


Standard equipment also includes light-alloy wheels (17-inch on the MINI Cooper Paceman and the MINI Cooper S Paceman). All model variants can be specified with 18-inch or 19-inch items as an option.


Comprehensive safety equipment and high-quality comfort-enhancing features.

The high torsional rigidity of the MINI Paceman’s body plays an important role in both its agile handling and its impressive passive safety. Like the MINI Countryman, which passed the Euro NCAP crash test with the highest five-star rating, the MINI Paceman’s standard-fitted safety arsenal includes front and side airbags, as well as side curtain airbags for both rows of seats. All seats are fitted with three-point inertia-reel seat belts. Front seat occupants will also find belt tensioners and belt force limiters, while in the rear ISOFIX child seat attachments are in place should they be required.


The high-quality standard equipment of the MINI Paceman also fits the brand’s premium character as far as comfort and functionality are concerned. Air conditioning, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, sports leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons and cruise control, the Centre Rail, model-specific door sill lettering and the radio MINI CD with AUX-IN socket are all standard. The options list, meanwhile, contains items such as heated seats, an electrically operated glass roof, Comfort Access, xenon Adaptive Headlights with black headlight housing, and Park Distance Control.


Customers can take on-board entertainment and navigation capability to new levels with radio MINI Visual Boost (when specified with MINI Connected), harman/kardon hi-fi loudspeaker system and MINI navigation system.


The MINI Connected option, meanwhile, allows full Apple iPhone integration. The MINI Connected App opens the door to in-car use of functions such as web radio, Facebook and Twitter, Dynamic Music, Driving Excitement, Mission Control and the MINIMALISM Analyser.


3.2 Gearing up for its world premiere: The MINI John Cooper Works GP.

A limited-edition road car with race-bred technology, the MINI John Cooper Works GP is the sportiest and fastest production model ever built under the nameplate of this British premium brand. It will make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show (29 September – 4 October 2012), and production of a limited edition of just 2,000 units will start later this year. Extensively equipped with John Cooper Works motor sport technology, this two-seater boasts outstanding performance to match its distinctive looks. An extensively modified four-cylinder turbo engine capable of developing 211hp, adjustable coilover suspension, an ultra-powerful sports braking system, and model-specific alloy wheels and sports tires ensure superb handling and outstanding driving enjoyment. The standard-fitted high-traction sports tires offer awesome cornering grip, impeccable braking response and impressive performance.


The balance between the engine, the suspension and the aerodynamics was fine-tuned during intensive testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife (the old grand prix circuit), where the MINI John Cooper Works GP promptly clocked up a best lap time of 8 min. 23 sec. – streets ahead of many big-name sports cars from higher segments. With its 0 to 62mph (100 km/h) sprint time of 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph (242 km/h), the GP brings an authentic race car feel to everyday driving.


The MINI John Cooper Works GP is the latest product of a racing heritage that dates back more than 50 years, to when the legendary sports car designer John Cooper developed a version of the classic Mini that was to become the ultimate fun-to-drive road machine. This car also carved out a highly successful career in motor sport, where it was a three-times winner of the Monte Carlo Rally. The modern-day MINI has continued this tradition: the John Cooper Works products and models, with their close links to the to the British-built premium small car, remain a byword for top-class motor sport engineering.


The most impressive incarnation to date of this shared passion for motor sport was the 2006 MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Tuning Kit. That model, too, was built in a limited edition of 2,000 units, and soon became a coveted collector’s item. The MINI John Cooper Works GP is another stunning example of the time-tested principle of taking the natural sporty DNA of the MINI to a new level by combining it with a whole raft of features taken straight from the race track. With this elite sporting machine, the John Cooper Works brand – now a sub-brand of MINI – has raised the stakes yet again: the new model has shaved a whole 18 seconds off its predecessor’s best lap time during testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. This new best time reflects continuous advances in engineering, which have been tuned to the highest performance standards by John Cooper Works.


The responsive power and appetite for revs of the MINI John Cooper Works GP’s 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine are reflected in dazzling performance figures. This zesty character is down to a cutting-edge engineering package and extensive technology transfer from the world of motor sport. Among the highlights are the aluminium cylinder block and bearing mounts, reinforced pistons, sturdier cylinder head, low-weight crankshafts and sodium-filled exhaust valves. Twin-scroll turbocharging produces high boost pressure, and direct gasoline injection ensures precisely controlled fuel supply, while fully variable valve control, based on the BMW Group’s VALVETRONIC technology, helps to maximise engine responsiveness and efficiency.


The state-of-the-art powerplant responds instantly to throttle commands and delivers maximum torque of 207 lb-ft) from just 1,750 rpm. Maximum power of 211 hp is delivered at 6,000 rpm. It is transferred to the wheels via a six-speed manual transmission, which is precisely matched to the performance characteristics of the engine.


Its engine’s astonishing torque gives the MINI John Cooper Works GP a 0 – 62 mph (100 km/h) time of 6.2 seconds. Top speed is 150 mph (242 km/h). The turbocharged engine also delivers outstanding efficiency.


The MINI John Cooper Works GP’s exclusive suspension technology likewise relies heavily on motor sport. For the first time, a MINI features individually adjustable coilover suspension, which allows its ride height to be lowered by up to 20 millimetres. Among other things, this means the suspension set-up can be fine-tuned to different circuit conditions whenever the MINI goes out onto the track.


The front shock absorbers are mounted upside down in the tube, with the piston rod pointing down, in order to increase longitudinal and lateral stiffness. The front camber has been increased compared with the regular MINI John Cooper Works, so that the performance potential of the sports tires – which differ significantly from road tires – can be used to full effect, without the penalties of early understeer, which inevitably leads to increased tire wear.


Other features include reduced front-wheel toe-in and increased rear camber, which alters the forward weight transfer so as to give more speed and more neutral steering when driving close to the limit. At the same time, the reduced toe-in improves agility and cornering confidence.


Outstanding braking performance is provided by the MINI John Cooper Works GP’s race-derived sports braking system, featuring six-piston fixed-caliper disc brakes, vented at the front. The front discs are 330 millimetres in diameter and 25 millimetres thick, with 280 x 10 mm discs at the rear. The low-weight 17-inch alloy wheels, again exclusive to the MINI John Cooper Works GP, run on high-traction 215/40 R17 sports tires. The 7.5 x 17 H2 ET45 wheels, which were specially developed for the MINI John Cooper Works GP, are derived from the MINI Challenge race car and feature lightweight contours on flow-formed rims.


On the MINI John Cooper Works GP, the DSC Dynamic Stability Control is not combined with DTC, as would normally be the case, but with a special GP racing mode. Under hard driving, the driver may often not want ASC engine power reduction cutting in, so instead this system offers just ASC braking, based on the EDLC (Electronic Differential Lock Control) subfunction. The EDLC software brakes the wheel on the inside of the turn, and the drive power that would otherwise be lost at this wheel is redirected to the outer wheel, where the contact forces are greater.


With its conspicuous and distinctive appearance, the MINI John Cooper Works GP advertises its performance credentials from the word go. Its body is painted in the exclusive color Thunder Grey metallic, with red for the edging around the bonnet opening as well as for the exterior mirror caps and the side air intakes in the front apron. John Cooper Works badges appear on the lower air intake and the tailgate. The final proof of identity is provided by “GP”-badged side stripes running between the front and rear wheel arches.


The standard specification of the MINI John Cooper Works GP includes xenon headlights with black housing, foglamps, air conditioning, DSC with special GP mode, and a Sport button. The aerodynamic body parts like the large front and rear aprons, striking side sills and model-specific roof spoiler not only add to the car’s eye-catching appearance but also play an important part in controlling air flow. The rear diffuser, together with the underside panelling and roof-edge spoiler, reduce lift forces at the rear axle by 90 per cent for impeccable handling control even under high-speed cornering and when driving at or near the limit.


A six per cent reduction in drag is reflected in improved fuel economy and a higher top speed. The air flow around the front of the car has been significantly improved with the help of a large spoiler and full aerodynamic shielding of the engine compartment underside. This aerodynamic shield not only reduces drag and front axle lift, but also improves air flow through the engine compartment. Slits in the centre of the shield help to expel air from the intercooler. The slits are situated in an area of fast air flow and high vacuum force, so that the air is literally sucked out of the engine compartment, thereby improving the performance of the intercooler.


The intoxicating racing car feel is ratcheted up another notch by an interior ambience which, partly due to the absence of a rear seat bench, is focused entirely on the needs of the driver and “co-driver”. Both can savour the performance of the MINI John Cooper Works GP to the full thanks to Recaro sports seats with special GP stitching. A cargo guard prevents items from sliding forward out of the luggage compartment in sporty driving situations. The John Cooper Works thick-rimmed leather steering wheel and the gearshift knob with chrome ring and red shift diagram help give the driver a more direct feel for the car. Finally, with features like the anthracite roof liner, the piano black interior surfaces and door grips, and the anthracite rev counter and speedometer dials, this interior also helps to improve the driver’s concentration and focus on the road.


3.3 Innovations for extreme driving fun and even greater efficiency: The new John Cooper Works model range.

In keeping with the times, MINI is set to inject the ultra-sporty performance characteristics of its John Cooper Works models with even greater efficiency through the introduction of a new-generation engine and other powertrain innovations. Fresh from an intensive course of further development, the twin-scroll turbo engine develops the same levels of output and torque as its predecessor, but will make drivers’ hearts beat faster with its even quicker responses while stoking their admiration with substantially reduced fuel consumption and emissions. A much broader spread of MINIMALISM technology helps to enhance efficiency, and all members of the John Cooper Works line-up can now be fitted as an option with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Added to which, the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 comes with all-wheel-drive system as standard.


The family of elite athletes in the MINI ranks welcomes another new member in the shape of the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4. The five-door model is fitted with a particularly powerful variant of the new-generation engine. Its 155 kW / 208 hp is channelled through an all-wheel-drive system to deliver a new take on outstanding performance that can be enjoyed not only on the road but also over rough terrain. Peak torque of 260 Newton metres (192 lb-ft) is available between 1,850 and 5,600 rpm and can be increased to a maximum 280 Newton metres (207 lb-ft) for a short time between 2,000 and 5,100 rpm courtesy of the overboost function.


The powerplant links up as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox tuned precisely to suit its performance characteristics. However, the John Cooper Works models can now also be ordered as an option with a six-speed automatic gearbox with Steptronic function.


The MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 dashes from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 7.0 seconds – regardless of whether the power flows through the standard six-speed manual gearbox or the optional six-speed automatic. Top speed is 140 mph / 225 km/h (automatic: 139 mph / 223 km/h).


The new-generation engine can also be found in the MINI John Cooper Works, MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, MINI John Cooper Works Convertible, MINI John Cooper Works Coupé and MINI John Cooper Works Roadster. The further developed powerplant is based on the unit in the MINI Cooper S and likewise uses a twin-scroll turbocharger, gasoline direct injection and variable valve control based on the BMW Group’s VALVETRONIC system. This throttle-free load control technology optimises both the responsiveness of the engine and its efficiency.


In addition to the improvements made to the engine’s efficiency, the more extensive use of fuel consumption and emissions-reducing technology makes the John Cooper Works models more credible ambassadors than ever for the principle of MINIMALISM. Standard-fitted technology, including Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric Power Steering and – in tandem with the manual gearbox – the Gear Shift Indicator and Auto Start/Stop function, helps to reduce the number of refuelling stops the driver needs to make.


All John Cooper Works models combine their stand-out sporting potential with unmistakable looks and special equipment features which accentuate the feeling of race competition both inside the car and out. Standard specification includes the Sport Button (which allows the driver to tweak the car’s accelerator responses and steering characteristics), particularly powerful brakes, the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system including DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) and EDLC (Electronic Differential Lock Control) for the driven axle, plus bespoke 17-inch light-alloy wheels (MINI John Cooper Works Countryman: 18-inch) and runflat tires. The likewise standard John Cooper Works aerodynamic kit optimises not only the air flow over and around the cars, but also their visual impact.


3.4 Driving fun, infotainment and social networks – MINI-style : MINI Connected with new functions.

MINI is adding even further depth to its range of in-car internet-based services. The most recent updates for the MINI Connected App give Apple iPhone users access to an even larger selection of functions when it comes to infotainment, driving fun and social networks.


The latest MINI Connected App update takes the integration of the Apple iPhone into the car to another new level, and this new version also brings with it further improvements in ease of use. In the future, users can look forward to accessing all available functions via the on-board monitor of their MINI. This dispenses with the need for the driving and audio profiles on the iPhone, since the quick overview provided by the monitor enables users to select their desired function easily and reliably. In addition, the MINI joystick allows them to switch neatly and intuitively between the apps and functions displayed.


The Apple iPhone is integrated into the car using either the Y adapter available from the MINI accessories range or the optional snap-in adapter. Calendar entries made on an iPhone can now also be displayed on the on-board monitor and appointments are managed in the familiar MINI style. For example, phone numbers included under a calendar entry can be dialled directly.


New MINI Connected App: find destinations and meet up with friends with foursquare.

MINI Connected also supports innovative forms of integrated navigation and allows users to contact friends by logging into the online social network foursquare. Users of this service can post their current location and recommend venues to other members of their community in order to organise meetings or pass on destination tips.


These tips are displayed on the MINI’s on-board monitor, along with detailed descriptions of public buildings, shops or restaurants, their phone numbers and addresses, plus the names and even profile pictures of the users’ friends who have provided the tips. If the car is fitted with the MINI navigation system, the chosen destination can be entered directly into the route-planning function. In addition, foursquare users can also top up their personal account with bonus points and “badgets”.


The next step: Driving Excitement Analyser identifies sporty, precise driving.

MINI Connected App driving experience functions offer drivers the chance to engage in a particularly in-depth interaction with their MINI. While the MINIMALISM Analyser keeps its eye on how the driver’s acceleration, braking and gear changes are affecting fuel consumption, the soon-to-be-available Driving Excitement Analyser takes a light-hearted approach to promoting a sporty and precise driving style. The existing Check Control and Force Meter menu items – which monitor the car’s status and visualise driving style – are thus set to be joined by other functions designed to boost driving fun at the wheel of the MINI.


The new functions will be released in the form of an update for the MINI Connected App. MINI Connected customers can upload the latest version of the application – free of cost, as usual – from the Apple App Store and transfer them into their MINI via their iPhone. The functions are operated by means of the MINI joystick, the steering wheel buttons and the on-board monitor’s high-resolution color screen, where the function-specific displays are presented with the familiar MINI look and feel. To use these functions, customers will need to have specified the radio MINI Visual Boost or MINI navigation system and the MINI Connected option.


MINI in the US:


MINI is an independent brand of the BMW Group. In the United States, MINI USA operates as a business unit of BMW of North America, LLC, located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey and includes the marketing and sales organizations for the MINI brand. The MINI USA sales organization is represented in the U.S. through a network of 115 MINI passenger car dealers in 38 states. MINI USA began selling vehicles in the U.S. in 2002 with the introduction of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtops. Since then, the MINI Brand in the U.S. has grown to encompass a model range of six unique vehicles.


Journalist note:

Media information about MINI and its products is available to journalists on-line at


Consumer information about MINI products is available via the internet



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