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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Central Asia 2018.

18 teams from around the world ready to go!

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Here in Ulaanbaatar the teams have all arrived, the bikes are waiting, the kit is unpacked and everyone is ready for the start of the sixth BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy in Mongolia. The last
24 hours have been busy for the competitors, coming to terms with jet lag, sorting their event registration, taking possession of their
BMW R 1200 GS Rallye motorcycles, taking a trip to see the 40m tall Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, then being treated to a display of traditional Mongolian horsemanship as well as coming face to face with captive eagles and vultures (Mongolia having a long tradition in falconry). 


This year there are 18 teams from 21 nations competing including two new teams, plus a second International Female Team, all of whom are extremely keen to join the GS Trophy brother and sister hood. Australia and India are both first-time entrants and their finalists are naturally very excited by what lies ahead.


In Australia their team finalists used the recent “BMW Safari” adventure event as something of a boot camp for tuning up skills and bonding as a team.


Shane Guttridge, Team Australia: “We’ve come together for team training at the Australian BMW Safari and it’s been fantastic learning together, it’s amazing how you can always learn something new.” 


Michael Haley, Team Australia: “It’s great to be in a team with Shane and Simon, so we can share this experience, we’re looking forward to pitting ourselves against other GS riders from around the world and seeing how we stand. There’ll be the competition but also the friendships and I’m sure there’s a whole atmosphere to the event. It’s not just one thing, it´s all these things that will make it such an unforgettable experience.”


Team India flew to South Africa to attend training at GS Trophy marshal Jan du Toit’s Country Trax Off-Road Riding Academy in Amersfoort near Johannesburg.


Winson Lee, Team India: “Country Trax left us awestruck. To have 600 acres of farm to ride on just put smiles on our faces. Jan was an amazing host and a very knowledgeable trainer, his unique training techniques made a great impression on us and we certainly plan on visiting him again.


“We’re really looking forward to Mongolia. It’s good to be competitive but we should realize that we are already at a place where millions are craving to be. Just by being selected for the GS Trophy makes us winners and we should enjoy every moment of it. We’re looking forward to meeting fellow riders from across the world and sharing our stories and making new friends.”



Meet the teams.


Below is a full list of the participants, with a little comment from each about their lives as GS riders and the excitement of attending the most prestigious GS event in the world:


Team Argentina


No. 101

Rider: Andres Junco

Age: 50

Hometown: Laprida, Bueonos Aires

Occupation: Trade person



“My motivation in applying for the GS Trophy was to find new friends and explore new adventures, so yes, I’m looking forward to visiting this exotic country and meeting new people, “Spirit of GS’ is pure adventure!”


No. 102

Rider: Julio Quiroga

Age: 50

Hometown: Mendosa

Occupation: Businessman



“My motivation was that both of my sons participated in previous editions of the Int. GS Trophy: Julian in Canada 2014 and Gaston in Thailand 2016. It is unprecedented to have father and sons participating in three successive editions.”


No. 103

Rider: Silvestre Farrell

Age: 29

Hometown: Pilar Buenos Aires

Occupation: BMW Salesman



“I’m looking forward to the competition, it’s about adventure, unforgettable memories, teamwork and healthy competition.”



Team Australia


No: 111

Rider: Shane Guttridge

Age: 48

Hometown: Victoria

Occupation: Builder



“My girlfriend entered me into all this, and she paid on my credit card without me even knowing!”


No: 112

Rider: Simon Turvey

Age: 49

Hometown: South Australia

Occupation: Facilitator of Youth Learning



“I have ridden many bikes over the years but my R 1150 GS is the only bike that when I push the button, it really asks me how far I want to go. I love to get out and ride it as much as possible.”


No: 113

Rider: Michael Haley

Age: 49

Hometown: Victoria

Occupation: Concreter



“The Spirit of GS relates to friendship, the ability to ride with mates and put everything else aside. It encapsulates everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.”



Team Canada


No: 121

Rider: Bela Herman

Age: 41

Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario

Occupation: Service technician (trucks)



“I ride a F 800 GS, which now has more than 190,000 happy kilometres on it.
My most exciting trip with it was a two-week adventure together with my brother, where we travelled along the Trans Labrador Highway and visited the North Eastern part of the United States.”


No: 122

Rider: Joel Goulet

Age: 45

Hometown: Blainville, Quebec

Occupation: Hydraulic excavator operator



“I am preparing myself for the Int. GS Trophy 2018 by a lot of training – and taking English lessons!”


No: 123

Rider: Jamie Jones

Age: 58

Hometown: St George, Ontario

Occupation: Stuntman



“I ride an F 800 GS. I went on a ride with a friend and we got into some amazing trails and woods. We made some trials sections and rode down some hills. I was very surprised at what these bikes would go through and go up! It was a very impressive experience.”



Team China


No: 131

Rider: Xianmeng Bao

Age: 42

Hometown: Zhejiang

Occupation: Company owner



“With the grassland accompanied, the great food accompanied, and good friends from all over the world accompanied I will fulfil my ambition!”


No: 132

Rider: Shizhao He

Age: 40

Hometown: Zhejiang

Occupation: Owner of a transport company



“The GS spirit I understand is unity, helping each other and making progress together. I also hope that by spreading the Spirit of GS, and what we have experienced, we can get more friends who love motorcycles and also love voluntarily to join public welfare undertakings.”


No: 133

Rider: Chaohui Ruan

Age: 37

Hometown: Zhejiang

Occupation: Automotive dealer



“Doing what you like with your favourite brotherhood is the most appealing thing for me about the Int. BMW GS Trophy 2018.”



Team France


No: 141

Rider: Paul Basseville

Age: 30

Hometown: Lyon

Occupation: Surgical instrument dealer



“The motivation to enter the GS Trophy came first with the destination: Mongolia. I’ve dreamed about it for years. Second, because of the human experience and the opportunity to share my passion for the bikes with teams from all over the world.”


No: 142

Rider: Jerome Durand

Age: 31

Hometown: Lyon

Occupation: Orthopaedist



“I missed the final last year and wanted to take my chance again. Having qualified is a real and exciting surprise I was not prepared for!”


No: 143

Rider: Olivier Fayat

Age: 37

Hometown: Combovin

Occupation: Motorcycle policeman



“In order to be ready for the GS Trophy Qualifier France, I took new off-road ways which were designed for small motorbikes. Result: I had to use a rope so I could get out of some situations!”



Team Germany


No: 151

Rider: Martin Kern

Age: 44

Hometown: Berlin

Occupation: Managing Director



“For me, the International BMW GS Trophy is one of the last real adventures and clearly a once in your lifetime experience that I always wanted to be part of since I heard about it for the first time.”


No: 152

Rider: Valentin Muller

Age: 33

Hometown: Karlsfeld

Occupation: Car salesman / motorcycle tours organiser



“Together with Michael and Martin we will do a team building activity, some off-road trainings and just hang out together to be relaxed but focused during our once in a lifetime experience in Mongolia.”


No: 153

Rider: Michael Hansel

Age: 33

Hometown: Benshausen

Occupation: Service and sales engineer



“For me, the “Spirit of GS” means having fun riding a motorcycle. The feeling of freedom to live and experience in the truest sense of the word. GS Spirit means teamwork, fun and companionship – no matter which country we come from, which language we speak or which skin colour we have. We all have the same spirit!”



Team India


No: 161

Rider: Suprej Venkat

Age: 34

Hometown: Ciombatore

Occupation: Entrepreneur



“I ride a R 1200 GS Adventure and I recently rode across ten countries in Southern Africa after shipping the bikes to South Africa and rode all the way to Kenya. Every day was an experience and the bike was simply flawless.”


No: 162

Rider: Winston Lee

Age: 41

Hometown: Mumbai

Occupation: Businessman



“I’ve been an avid adventurer since my younger days, I’ve always had the hunger to explore the unknown and new destinations. The GS has in many ways enabled me to explore new grounds. Places I’ve been to that I never thought of riding to before, like Spiti, Leh, Nepal and Bhutan to name a few. So it’s safe to say the Spirit of GS is the spirit of me!”


No: 163

Rider: Sanket Shanbhag

Age: 41

Hometown: Satara

Occupation: Hotelier



“I ride an R 1200 GS Rallye. The most surprizing thing that I experienced was how easy it is to ride one. I’m looking forward to meeting likeminded people, see a new country and have an epic ride.”



Team Japan


No: 171

Rider: Hiroaki Tazawa

Age: 42

Hometown: Yokohama

Occupation: working for an auto auction company



“My most exciting GS story is when I joined the GS Trophy Japan in 2013. It was my first time camping, participating in the skills challenges and the GS Trophy qualifier. I was also able to communicate with many other GS riders, and it has really changed my life.”


No: 172

Rider: Sho Tajima

Age: 29

Hometown: Okinawa Island

Occupation: Safety riding instructor



“To prepare for the GS Trophy firstly I study English to understand the regulations of the GS Trophy games. Secondly, I build muscle to fully enjoy my dream days. Finally, I help with the housework and childcare every day to get approval from my wife!”


No: 173

Rider: Yuki Ogasawara

Age: 38

Hometown: Hiroshima

Occupation: Hair dresser



I have always been motivated by constantly trying new things that give my life value – I believe the International GS Trophy does exactly that. GS life is a constant cycle of challenges and small adventures.



Team Korea


No: 181

Rider: Sung Duck Kwon

Age: 36

Hometown: Osan

Occupation: Motorcycle Mechanic



“I finished fourth in our qualifier but was called up to the team three weeks ago after the first place finisher was injured. I feel very sorry for him, but delighted for myself, so I will do my best on his behalf. It’s great to be coming to this country and to find new friends.”


No: 182

Rider: Choi Donghoon

Age: 38

Hometown: Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Occupation: Engineer



“I have once challenged myself by participating in the previous qualifying event for the International GS Trophy 2016, but failed regretfully ranking only 7th. However, I intensively prepared myself for the International BMW GS Trophy 2018 for the last two years, and got ranked 2nd in this qualifying event. I am very surprised and happy that I can join the GS Trophy 2018 at last.”


No: 183

Rider: Kim Sunho

Age: 35

Hometown: Cheonan City

Occupation: Engineer



“Riding my bike at the GS event is comparable to participating in a triathlon. As the following skills are equally required: riding skills, physical strength and cooperative spirit. So it seems to be full of masculine beauty.”



Team Latin America


No: 191

Rider: Daniel Hoyes

Age: 34

Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer



“I have been riding GSs for 15 years and ridden the GS Trophy in Colombia and Latin America, so I’m proud to be here for the International GS Trophy. For me, being here is about meeting new people, enjoying the landscapes and riding this beautiful machine.”


No: 192

Rider: Picho Barrientos

Age: 23

Hometown: Guatemala

Occupation: Helicopter Pilot



“I’ve been riding since I was four years old, that’s 19 years, eight years of those on BMW. I have an F 800 GSA. I expect this to be a difficult competition but I think we will enjoy it, and in the name of God maybe we finish first.”



No: 193

Rider: Francisco Lopez

Age: 31

Hometown: Pereira, Columbia

Occupation: Self Employed



“I got a call just this Thursday to ride in this event after one of the riders couldn’t make it. I had one hour to pack my bags and make it to the airport. I’m so excited, I’ve ridden in two GS Trophies in Latin America, and this is the time of my life. I feel so lucky!”



Team Mexico


No: 201

Rider: Jose Vivanco

Age: 45

Hometown: Mexico City

Occupation: Business Manager (Textiles)



“Before this my greatest adventure was a coast-to-coast ride across Mexico, so this is an incredible life experience coming here.”



No: 202

Rider: Manuel Andreu

Age: 46

Hometown: Mexico City

Occupation: Business Manager (Motorsports)



“To have qualified as one of the three best Mexicans is an honour, and this is going to be an incredible adventure, to be in this awesome country is so special.”


No: 203

Rider: Luis Enrique Lopez Rovirosa

Age: 29

Hometown: Mexico City

Occupation: Courier



“My biggest motorcycle adventure was a ride from Mexico to Alaska, it was 31 days alone on my BMW F 800 GS. Here, as a team we want to win! We have a very good team, we have good communications and we have practiced together, but as well to have fun and a great week.”



Team Russia


No: 211

Rider: Vasilly Zhilinskiy

Age: 38

Hometown: Moscow

Occupation: Entrepreneur



“Once we had a trip in the deep forest. We took a shortcut, but this time the terrain was so swampy that we had to literally carry our bikes on our hands for six hours. That was really tough! But that’s the way we got really linked to our motorcycles: the real unity of bike and rider.”


No: 212

Rider: Alexander Mishkinis

Age:  45

Hometown: Moscow

Occupation: Entrepreneur



Spirit of GS means freedom. Adventures. Pioneering. The very core of GS is that it opens up a different world to you. When you start riding GS, it will change your social circle, interests and lifestyle.”


No: 213

Rider: Konstantin Zolotarev

Age: 31

Hometown: Moscow

Occupation: Entrepreneur



“The competition itself is the most appealing thing to me. I have been in Mongolia before and can surely say: there are no roads there – that’s a perfectly chosen spot for GS taking place. We are sure that we and our motorcycles will give our very best!” 



Team South Africa


No: 221

Rider: Mark Dickinson

Age: 33

Hometown: Magalieskruin, Pretoria

Occupation: Motorcycle technician



The most appealing aspect of the International BMW GS Trophy is that it spreads the love for and from BMW Motorrad. The Spirit of GS means unity to me.



No: 222

Rider: Eugene Fourie

Age: 39

Hometown: Centurion, Pretoria

Occupation: Systems engineer



“The most exciting ride for me has most definitely been my first riding and camping adventure with my wife as a pillion through Lesotho. It was a ‘mildly technical route’ which stretched our abilities emotionally. It was a memorable bonding experience with some very interesting campfire stories.”


No: 223

Rider: Chris Meyer

Age: 39

Hometown: George, Southern Cape

Occupation: Motorcycle technician



“To me, the Spirit of GS means camaraderie and freedom. Just one big happy family riding bikes.”



Team Southeast Asia


No: 231

Rider: Jakit Thawongpeay

Age: 36

Hometown: Rayong, Thailand

Occupation: managing Director



“GS bikes are the most outstanding bikes in the adventure/ touring segment. My GS takes me everywhere both tarmac and off-road, uphill or down on the road. I hope that I will improve my riding skills by participating in this event as well as to get to know other GS bikers from around the world.”


No: 232

Rider: Mohd Apis Bin Sagimin

Age: 35

Hometown: Kota Tinggi Johor, Malaysia

Occupation: Diver



“The R 1200 GS Adventure is more than a touring bike and had I merely kept it on the road then I would not be unlocking its full potential. So I decided to explore the potential of the bike off-road. And with the set-up of the GS Trophy in this region, I felt that it was an opportunity not to be missed where I could explore the full potential of the bike as well as improving my technical riding skills in a safe environment surrounded by industry and riding experts.”


No: 233

Rider: Aris Cuevas

Age: 43

Hometown: Taguig City, Philippines

Occupation: Senior Project Manager in construction



“What I love about BMW bikes since I acquired one in 2008 is that my wife loves to come with me on my adventure rides. The comfort, reliability and the prowess it has, to go to places which other brands cannot reach, is superlative.”



Team United Kingdom


No: 241

Rider: Peter Twigg

Age: 55

Hometown: Sheffield

Occupation: Engine technician



“I’m following my nephew Oz into this, he rode for Team UK in 2016 (they finished second!). I own an R 1200 Adventure as well as a F 800 GS and I am currently restoring an early R 80 GS. I have done many brilliant European trips over the years. One of them that stands out is the Stella Alpina Internazionale in the Italian Alps where hundreds of big trailbike enthusiasts gather every July to ride up the Colle del Sommeiller, the highest unpaved road in the alps at 3,000 metres.”


No. 242

Rider: Craig Keyworth

Age: 39

Hometown: Lincoln

Occupation: Engineer



“More than any of my other bikes, cars, vans and vehicles in general, the Spirit of GS is embodied by its capability to be a two-up commuter/scooter one day, and a continent crossing, serious off-roader the next. Beyond the actual bike, the ethos of travel without boundaries or barriers and discovery both on your own doorstep, or the other side of the world pretty much sums it up.”


No: 201

Rider: Peter Urquhart

Age: 50

Hometown:  North Wales

Occupation: Owner of a construction company



“The spirit of GS means the challenge of adventure riding free of limitations with new experiences around every corner.”



Team USA


No: 251

Rider: David Vaughan

Age: 29

Hometown: Florida

Occupation: Service advisor – automotive



“While riding two up with my fiancée in the Cohutta Wilderness in north Georgia, we came across a wild mule and a donkey. They were just as curious of us as we were of them. They would not let us get closer than about 20 feet from them, but every time we inched forward on our bike they followed us. We rode all day in the woods without seeing another person, and it really felt like an adventure.”


No: 252

Rider: Tom Thompson

Age: 55

Hometown:  Colorado

Occupation: Plumbing and hydronic heat system contractor



“The ‘Spirit of the GS’ to me means freedom of choice. My riding background is mostly all dirt (trials, enduro, hare scrambles) but I also enjoy road riding and touring. The GS allows me do both dirt and road riding. It's a do it all bike!”


No: 253

Rider: Matt Kelley

Age: 49

Hometown:  Ohio

Occupation: Maintenance mechanic



“For me the appeal of the International BMW GS Trophy is the ability to represent the country I love and do it on what my entire life has revolved around, motorcycles. It is a chance of a lifetime experience to show what a team of Americans can do in another country, on the best motorcycle built!”



International Female Team Ausamerica


No: 261

Rider: Julia Maguire

Age: 33

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Occupation: Sales & Projects Administrator



“The GS Trophy is an opportunity to experience a new place and culture with a team of like-minded moto-women. And to show everyone how strong we are and hopefully inspire other women to chase their dreams and challenge themselves.”


No: 262

Rider: Jocelin Snow

Age: 46

Hometown: California, USA

Occupation: Signs Contractor



“All my adventures have been great and I have had many, including a recent 30-day 12,000 mile ride to Alaska. But my biggest adventure was the trip to South Africa with the GS Trophy girls.”


No: 263

Rider: Bettina Nedel

Age: 51

Hometown:  Colorado, USA

Occupation: Communications Technician



“For the adventure of my life I would take the following things with me... I will take my bike and my body to physically carry me. I will take my head to keep me safe and I will bring my heart so I can love every moment.”



International Female Team Eurafrica


No: 271

Rider: Sonia Barbot

Age: 33

Hometown: Montpellier, France

Occupation: Graphic designer



“I am interested in the International BMW GS Trophy because I discovered off-road with my bike and I am loving that - it gives me a lot of pleasure.”


No: 272

Rider: Ezelda van Jaarsveld

Age: 39

Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa

Occupation: Operations Manager



“My biggest adventure has been the International BMW GS Trophy Female Team Qualifier! I’m looking forward to getting to know the motorcycle, improve my riding skills and meet other riders.”


No: 273

Rider: Linda Steyn

Age: 48

Hometown: Kempton Park, South Africa

Occupation: Physiotherapist



“My biggest adventure has been riding the remote areas of South Africa and surrounding countries with my hubby and awesome friends.”



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