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The BMW Brand will be a sponsor of the Infinity Esports Club in Mexico and Latin America, which drives the Esports discipline in the region.

With this strategic alliance, the BMW brand has the purpose to reach to a younger public in LatAm, who have a more technological view; therefore, the brand is in line with a Group strategy at a worldwide level. / The Infinity Esports Club is a leader in the region due to its results and is made up of players from different LatAm countries. /The LoL team of the Infinity Esport Club will represent the region in MSI, which will be disputed in May in Iceland.


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  • With this strategic alliance, the BMW brand has the purpose to reach to a younger public in Latin America, who have a more technological view; therefore, the Bavarian brand is in line with a Group strategy at a worldwide level.
  • The Infinity Esports Club is a leader in the region due to its results and is made up of players from different Latin American countries, who in turn make up the various teams that participate in the tournaments.
  • The League of Legends (LoL) team of the Infinity Esport Club will represent the region in the Mid Season Invitational (MSI), which will be disputed in May in Iceland.


  Mexico City, April 27th, 2021. The BMW brand has been flying the innovation and the technology flag along the years, with which it has positioned the driving pleasure as a unique experience for all its customers around the world. This year the BMW brand seeks to continue innovating in Mexico and in Importer Latin America Markets, lined to a Group strategy at a worldwide level, and will engage in the Esports industry with the sponsorship to the Esports Infinity Club; and so offering new experiences to the followers of the Bavarian brand.


Since the decade of 1990, Esports became a mass phenomenon at a global level, which has created a solid industry of strategic alliances; BMW brand has identified Esports as a community in the trend framework, which sums up on a robust basis as from 2020 sponsoring teams in Europe, the United States, China and South Korea. Therefore, Latin America is not the exception and the BMW brand seeks, with this new sponsorship, to expand its positioning in the electronic sports area in the region.


While BMW is a brand positioned in the first places in the luxury automotive segment, it also seeks to reach a younger market, by means of a technologic, dynamic approach, and with a future vision through the sponsorship to the Infinity Esports Club as from April 26th, 2021 during one year. With this alliance, the German brand seeks to: transfer its team work spirit and healthy competence; maintain its tradition of being pioneer when exploring completely new territories; and have a renowned Club representing the Latin America region in international competences, who, even at a medium term, may perform an exchange of ideas with the other teams sponsored by the BMW brand in other markets.


“We feel very enthusiastic of implementing a sponsorship in the Esports industry in Latin America through a gifted Club with such a promising future as Infinity Esports. This sponsorship is aligned to the strategy of our BMW brand at a worldwide level, and goes hand in hand with our essence, which have characterized us for our technological developments, as well as for the innovation and dynamism of our vehicles. Upon joining to this discipline, we seek to promote the teamwork and the healthy competition, which are also part of our day-to-day”, said Hernando Carvajal, BMW Marketing Director for Latin America Group.


“For Infinity, our proud is that a Premium brand such as BMW has chosen us for its landing in Esports in Latin America. Sealing this alliance and see the BMW logo stamped in our shirt drive us to continue as state-of-the-art in electronic sports in the region, at the same time as strengthening our commitment with innovation. With the support of the brand BMW we will continue its revolution in the Latin America scene with excellence in the game and with the impact of our environment of contents, which allow us to communicate with the most dynamic and demanding audiences of the time”, said Diego Foresi, CEO of Infinity Esports.


About the Infinity Esports Club.

Infinity Esports shall be the Club that will have the backup of the brand BMW in Mexico and Latin America. This team, founded in Costa Rica in 2009, is integrated by more than 70 players and sport staff from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay; who in turn will form the different teams participating in the tournaments. In turn, the Club has a solid infrastructure with 30 individuals (directors, persons in charge of the marketing and commercial areas, and staff) who design the strategy and coordinate the development and participation of players.


Within the Electronic Sports discipline, the Infinity Esports Club team is one of the strongest and better positioned clubs in the region, due to its results. Having players from different countries provides it with the opportunity to have a great talent, which has taken them to be creditors of important international titles such as the following:

  • League of Legends (LoL): current champions of the Opening 2021 of the Latin American League (LLN).
  • CSGO: PRO Trust League Champions Opening.
  • VALORANT: Elite League Champions.
  • FreeFire: LAN 2019 Champions and 5th in the Río de Janeiro World Championship 2019.
  • Gran Turismo: 2019 GT World Tour New York Champion.
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Tri-champion of Mexico and Latin America.
  • FIFA 2020: Participation in the Club World Cup London 2019.


“We are sure that with the Infinity Esports Club we will achieve excellent results and will show how, through this discipline, we may enrich the life of the new generations by leveraging its self-determination. This sponsorship has a great value for us, since, due to the fact that Infinity Esports is the official Club of the BMW brand within the discipline of Electronic Sports in Latin America: we will proudly have Latin American players representing our region at an international level. And we hope to foster, at a medium term, the exchange of best practices with teams sponsored by the BMW brand in other countries. We invite BMW fans in the region to join us in this new project we have started”, said Arturo Orenday, Director of the BMW Brand for the Latin American region in BMW Group Latin America.


Activities of the Infinity Esports Club.

During the sponsorship year, the Infinity Esports Club, through its different teams, will participate in regional or international tournaments (some of them will grant a pass to participate in regional or world finals in case of resulting champions or being among finalists):

  • Latin American League of Legends (LLA).
  • Free Fire Latin American League.
  • PUBG Latin American League.
  • Counter Strike North League.
  • Valorant North League.
  • Latin American and international tournaments of SIM RACING.
  • DOTA2 Latin American League, among others.


Highlighting that past April 10th the LoL team of the Infinity Esports Club was deemed devoted as a champion of the League of Legends Latin American League is essential. With this achievement, they will represent the region in the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) to be disputed on May 6th to 23th in Iceland; which represents a historic load, for the young squad of Latin America.


Finally, the BMW brand in Mexico and in the Latin American Importer Markets, where it has presence, will implement activities directed in order that the Bavarian brand followers may closer know the Esports discipline. During 2021, activities together with the Infinity Esports Club shall be carried out and shall be communicated through the official social networks. The Gaming Houses, where the members of the Infinity Esports Club reside, will play an essential role in the development of such activities, which will be soon revealed.


Know the alliance between the Infinity Esports Club and the BMW brand closer in the following video:


Social networks of the BMW brand in Mexico:

Facebook: BMW México

Twitter: @BMWMex

Instagram: @bmwdemexico


Social networks of the BMW brand and its Esports strategy at a worldwide level:

Twitter: @BMWEsports

Instagram: @BMWesports

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