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BMW Group leads the Premium segment in the Latin American region.

•In 2022, BMW Group sold 44,463 units of BMW and MINI in Latin America •BMW Group is leader in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, as well as in Importer Markets as a whole •BMW is the preferred brand in the Premium segment in LatAm •20% out of BMW Group sales in Latin America are electrified •The 2022 set the course for MINI by placing 6,737 units, 24% out of which are hybrid or electric •BMW Motorrad proved its strength in the region by delivering 25,480 units

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  • In 2022, BMW Group sold 44,463 units of its BMW and MINI brands in Latin America.
  • BMW Group is the leader in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, as well as in Importer Markets as a whole.
  • BMW is the preferred brand in the Premium segment within the region by delivering 37,726 units with a 35,1% share.
  • 20% out of BMW Groups sales in Latin America are electricfied vehicles.
  • The year 2022 set the course for MINI by placing 6,737 units in the region, 24% out of which are hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • BMW Motorrad proved once more its strength in the region by delivering 25,480 motorcycles to its customers.

Mexico City. January 16, 2023.

BMW Group Latin America confirms its leadership position in the Premium segment in the region throughout 2022. BMW delivered 37,726 units while MINI supplied 6,737 units for a total of 44,463 vehicles sold within the region. BMW’s market share in Latin America was 35.1% and MINI’s share was 6.3%. With that the Group’s brands are clearly the preferred choice by Premium segment fans and customers. Twenty percent of the Group’s sales were (9,129) electric units or plug-in hybrid vehicles. In the year of its 50th anniversary, BMW M vehicles reached a 5% growth in the region by delivering 4,777 units which meant 12% of the Group sales. BMW Motorrad brand supplied a strong 25,480 motorcycles breaking its own all-time sales record in the region and in three of the 15 most important markets worldwide: Brazil, Mexico and Importer Markets.


Reiner Braun, President and CEO for BMW Group Latin America comments the acievements: “the annual sales results of this year confirm that this is one of the most promising regions for BMW Group globally. The BMW Group will keep its commitment of providing the highest customer service standards and the latest innovations to spread the electric, circular, and digital future of the Premium mobility market through Latin America”.


BMW Group Financial Services (FS) strategy fosters the overwhelming sales positioning of the Group in the biggest markets in the region: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Peru. Financing options are offered to dealers, importers, and customers.  In Mexico, 4 out of every 10 cars and motorcyles were sold through FS in 2022, reaching 30,000 financed units. One out of every 2 MINI electric versions were financed by FS during 2022. Also, sales were consolidated through digital features such as FS quote system. By the end of 2022, 90% of the customers qualified successfully for the sales process.


BMW 3 Series and BMW X1 are the preferred models of BMW brand in Latin America.

BMW 3 Series and BMW X1 remained the preferred models of the Bavarian brand in Latin America accounting for 21% and 19% of the sales in 2022, respectively. The BMW 3 Series with Operating System 8, and reinforced dynamism became the most attractive sports sedan.

Meanwhile, BMW X1’s third generation was launched as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) in 2022 with the strong look of BMW X models, bigger dimensions and more digitization. The Group’s electric mobility strategy for 2023 is to bring the BMW iX1 to the region as completely electric version of this SAV.


BMW Group in Argentina: electrification and leadership are already a reality in the Southern Cone.

Argentina has been one important market for BMW Group for over 20 years. The introduction of the BMW X3 xDrive30e in its territory became a milestone for the industry in 2022 in terms of electric mobility. By the end of the year, the country reported a total of 815 registered BMW units becoming the country’s best-seller Premium brand, while MINI reported 101 registered units, and BMW Motorrad 653 registered units.


BMW Group Brazil

For the fourth consecutive year, BMW is the leader in the Premium segment in Brazil. A total of 13,761 units were sold accounting for 44.1% of the Premium market in the country. The BMW 3 Series and X1 models are locally produced in Plant Aranquari and lead the whole Premium segment. Also, 539 completely electric models were delivered in 2022 (300% growth in comparison with 2021). The launch of electric models like BMW iX, BMW iX3 and BMW i4 in Brazil was exceptionally significant for achieving these results.


MINI had a 50% market share of electrictrified vehicles since 1,200 units were sold in 2022, thus moving forward towards its target of having 100% electric vehicles by 2030. The sales of the completely electric MINI Cooper SE were also outstanding.


BMW Motorrad in Brazil broke an all-time sales record in 2022  by delivering 13,051 units. That is an increase of 17% or 1,901 more units than in 2021 (11,150). BMW R 1250 GS went to the top of the ranking with 5,334 sold units of the conventional and Adventure versions.


BMW Group in Latin America Importer Markets: a more and more electrified, digital, and circular region.

By the end of 2022, Importer Markets reported 10,866 BMW units sold in the region. The top segment had an all-time record year by supplying its customers with 348 units, which is an increase by 91% in relation to the previous year. The preferred vehicles in the region were the BMW 7 Series, BMW 8 Series, and BMW X7 models. Also, this year a new all-time sales record was broken by MINI with 1,581 units delivered in 12 markets with 30.5% of the models being electrified. The John Cooper Works sub-brand reached its all-time sales high with 2023 delivered units and BMW Motorrad had a 32% increase with 5,140 sold units.


During the first quarter of 2023, BMW ConnectedDrive services will reach Chile, Colombia, and Peru, and then, the services will be available in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Panama, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Dominican Republic.


BMW Group Mexico: electric vehicle best-seller in the Premium segment, and infrastructure investment continues.

BMW Group Mexico overcame its Premium competitors by selling 12,284 BMW units and 3,855 MINI vehicles in 2022, thus reaching a 27.9% and 8.8% market share, respectively. Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad sold 6,636 units, that is 6% more than the previous year. The most outstanding launches of BMW Group in Mexico were: BMW X1 and BMW 7 Series for the BMW brand; Resolute Untold, Untamed, and Pat Moss special editions for the MINI brand, as well as the Multitone edition; and the renewed K 1600 range for BMW Motorrad.


In 2013 BMW Group in Mexico was the first Premium company introducing vehicles with an electric drive system in the country. In 2022, it was the hybrid and electric vehicle best-seller company for the Premium segment by placing 3,557 electric units in the market (30% of its sales). BMW Group’s most outstanding electric vehicles in Mexican territory throughout 2022 were: BMW i4, the renewed BMW iX3 and the MINI Cooper SE; also, the launch of BMW Motorrad’s electric scooter: BMW CE 04.


The Company kept investing in charge station infrastructure during 2022, and there are already 900 recharging stations in Mexico. In 2023, strategic alliances will be reinforced to provide innovative services to BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad customers. Finally, it is worth mentioning that over 40 thousand personal or corporate chargers have been delivered in the region: 20 thousand chargers in Mexico, 10 thousand in Brazil, and another 10 thousand in Importer Markets.


The figures reported in this press release are provisional and may change by the date of publication of the BMW Group’s 2022 Result Report.


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