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BMW Group Latin America celebrates its leadership as the bestselling premium automotive company achieving multiple sales records.

• BMW Group sold 48,577 BMW and MINI vehicles in the region during 2023. • BMW confirms its position as the favourite premium automotive brand in Latin America for the 6th consecutive year. • BMW is the top selling Premium brand in Brazil, Mexico and Importer Markets. • BMW continues to lead Premium electrification transformation in Latin America. • Record sales growth in BMW M models and high-luxury models.

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Joao Carlos Veloso Duarte
BMW Group

Mexico City, January, 15, 2024. The best December ever in regional sales crowned a highly successful 2023, with 48,577 customers in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as the Latin American importer markets (9.3% more than in 2022), opting for BMW and MINI vehicles. The total number of BMWs sold reached 41,315 vehicles (9.5% more than the previous year), while 7,262 MINIs (7.8% more than the previous year) were delivered in the region. With these figures, BMW Group secures its Premium market Latin American leadership.   


“Our continuous success is driven by a highly dedicated team and a highly professional dealer and Importer network based on an exceptional commitment to customer excellence, a highly attractive and technology open product line-up and a strong local footprint with Plants in Mexico and Brazil. One in every three premium vehicles in the region is a BMW. I would like to sincerely thank our customers for their preference and our team and our dealer network  for their commitment," said Reiner Braun, CEO and President of BMW Group Latin America.


The BMW brand led segment sales in Brazil, regional top market for the Bavarian brand, with 15,113 units delivered (9.8% more than the previous year) and 1,573 units for MINI (31% more than the previous year).


Mexico remains as the top performance market for BMW Group sales in the region, combining both brands: 13,995 units delivered for BMW (13.9% more than in 2022) and 3,708 units of MINI Brand (3.8% below previous year). 


Total importer market sales reached an all-time record with 11,296 BMW (4% more than 2022) and 1,852 MINI vehicles (17.1% more than 2022).


Argentina sold 911 BMW units or 11.8 % more than 2022 figures, while 129 MINI units were sold (27.7% over 2022).


The BMW Group commitment to electromobility was demonstrated by a significant increase in electrified vehicles sales, with a total of 11,708 electric and plug-in hybrid BMW and MINI models delivered in Latin America (28% more than the previous year. Close to one out of four BMW and MINI vehicles sold in the LATAM region in 2023 is an electrified vehicle. "Our technology openness strategy allows us to offer what our customers are looking for, whether it's a purely electric model, a plug-in hybrid, or an internal combustion engine," said Braun. "We will continue supporting public charging infrastructure development through partnerships and will also continue providing charging solutions for homes and workplaces to BMW and MINI customers. Each and every BMW and MINI electric and plug-in hybrid sold in our LATAM region includes a charging solution. We look forward to reach in the near future, the delivery of 50,000 personal chargers in our region since the start of our electromobility offering in 2014," the executive emphasised.


BMW M achieves historical sales record.


BMW M vehicles are the perfect match for the passionate customers in our region, which exclusively hosts BMW M2 production at the BMW Group plant in San Luis Potosí, one of only four BMW plants in the world that build M models. The enthusiasm of our customers for the high performing BMW M models boosted a sales increase of 43% compared to 2022 results, with 1,455 vehicles delivered.


Excellent results for the top-of-the-range BMW vehicles.


BMW high-luxury models, which include the BMW 7 Series, BMW i7, BMW 8 Series, BMW X7, and BMW XM, had their best historical regional result, with 937 vehicles sold, for a 59% increase compared to 2022 sales. Technology openness is also present in this segment, both with the fully electric BMW i7 and the plug-in hybrid versions of the BMW 7 Series, as well as in the spectacular BMW XM, which combines the super high-performance BMW M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine with an electric motor to deliver a system output of 635 hp.


The BMW X1 and the BMW 3 Series remain as the best-selling BMW models at a regional level.


The BMW X1, which was completely renewed recently and is now in its third generation, also presenting all electric, plugin hybrid and combustion engine options, has been exceptionally well received in regional markets, with a total of 9,151 units sold. The BMW X1 now features the new BMW Operating System 9, offering the brands most advanced digital experience for onboard information, communication, and entertainment systems.


The car that quintessentially defines the sport sedan concept, the BMW 3 Series, maintains its position as one of the favourites among Latin American customers. A total of 7,827 units of the BMW 3 Series were sold in the region during 2023. Now in its seventh generation and approaching 50 years of uninterrupted success since its 1975 launch, the BMW 3 Series offers multiple engine variants, including a plug-in hybrid version that can travel up to 50 kilometres in all-electric mode (WLTP).


The BMW 3 Series is key product for Latin America built at the BMW Group plant in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, for global markets. This top selling model, as the BMW X1, is also produced at Plant Araquari, Brazil, dedicated to the local market.


Values reported in this press release are provisional and may change until the publication of the BMW Group 2023 Results Report.

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